Snowplowing, Sunday, December 1

Due to the current snow fall, this weekend, November 29 to December 1, the roads and driveways will be plowed. Alden (our Road Grader) will start to plow, Sunday, December 1 around sunrise; lived on roads will be plowed first, then the other roads will follow. If you have any questions, please contact Alden.




 2019-20 snowplowing fees due by Nov. 6, 2019

$75/season; driveways over 700 ft.: $100. Driveways 1,000′ up to ½ mile: $175

Driveways over ½ mile: $350

Special plowing $100/hr.

Full-time residents only. Must have turnaround space and no overhanging trees or closed gates.

Wilma Township not liable for inadvertent damages while plowing private drives. Checks payable to “Wilma Township.” Mail to Patrice Winfield, 53346 Tamarack River Road, Markville, MN 55072, or bring to Nov. 6 Board Meeting.

Paul Raymond, clerk