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CROOKED LAKE ROAD:  Culvert ¼ mile down on west side washed out. Road Manager should consult with Summerland  to determine best way to repair.  (They ditched the road before and after the driveway and may have ditched too deep). Water washed over the drive and eroded the ditch with a steep drop-off.  Board thinks the ditch will need rip-rap and fill to bring it to a safe angle.  May cost a few thousand dollars to repair.

One mile south there is a soft spot from frost boils.  Need to pull the gravel from the sides of the road to fill and build crown.

1 and ½ mile south a low area is very soft.  Needs two load of class 5 gravel, per board and Jason Palme.

Board recommends grading and reshaping the road all the way to the end, and routine blading, and scraping the gravel from the edges back on the road.

EAGLE HEAD ROAD:  Need a load of gravel at the beginning, by the dead-end sign.  Board recommended one load of gravel at the end of the road also, where it is soft.  Routine blading.

VINK ROAD:  Remove fallen tree in right-of-way.  Board wants to research cost of hiring hydro-ax to brush township roads with a lot of small brush and trees in the right-of-way, which will help roads dry out.  Gary said we should send James Doody a certified letter saying someone who entered his property at the end of the road did some damage to the road, and to cite the statutes about road damage liabilities.  Routine blading.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD:  Soft at the beginning, and greasy.  Board said blade it; may need some gravel.  Glen suggested Mark take a chainsaw with on the grader to take care of dropped trees or trees over the roads or too close to the roads.  Routine blading.

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD:  Garbage and sofa dumped in county right of way at entrance to Duncan.  Clerk should write to county highway dept. and report it.  Normal grading recommended.  Jim Bredesen apparently did some ditching and tore up the ditch and removed some of the road gravel.  1 ¼ mile up needs one load class 5.  Need load at 1.7 miles north.  2-3 loads of gravel needed before the hill.  Grade berm to enable drainage.  Two culverts that were intended for N. Duncan road went on the Pete Anderson Road and will need two culverts.  We have $700 left from the agreement to build up and repair North Duncan Road still to spend.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD:   Big puddle about .1 mile south.  Gary said to wait until road dries out and bring gravel from the sides of the road.  Routine blading.

SCHMEDEKE LANE EXTENSION:  Waiting for Eldon’s report.  Board said that the county will need to put some pit-run at the bend in the road at the extension to straighten it out more, and needs to be ditched.  The entire extension is built up with pit-run gravel, and needs a layer of 6” of class five gravel to bring it to our township specs.  Very good bed built up.  The big culvert is not reinforced properly, with logs across it. The whole thing could give way in a heavy rain.  Board says it will need to be rocked up and bouldered  with rip rap on both sides to support it, and then needs to be sloped and seeded.  Culvert already full of debris.  The county asked the fire department to blow out the debris with the fire truck.

FUST LANE:  Routine blading.

LANGSTROM ROAD:  Markville’s  year.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD:  Markville’s year; there is a tree in the road.

HELLER DRIVE:  Routine blading.

MC CULLEN DRIVE:  Routine blading.

TAMARACK PINE DRIVE:  Routine blading.

MAYFIELD ROAD:  1.2 miles at culvert still needs the FEMA Hazard Mitigation repair; rip-rap on sides by culvert.  Gravel: load of pit-run over the rip-rap.  Routine blading.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD:  Two loads pit-run and one load class five at curve before the landing (.3 mile).  1 load class five at the entrance to the landing.  .7 mile tree over road.

SHORT ROAD:  Blade when dry.

LOST RIVER ROAD:  Routine blading.

RIVER CABIN ROAD:  Normal grading.

MONA DRIVE:  A lot of logging equipment on Mike Scott’s land.    Keep an eye out for logging or hauling activities.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD:  Routine blading.

MC DERMOTT CREEK BRIDGE:  Clerk need to write county to ask for railings or barrier to prevent cars dropping off sides of culvert-bridge.

Wilma Township Spring Road Inspection



WED., MAY 22, 2013

Meet at Town Hall 10 a.m.



           The Board met at the Duxbury Store at 10 p.m:  Glen Williamson, Mike McCullen, Gary Vink, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Greg Beck (County Forester) and Jason Palme (Supervisor in Danforth Township) and Clerk Paul Raymond.

