Regular Meeting, January 3, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke and Kenneth Yager.

Paul read the record of the December, 2006 meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

Ken asked why a new battery was purchased for the grader instead of using the battery from the old grader. Gary said Joe did not buy a new battery; he replaced the one that was weak. Also, one of the old grader batteries does not fit in the new grader.


SCHMEDEKE LANE: Glen attended the Pine County Commissioneers’ meeting on December 16. Schmedeke Lane was discussed, but the matter was referred to the County Attorney for a legal review. Glen also went to Pine City for the next meeting on Tuesday, January 2nd but the Courthouse was closed due to President Ford’s funeral. The Supervisors said that he should still be reimbursed for his mileage. The Commissioners will know their agenda for the January 16th meeting by January 11th, and whether or not Schmedeke Lane will be on the agenda. Eldon said that the County Attorney is ill, and the issue may be delayed. Greg Bernu said that he and the attorney will meet with Eldon privately before this meeting.

LOGGING ON PETE ANDERSON RD: Gary said that someone is logging on the Pete Anderson Road and have filled in the ditch and built a landing on the east side of the road. He believes it is T & T Logging from Dairyland, and that he believes they are also logging on the Duncan Road. Mike said we need to write to T & T and tell them we need a $500 escrow damage deposit for each road and that they need to restore the ditch to the condition it was before their logging activities began. Gary said T & T has a history with Arna Township of logging on and damaging their roads without restoring them. Gary said if they don’t pay the escrow, that he will barricade the roads like he did the Mayfield Road. Paul will write T & T.

MARCH ELECTION: Glen and Patrice are up for reelection. Patrice said she plans to run, and Glen also. Both paid their $2 filing fee. Glen asked the date of the election and asked if he needs to be here for the election or the Board of Reorganization. The election is March 13, and the Board of Reorganization 7-10 days following that, and Gary said Glen should at least be here for the Board of Reorganization. The Board of Audit, to go over the Treasurer’s and Clerk’s books, will be at the February 7th Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.

GRADER DAMAGE: Ken said that the man at 65430 River Cabin Road said that our grader operator backed over and destroyed his mailbox on the day after deer season. Gary said he should come to a meeting or write a letter to the township regarding the damage. He said the county doesn’t reimburse homeowners when they damage mailboxes. Mike said that if Mark backed over the mailbox, that is different from inadvertent damage from normal plowing activities.

LOGGING PAYMENTS: Mike asked if we have received monies from the county for all the logging activities they license in our township. Patrice said no payments are specifically designated for logging. Mike said that when the legislature increased the payments counties have to pay townships for logging, that Pine County permitted a lot of logging to beat the increase. Paul can call the Auditor and see if they have this information.


Duxbury Store $ 27.70

Pine Co. Assn. Of Townships 316.94

Pine Co. Treasurer/ Truth in Taxation 35.65

Pine Septic and Design 207.05

1st National Bank 2,000.00

East Central Energy 23.77

U.S. Treasury 412.12

Glen Williamson 107.08

Joe Vink 83.11

Gary Vink 100.66

Mike McCullen 20.77

Paul Raymond 87.73

Patrice Winfield 103.89

TOTAL ALL BILLS $ 3,526.47


General Fund Receipts $ 4,701.74

Disbursements 799.03

Balance 22,055.51

Road and Bridge Rec: 8,108.62

Disb: 14,886.61

Bal: 6,145.27

Fire Rec: 1,497.49

Bal: 3,702.88

Park Rec: 18.66

Bal: 717.96

Building Rec: 449.86

Bal: 6,779.99

Escrow Bal: 4,849.86

Total All Funds $ 44,251.47

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to transfer $3,600 from savings to checking to pay the bills. Glen seconded. Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, December 6, 2006


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon Schmedeke and Bruce and Donna Filler.

Paul read the record of the November meeting. Eldon asked that the record be amended to show that at the November meeting Joe Vink had said that the Board of Supervisors when he was Chairman had measured Schmedeke Road from the Pete Anderson Road and that the distance was exactly one mile, and that Joe had found the stake at the section line where Schmedeke Lane is located. Glen moved to approve the minutes as amended.

