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Chairman Glenn Williamson called the Board of Audit meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Duxbury Store. The decision to move the meeting was only made yesterday due to problems getting the hall warm enough for the computer and printer to work. Also present Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Pat Story.

The three Supervisors compared the books and reports of the Treasurer and the Clerk, including Schedule 1 and Schedule 2. Mike moved that the board approve the reports. Gary seconded; passed. Board of Audit adjourned and monthly board meeting started:

January Record and Meeting Change: Paul read the record of the January meeting. Patrice said she had the net totals of the bills from January, plus one additional claim and gave Paul the updated the claims. With this correction, Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded. Pat Story said he didn’t see any notice of the meeting change on the website, and only saw the signs posted on the hall doors on his second trip there. Paul apologized to Pat for not calling him and telling him; Glen apologized for not posting it on the website. Glen moved that we pay the Duxbury Store $20 for heat and for holding the meeting there. Mike seconded. Gary abstained. Passed. Glen said he wanted to publicly thank Pat Story for supervising and directing the replacement of our fire hall doors in Duxbury. They make the hall look new.

OLD BUSINESS: Town Park: Wilma needs a special act by the Pine County Commissioners and by the Mn. State Legislature to approve a conveyance to Wilma Township of the north 20 acres of our park under conditional use, required because the Tamarack River flows through it. Glen directed Paul to contact Commissioner Chaffee and State reps Jason Rarick and Tony Lourey to ask for action so we can get title to our park. We now own the lower 36.5 acres free and clear.

NEW BUSINESS: Wilma Township March election and judges: Barb Smith has indicated she wishes to continue to serve as an election judge at our March 10 election. Mike moved to appoint Barb, Toni Williamson, and Paul Raymond as judges, with Jeff and Jeane GrandPre as alternates. Polls open from 5 to 8 pm.

ELECTION PROPOSALS: Agenda for March 10, 2015 Annual Town Meeting: Three local civic organizations have asked for support and in past years we have supported all three:

Seven County Senior Federation: Asking for a renewal of Wilma Township’s service contract for 2014. Last year voters authorized $100.

Pine County Historical Museum: Last year voters approved a $100 donation to the Historical Museum.

OSAC: OSAC is back in their original gallery in the Old School, Sandstone. We donated $100 last year.

Mike moved that we submit these requests to the voters at the annual meeting as we did last year. The board has final approval. Glen seconded; passed.

Proposed Snowplowing Rates: Mike moved to propose we keep our 2015-2016 rates same as 2014-5 Season. Glen seconded; passed.

Federal Mileage Rate: $.575/mile for 2015.

Levies and Wages Proposal: Glen moved to propose we not make any changes in our levies or wages from last year. (Levies are for fiscal year 2016). Patrice said she always has to make transfers from the Road and Bridge Fund to the General Fund at the end of the year, so why not increase the General Fund and reduce Road & Bridge? Mike seconded Glen’s motion to propose no changes or increases for 2016. Passed. Final authority on all levies is by the vote of the taxpayers at the annual meeting.

Life Insurance for Board: Our officers and deputies are all covered by a $1,000 life insurance policy, total cost $229 per year. Mike moved to renew our policy; Gary seconded; passed. Patrice gave our beneficiary forms to officers.

Township Dental and Vision Insurance: Security Life is ending our current dental insurance and will offer a new plan April 1, 2015. Existing covered officers will be grandfathered in with credit for time insured. New plan has larger network. New rates: officers, $31.10/month (old rate $36.96; town pays half). Officer and spouse $83.04/mo. (old rate $74.75). Vision insurance will be offered, with eye exams, lenses ($10 copay) and a $100 frame allowance, no copay: $4.73/month officers; $8.88 officers plus spouse. Glen and Toni have dropped the dental policy, and Paul said he already has vision insurance. Glen said to research if we can sign up for that if only one person signs up, if anyone is interested. Paul and Gary will continue dental.

Township Budget: Patrice said CTAS has a budget program for townships, and she feels we should use it. Paul said he will check it out and if it will not take hours, he will input our levy proposals and other financials into the budget program. No other govt. agency or office has ever asked for our budget, just our levies; it will be for our use only.