          North Duncan Road:  At the beginning of the road Tri-State Lumber had gone off the road and cut a deep rut.  Greg Beck said he repaired that and marked it to keep anyone else from going off the road.  He said Tri-State stopped payment on their escrow payment because several years ago they had a lumber lease onNorth Duncan and paid their escrow, but they never had trucks in to do the work.  They did bring a bulldozer in to clear a trail to the wood. Gary said they must have had the blade down on the dozer because they scraped the crown off the road and we used their escrow monies to restore the road.  It is uncertain whether they were told that we had used their escrow or if we were able to document to them how it was used.  Greg says Wilma has a reputation of taking escrow deposits and never returning them.  He said that as part of the county’s lease with loggers they are required to repair the road to its original state, and if they don’t the county will.  He said Tri-State told him they were never notified that they had damaged the road in 2009. Gary said he didn’t know that they didn’t do the logging then.  Greg said that before any logging or work is done on a lumber lease, we need to have a mutual inspection with Greg and Mark to verify the condition of the road before and after work is done.

Mike said this recentDuncandamage is still not repaired up to specs.  It needs gravel.  Greg said not $500 worth; maybe one truckload.  Mike said that would be $200.  Greg said Todd Elliot would do it for $80-100.  Mike said we also need to include Mark’s time from the escrow.  Greg said that’s not fair and he doesn’t know if it’s legal.   Mike asked why should the town’s people have to pay for it? He said we can redo our escrow notice to include inspections in our costs to be deducted from the escrow payment, and that they must contact Mark before starting work.  Also we need to have a fixed fee for inspections.

Greg said he will talk to Tri-State and if they say they did not blade the road in 2009, then we took their money wrongly.  Glen said we can’t second-guess our earlier decision to take their deposit.  Greg said the county will stand by their contracts and require loggers to repair roads to township specs.

North Duncanneeds two loads ¼ mile up the road.  Also two loads past Tri-State’s log pile.  Tree needs to be cut 1 ½ mile up.  We need to see if we used up the full $7,000 budgeted for this road.  Gary and Mark need to check the rest of the road (where the grass starts) on four-wheelers.

Crooked Lake Road:  The road is good at first, but ½ mile past Bob Johnsons it needs gravel. Road is rutted and has holes and needs more of a crown.  Jason said their grader operator Dave Vader said there’s not much to work with on that part of the road, with no gravel.  It needs gravel, or they will plow up rocks.  There are ridges on both sides of the road that channel water right back onto the road.  They can’t be bladed off; they need to be dozed off.  A dozer would cost about $110-115/hour.  Mark said Wilma should take over the grading so the crown isn’t always  bladed off and we lose all the money we’ve paid.

Mike and Gary will attend Danforth’s board meeting on May 18, the third Friday.  They are authorized to get consensus on what needs to be done.  Jason said the road past Bob Johnson’s has never had Class 5 gravel.  Mark said the road needs 4” of gravel, but the sides need to be dozed off first.  The Supervisors discussed having Wilma take back the road authority.  Jason said the biggest obstacle to that is our high fee for grading, $150/hour.  He said he will make sure Summerland builds a better crown.  Glen said what Danforth is asking for, $10,000-12,000 of repairs and gravel (split between the two towns) is a lot for just two people.

Eagle Head Road:  Culvert will eventually need to be replaced.  The culvert is open, but there is some debris on the bottom of the screen.  Eagle Head needs one load of gravel down at the end and the crown needs to be built up and restored.

Dollar Lake Road:  Five loads pit-run gravel past the area that was graveled before.  Mark wants to do the whole road, 5-6 loads from Sealy’s south.

Vink Road:  Needs 3 loads gravel at the entrance by the highway and 4 loads 1/2 mile up (7 loads total).  Mark said we can use our gravel at Shute’s.  The Board went to Shute’s to inspect our pile. Gary said Rybergs took some of our gravel and then replaced it and took the crown off the pile. Glen said we should use it up and keep track of how many loads we get out of it so we know how much we lost.

Heller Road:  Needs routine blading.  Big beaver pond with dam and lodge. Gary said the trapper said he got all the beavers. Gary will tear a hole in the dam and see if any try to repair it.  If we tear out the dam and blow up the lodge we will need to notify the DNR.  We need 3 load of gravel at the culvert after the dam.

McCullen Drive:  Needs regular blading and maintenance.

Tamarack Pine Drive:  We need to repair the damage done by the surveyor past Mark’s place and document any money we take from their escrow, including the inspection and grading and 1 load of gravel.  The road needs regular grading.

Mink Farm Drive:  One load of pit-run at the washout. We can take it from Vink’s gravel pit across from the washout.  Road needs routine blading.

Mayfield Road:  Halfway towards the end needs 2 loads gravel and another 3 loads further up.  We need to ditch at the swamp and put another 2 loads at the swamp.  The culvert past the first cabin is washed out a little.  FEMA paid to put the new culvert in and gravel it, which included aprons and rocks, but Schlomka never put the apron on.  There is water in the road in places that needs to be ditched.  We need to call in locater before we ditch because of utilities.  Duane Glienke can do the ditching, 100’-200’past the DNR turnoff. Gary said we need to find out what’s making it flood.