OLD BUSINESS: Gary ordered diesel fuel for the grader.

Crooked Lake Road: When Mark was blading Crooked Lake Road to remove ridges and berms, a number of rocks were dug up. Danforth supervisors did not contact us for four days, but Kelch’s said that their fire ring was bladed and damaged. Mark said the ring and a trailer were in the right of way, and when he was grading, the Kelch’s came out dressed in hunting clothes and acted in a threatening manner, so he did not stop to talk with them.

Eagle Head Road: Gary is continuing to clean out the culverts on this road. We need to bill Danforth for work done on this and Crooked Lake Road: November 10, 13 and 14: 2 ½ hour blading, $250.00, plus 1 hour cleaning screens and culverts, $15.00, total $265.00. (Danforth’s half).

Heller’s Road: Gary killed and removed a beaver from Hellers’ Road, but at no charge.

Grader: One grader battery was weak so Joe replaced it. Also one of the wedges that had weakened and a hydraulic hose were both replaced.

Wilma Township Website: The website is up and running and a number of month’s minutes are already posted. Glen is still looking for featured residents. Paul asked the Supervisors for his copy of the Arna/Wilma Joint Road Agreement, so that it can be posted on the site. He had given it to them to study for a possible change in the New Dosey/Wilma agreement. Gary said that in 2007 the Board needs to think about amending the New Dosey Joint Road Agreement.

NEW BUSINESS: Crooked Lake Boulder: There is a large boulder that Bob Johnson has moved to his land that is in the right-of-way of the Crooked Lake Road. If the grader struck it, it could damage the blade. Mike said we may need to flag it to make it more visible as a hazard if it gets covered with snow.

Schmedeke Lake: Eldon said he needs help measuring the distance from Pete Anderson Road to Schmedeke Lane, to prove that Schmede Lane is on the Section Line between Sections 11 and 12. Gary said if more than one Supervisor helps at the same time, it will have to be posted as an open meeting. There was a discussion on the Open Meeting Law, and whether Supervisors can meet together to discuss road or township issues as long as they don’t make decisions without posting this as a meeting. Glen said that at the Short Course they made it clear in a skit that any discussion of township business between Supervisors is considered a meeting and falls under the Open Meeting Laws. Greg Bernu from Pine County said that the issue of this road survey and location and what measures may be taken will be brought up at the County Commissioners’ Meeting. Glen moved that any Supervisor who can attend this meeting to find out what their concerns are be authorized to attend and to represent the township. Mike seconded.

Bills were presented:

Duxbury Store $ 24.95

East Central Energy 29.98

1st National Bank 2,000.00

Little Falls Machine 11,448.75

Napa Auto 181.67

Town and Country Oil 722.39

Donna Filler 106.20

Gary Vink 145.45

Joe Vink 264.12

Mark Pallow 147.76

Paul Rayimond 334.47

Mike McCullen 27.70

Glen Williamson 27.70

Patrice Winfield 224.50

TOTAL BILLS $ 15,685.64

Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Receipts 843.01

Disbursements 1,181.89

Balance 18,152.80

Road and Bridge Fund Rec: 414.65

Disb: 4,739.18

Bal: 12,923.26

Park Fund Bal: 699.30

Fire Fund Bal: 2,205.39

Building Fund Bal: 6,330.13

Escrow Bal: 4,849.86

TOTAL ALL FUNDS; $ 45,160.74

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to transfer $15,600 from savings to checking to pay bills. Gary seconded. Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, November 1, 2006


The Wilma Township Board of Supervisors met at the town hall in Duxbury on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 following the public test of the Automark voting machine for the November 7th election. Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Bruce and Donna Filler, Eldon Schmedeke, Joe Vink and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the clerk’s report of the October meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.


Crooked Lake/Eagle Head Roads: Danforth cleared out the culvert on the Crooked Lake Road. Gary has been doing some culvert cleaning on Eagle Head Road as Danforth hasn’t been doing it. Paul will bill Danforth $45 for their half of the work digging out the culvert.