Wilma Township Septic Ordinance: Our proposed ordinance must be implemented by April 1, 2015. It has been approved by the County Assessor Kelly Schroeder. Glen moved that we schedule public hearings on our septic ordinance as part of our next board meeting, March 4 and also at our Annual Meeting. March 11, so that it can be adopted by the April 1 deadline. The Board will need to approve it at the March 4 meeting. Paul will need to post the hearing as part of the agenda for March. Glen said the ordinance has been posted on the Wilma Township website since May, 2014. Pat said he hopes the town board is not going to start passing a lot of laws and ordinances and regulations to control our lives. Paul said our only ordinances are the weight limit ordinance and the septic ordinance, which we have so we can hire our own assessor. If we don’t have our own ordinance, the County will control our assessments.

Mike said that when MNDot removed the septic tank at the Eagle Head Station that they did not ask for any inspections or approval from our septic inspector, Gale Kespohl, and he asked Paul to research our current ordinance and write to Gale to see if anything can be done.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached) and presented a list of all claims (also attached). Mike move to approve her report, to pay all the claims, and to transfer $3,500 from savings to checking. Gary seconded. Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Emergency Meeting, April 12, 2013


APRIL 12, 2013

Chairman Glen Williamson called a special emergency Board of Supervisors Meeting as per MN. Statute 13D.04 Subd. 3, to authorize Wilma Road Manager Mark Pallow to get the township grader repaired.  At the regular meeting on Wed., April 3, the board had set a ceiling of $15,000, based on the phone estimate RDO in Sauk Rapids gave Mark when he explained the cylinder problem. When RDO actually got the grader, they gave Mark a revised estimate of $19,400 because there were other serious issues with the grader.  The board met at 2 p.m. at the Duxbury Store, with Supervisor Gary Vink, Supervisor Mike McCullen and citizens  Joe Vink, Mark Pallow, and Township Clerk Paul Raymond.

Mark said the repairs are more extensive than he had thought, and they will need to remove the engine to replace the oil gasket.  RDO wants to repair everything that is an issue, so that we do not need to have maintenance for a long time.  The total estimate now, including the shipping costs, is $21,122.  Glen said we should allow RDO do all required and preventative maintenance to avoid future trips to Sauk Rapids.  Considering that we have had the grader for 6 years, he said the averaged annual maintenance and repair costs aren’t that great.  Joe said the oil leak is serious and it cannot be repaired by him, and it will keep getting worse.

Mike suggested setting a new ceiling for the total repair without further authorization of $30,000.  Glen said we should set it no more than $25,000 and moved that the board authorize repairs up to $25,000.  Gary seconded.  Passed.   Mike moved to adjourn; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The meeting had been called to discuss the  contract with FEMA for the removal of trees and debris from the July 1st storm and the subcontract of the work by Wilma, and the conflict of interest issue that came up at the regular meeting last week.  Also present were Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marg Schmedeke, Mark Pallow, Shawn McCullen, Toni Williamson, Duane Glienke, Brendan McKeon and Danielle Greasley. 

          Glen stated that according to MN Stat. 471.81, any contract entered into between the Town Board and a Supervisor that did not follow the statutory conflict of interest procedures is considered void.  Glen said that the vote last week was invalid and void because the board did not follow the procedures of the resolution and affidavit for conflict of interest. 

          Mike asked Paul to read the minutes from the September 7th Board Meeting regarding his meetings with FEMA.  The minutes read:  “Mike said he got a last minute call a few weeks ago about  a FEMA meeting for compensation for the wind storm July 1.  He registered the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department and Wilma Township to be eligible for federal funds.  Mike said there will be another meeting tomorrow, Sept. 8, in Pine City, and he will represent both the fire department and the town.”  Mike said he did his best to keep the board informed and felt he was sent by the board to represent the town. 

          Mike read MN Stat. 365.37 which states that “A Supervisor may not be a party to or have a direct or indirect interest in a contract made or payment voted on by the Township Board.  Violation is a misdemeanor and the Supervisor must leave office if convicted.”  The exception is covered by MN Stat. 471.88, that this does not apply if the Board adopts a resolution stating the facts and that the price is lower than can get elsewhere, and an Affidavit is filed by the interested Supervisor stating his interest, his price, and that the price is lower than can get elsewhere.  Mike said Arna is desperately trying to find contractors to do their cleanup, and that he could not find any other contractors who were willing to do the work.  Glen asked Mike if he had asked Duane Glienke?  Gary said that after the storm he asked Duane if he was available to help with the emergency cleanup to clear trees and debris off the roads, and that Duane said he was too busy.  Duane confirmed this. 