Pete Anderson Road:  2012 is an even-numbered year so is Arna’s responsibility.  Road needs routine blading.  There is a tree across the road 1.8 miles up.  We tried to drag it off the road but were unsuccessful. Gary will cut the tree up.  Arna will put two loads of pit-run gravel at the end of both range-line roads.

Langstrom Road:  Routine blading; two loads of gravel at end. Arna’s responsibility.

Fust Road:  Routine maintenance.

Schmedeke Road:  Routine blading.

South Duncan Road:  Routine blading.

Little Tamarack Lake Road:  Needs two loads of gravel ½ mile before Holters’ by the junction box.  Needs one load at the curve by the landing.

Short Road:  Routine maintenance.  There are still trees in the right-of-way at the end; we need to ask Mike to remove them.

Lost River Road:  Routine blading.

River Cabin Road:  Regular maintenance.

Mona Drive:  Routine maintenance.

Kenny Peterson Road:  Routine maintenance.

Road Inspection Meeting completed at 4 p.m., 6 hours.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



Meet at Duxbury Store at 10 a.m.

Open Meeting

Paul Raymond, Clerk


May 18, 2011

Road Inspection took place on May 18, 2011 beginning at 10:00am meeting at the Wilma Town Hall.  Present for the inspection was Supervisor Gary Vink, Chairperson Glen Williamson, and Deputy Clerk Toni Williamson.

Purpose of the inspection was to review possible problems and to recommend necessary changes and to check signs for the retro reflectivity.  There are some signs in question and Gary will check with the County Engineer as to if the signs that abut the county roads are our responsibility.

Eagle Head Road (Shared with Danforth Township)

We have drained and cleaned the culvert in the past.  Recommend to trim hazard trees to enable the sign to be seen.

  • Dead End and Minimum Maintenance signs will need to be replaced.

Cooked Lake (Shared with Danforth Township)

Recommend regular maintenance and gravel in some areas.  Gary will recommend to Danforth

  • Dead End sign is in good shape with retro reflectivity on sign, but not on bottom.

Dollar Lake

Recommend normal maintenance

  • Dead End sign is county responsibility

Vink Road

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Dead End sign needs to be replaced, Stop sign is the county.

McCullen Dr

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Replace Dead End sign, Stop sign is the county.

Heller Road (Shared with New Dosey)

Problems with the last small culvert that goes to the west.   Gary will discuss with New Dosey about maintenance and gravel needs.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Tamarack Pine Dr

Recommend routine maintenance

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Langstrom Lane

Recommend routine maintenance and two loads of gravel at end.  Gary will remove the hazard tree blocking road near Dennis Schmedeke’s.

  • Dead End sign must be replaced

Pete Anderson Rd (Shared with Arna)

Hazardous tree limbs in need of cutting.  Culverts are in good condition.  Recommend routine maintenance and two loads of pit run at the end per agreement.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Fust Lane

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Schmedeke Lane

Cut down hazard tree and routine maintenance recommended.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Duncan Road  (South)

Trim hazard trees and routine maintenance recommended

  • Dead End sign is not in need of replacement

Duncan Road (North)

Clear hazard trees/brush in several spots and do maintenance on wash over at culvert by beaver pond and replace culvert after road work completed and add gravel.

  • Replace Dead End sign

Mink Farm Dr

Trim hazard brush, gravel and routine maintenance recommended.  Use escrow from TNT for gravel.

  • Replace Dead End sign

Mayfield Drive

Trim hazard trees, repair mud holes.  Culverts are dangerously exposed.  First culvert has holes and is pushed down and bowed.  Second culvert is exposed and the end is ripped.  Third culvert is half exposed and logs were placed on it to keep it in place and it is bowed.  Fourth culvert is concrete and in good shape.  All damages will be billed to Carlson Timber.

  • Replace Dead End and Minimum Maintenance sign.

Little Tamarack Lake Road

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Replace Dead End, right curve sign, road snake sign, Stop Ahead and Next 1 mile sign.  First Stop sign is county’s.

Short Road

Recommend routine maintenance

  • Sign is county’s.

Lost River Road

Recommend routine maintenance

  • Stop sign is county’s.

River Cabin Road

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Stop sign is county’s

Mona Drive

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • No signage issues

Kenny Peterson

End of road swamped about 1/3 mile in.  Gary will research how far gas tax goes and see if we can reduce the gas tax to the swamp.  Trim hazard trees and continued routine maintenance recommended.

  • Replace Minimum Maintenance Road sign.

Road inspection adjourned at 2:30pm

Toni Williamson
Deputy Clerk