Dollar Lake Road: Eric Vathne contacted Gary and did some slope repair on the deep drop-off at the end of the road.

Heller Road: Joe put down 16 yards of gravel on the culvert. Paul will bill New Dosey for half of the gravel, total $38, plus 1 hour of blading at $100, for a total bill of $138.

Pete Anderson Road: Eldon said the culvert has been torn up at the entrance to the Duxbury Road. This is a county culvert, and Eldon said he will call the county.

Schmedeke Lane: The county has contacted us regarding a possible surveying error on Schmedeke Lane, which may be on Jensen’s land. They sent us a map, and will be in further contact about the problem. Eldon asked for permission to go through township road records and old minutes to see if there is information about the road surveys and markers. Mike moved that Eldon be allowed to go through old town records for this information. Glen seconded.

New Grader: The new grader was delivered for a shipping cost of $1,800. Mark has taken it out and worked with it, grading berms before the freeze-up.

Town Hall Toilet and Door Handles: Joe said he would install the new door handles and Mark said he would build a platform in the outhouse for the new toilet seat. Mark will also put in a new hook for the town hall sign.


Wilma Township Website: Glen demonstrated a mock up of the new website for Wilma on his laptop computer. He will register the name, unless it has been taken. He said the yearly cost for upkeep and posting is about $200, but he may be able to get it for free on a server that contains advertising. Mike moved that the Township pay the $17 to register the domain name and that Glen be authorized to try to find a free server for the site. Gary seconded. Mike said that with the grader expenditure, he is reluctant to spend the taxpayers’ money on an expensive server. Glen said he would see what he could do, and shared ideas he has for the website: featured citizens, like Joe and Bev Vink; Town Board meeting minutes, links to township businesses, outdoor recreation opportunities.

Wilma Township ATV Trails: The county sent a letter asking for a map designating Wilma Township roads that have been designated as open ATV trails. Gary said we have not designated any township roads as open ATV trails. It is illegal to drive on county roads, but Joe said we can’t stop legally licensed drivers from driving 4-wheelers on township roads. Paul will write the county and tell them that we have no designated ATV trails on township roads.

County Township Officers’ Meeting: Glen attended the October 28th meeting representing Wilma Township. He said it was a very informative meeting, with the county commissioners giving reports and the different candidates for state and county offices reporting, plus Sheriff Mark Mansavage. Mansavage said they are advocating a lesser penalty for level 3 speeding offenders that will not be on a driver’s permanent record. Instead of $180, the fine would be $60 or $70. Currently no-pays lead to a long process of bench warrants and tracking down the offenders, and deputies are often reluctant to write citations because of this. Mark LeBrun said that the Markville Road/Duxbury Road paving should be completed in 2008. The Markville Road is now paved from Markville to Grace’s Lake Road. The county will need to hire 14-17 new people for the new jail. The big meth problem now is in trafficking and selling meth, not manufacture.


East Central Energy $ 30.24

Couri/Ruppe/MacArthur Lawyers 487.50

MAT Agency (Workers Comp) 560.00

Duxbury Store 9.95

Federated Propane 150.00

Ranger Trucking 1,800.00

1st National Bank (Grader Loan) 2,000.00

The Evergreen 20.25

Joe Vink 112.00

Pine County Courier 39.48

Gary Vink 115.43

Toni Williamson 13.85

Glen Williamson 99.40

Paul Raymond 95.53

Mark Pallow 246.62

Donna Filler 9.23

Patrice Winfield 110.82

Mike McCullen 20.77

TOTAL BILLS: $ 5,921.07


General Fund Receipts 166.94

Disbursements 1,188.88

Balance 18,491.68

Road and Bridge Rec: 724.37

Disb: 18,184.75

Bal: 17,247.79

Fire Bal: 2,205.39

Park Bal: 699.30

Building Bal: 6,330.13

Escrow Rec: 13.51

Bal: 4,849.86

TOTAL ALL FUNDS: $49,824.15

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to transfer $5,800 from savings to checking and to pay all the bills. Glen seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Paul Raymond, Clerk