          Brendan McKeon asked to speak.  He is a legal consultant for the Republican Party and for Representative Chip Cravik.  He said both Glen and Mike have very valid points.  He said that last week’s vote could be validated if the resolution is passed and the affidavit is signed.  Glen said that Mike was not specified to sign a contract for the Township when he was sent to PineCity.  Mike said he always intended for Wilma Township to get the contract with FEMA and that the Township would do the work.  Glen said that at the Sept. 22 meeting, Mike found out that FEMA would not pay the township for labor, so he put in a bid for his own company, Fudally Tackle, and he had 12 days to schedule a special Town Board meeting to get approval for this and to file the appropriate affidavits.  

          Paul asked if the Board had had the resolution and affidavit last week at the meeting, would the vote to award the contract to Fudally Tackle have been legal and appropriate?  Glen said he would not take questions from the floor. Mike said he will ask the question, “Would that have made it legal?”  Glen said Mike could have gotten quotes from other interested parties.  Mike said there are no other contractors that he was aware of who were free to do the work, as witnessed by Arna’s desperation to find contractors.  Mike said that with the time pressure, with winter coming and the possibility of snow, and with hunting season coming, he had to act quickly.  Plus the FEMA representatives were in a hurry to get the contracts signed and to move on to other disasters. He said he has never called a special meeting, and asked Gary if he has ever heard of a special meeting being called in Wilma Township.  Gary said no. 

          Eldon said that if there is any way that this can be fixed and made legally compliant, that he hopes and prays that Mike can be awarded the work.  He said he has great respect for Mike and believes that he is an honest man and board member.  He pleaded with the board not to fight and argue with each other but to work out a solution to get this work done right. 

          Mike asked for Gary’s input.  Gary said “Let’s sign the papers and get it done with; it has already taken too much Board time.” 

          Duane said that he is interested in bidding.  Mike asked him why he hasn’t bid on any of the work in Arna?  Duane said he is not interested in working in Arna.  Gary said he thought Duane wasn’t interested in Wilma’s work because Duane was too busy in July when Gary asked him to help.  Mike asked how the Board could get a fair quote when his bid is public knowledge and has been published?  Glen asked Duane if he knows what Mike’s quote was.  Duane said he didn’t.  Paul said Mark told him that he did tell Duane the total price of Mike’s bid.  Glen said we can’t get a fair quote now that the figure is public knowledge.  Mike said he bid within FEMA’s guidelines.  Glen asked, “How can we make this right?” 

          Mike said any contract between $25,000 and $100,000 may be awarded by sealed bids or by negotiation, with two or more quotes when possible, but does not have to comply with competitive bidding laws.  Mike said both FEMA Rep. Mike Fedoruk and Mike’s attorney believe his actions were legal. Mike presented a letter from his attorney, Kenneth J. Jacobs, stating that “Mike made full disclosure of his position on the Board and that it was his company that was serving as the private contractor, and FEMA approved this after this full disclosure.  Once the Affidavit is filed and proof of liability insurance has been provided, you have a legally binding obligation to fulfill the FEMA contract as authorized by the Township Board at the Oct. 5 meeting.  Any actions taken by you or financial investment in reliance on the Board’s approval of this contract would entitle you to damages if there is any act by the Wilma Township Board to interfere with this contract.”  

          Glen said that Mike Fedoruk told him that in his 15 years with FEMA that he has never had a case where a public official signed a FEMA contract that would profit him personally.  Mike said that Fedoruk did know and did approve of his deal.

                    Toni asked how two Supervisors could be aware of this arrangement and the Clerk and the Treasurer, but that the Chairman not be informed?  Mike said he only had the contract on September 28th,  and the Board meeting was in a week, so he didn’t think a special Board meeting would make sense.  Plus, having someone else try to explain to Glen all the details and complications could have been confusing and misleading, and he wanted to explain the reasons for his actions himself, and the only way he could do that was to wait until the meeting, so he asked Paul not to speak to Glen about it on Monday, Oct. 3 when he told Paul.

          Glen asked Mike if he intends to hire township officers to help with the work.  Mike said no, because he does not want to spend $1,800 for Workers’ Comp insurance.  He will subcontract workers from the labor pool or jobs board, who will cover their Workers’ Comp.

          Gary moved that the Board adopt a resolution stating that Mike is an interested officer, but that his bid was lower than could be obtained elsewhere, and that Mike be awarded the contract if he files the affidavit of his interest. Glen seconded.  Passed.

          Glen asked that Paul send a copy of the signed contract and a copy of Mike’s attorney’s letter, and a copy of the meeting minutes to the Township Attorney Robert Ruppe.  Glen and Mike and Paul signed the contracts and Resolution and Affidavits for the files.  Gary moved to adjourn the meeting. Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

                                                                             Paul Raymond, Clerk



The County Commissioners met at the Pine County Public Works Building in Sandstone, MN, on Tuesday, February 16, to hear the studies and conclusions and make a decision regarding Schmedeke Lane in Wilma Township.   Wilma Supervisors Glen Williamson, Gary Vink, and Michael McCullen were among those in attendance, plus Clerk Paul Raymond, and Wilma property owners Eldon Schmedeke, Bruce Greenly, and Barbara Jensen.

County Attorney John Carlson gave a presentation intended for the narrowing of the issues and proposing a solution to the issues regarding the road.  He had a diagram showing that Schmedeke Lane is not on the surveyed section line, even if it is exactly a mile from the Pete Anderson Road.   He said that Pine County built Schmedeke Lane and Wilma Township maintained it and formally adopted it as a township road.  Carlson said that the road was built on the only good land for a road, and if they had known then that this was Jensen’s land, they would have acquired the land then from the Jensens because of a drop-off to the east.

Carlson said that there are three choices:  1.  Don’t do anything for anyone, and leave the road as it is as a statutory use road, and everyone be damned, because Wilma Township did not do a survey when they adopted the road as a township road.    2.  Determine the number of acres Bob Jensen lost and give Bob County land in exchange for what he lost, or pay him the value of the lost acreage.  3. Have the road easement go all the way to the surveyed section line, and Wilma Township can sell Bruce Greenly this land since his land does not go all the way to the road.

In addition, Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke want to extend Schmedeke Lane the length of two 40 acre’s north, by 132’wide.  They have a camper on their land one half mile north.  Eldon paid to have the road extended and cleared it to 132’, believing this was his land.  He wants to buy 132’ of the first 40 and the next 40, 4 acres each, 8 acres, total $10,000 at current prices.   The county said they won’t sell unless they can keep their road easement so they can access their timber on county land.  In the future, Carlson said that Eldon’s kids will likely sell off the land north and east.  The road can’t be built on the section line due to a ridge obstruction.  For Eldon, getting to his land is a justified expenditure according to Carlson.

An alternative would be for the county to extend the road as a forest road and give Eldon a private easement, but this would not give Eldon a right for subdivision.   If the county builds the road to get to their timber, and it is good enough for a township road, Eldon would have to convince the town to adopt it as a township road.  Carlson said the best option would be to let Eldon buy the land for $10,000 so he can build his road.   The road he builds will be for public use as the only option for future development on Schmedeke’s land is for the road to be a public road.

Steve Hallan said they all want to do the right thing.  He said do the land swap with Jensens, and sell Eldon the two 132’ by 40 acre strips, but make sure that everyone has access to the public land to the west and can get to the tax-forfeited land.  Curt Rossow asked if the easement is granted, who will build the road?  The land department said that they will.  The easement will go to the section line all the way up.  The County Assessor’s office, with input from Robin Matthews, the County Surveyor, will calculate how much it is worth.  The current rate is $1,300 per acre.   Mike spoke up and said that he and Gary do not believe that the township should profit from this easement, and that the county should retain ownership and be the one to sell the land to the Greeley’s and Schmedekes; it’s taxpayers’ money. Rossow said it may require a special State legislative ruling to sell this to Eldon without open bidding.

A motion was made to sell Eldon Schmedeke two 40 acre by 132’ strips of land, and to sell Bruce Greenly all the land between Schmedeke Lane right-of-way to his section line, and to swap Bob Jensen some County land north of his land to compensate him for land he lost when Schmedeke Lane was built. This was seconded and passed.  Eldon asked that he be granted clear title to each of his 132’ x 40 acre pieces of land.

There was other County business and the meeting continued, but the Wilma Township officers left the meeting at this point.

Paul Raymond, Clerk, Town of Wilma