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Minutes of Wilma Township, Pine County, Minnesota

Board of Review, April 11, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 11 a.m. at the Wilma Town Hall. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Clerk Paul Raymond, County Assessor Lonna Meier, Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster.

Bob explained that there are four categories of land-classification: 1. high land; 2. limited access land; 3. no access land; and 4. waste/swamp. Mike asked if timber could be classified as agricultural if trees are used for harvesting or maple sugar, especially if the state mandates an increase in ethanol non-oil fuels. Lonna said the categories are not dependent on trees or lack of them.

The values are determined by sales from October 1 to September 30 in the townships and county. Wilma had two residential sales and two seasonal/farm sales. Prices haven’t gone down so much, but sales have. The residential/seasonal sales combined ratios were raised from 90.3% to 93.5% adjusted ratio, and farm sales ratios went from 84.5% to 99%. State law mandates our valuation to be from 90 to 105% of market value. High ground is $1,550 per acre; tillable pasture is $1,550; fair land $1,400; no access, $1,000; swamp/wetland, $650. Site-amenity adjustment for the first acre of 5 acres is $18,500. The county assessor makes estimates of the number of feet of river frontage. The first acre on a gravel road is valued at $13,500; on pavement $16,500. Amenities affect the value, like a well, electricity, sewer, etc.

First up was Alden Shute, Parcel 32.0133.000. He asked about the commercial classification of his land because of the gravel pit. Alden said the pit is finished and covered, and he is no longer mining gravel. Alden said he had talked with Assessor Mike Sheehy and thought it was already adjusted. Lonna said only 2.5 acres is assessed as gravel pit; 78 1/2 as agricultural/homestead. 16 Acres is classified tillable; 36 1/2 high ground, and 20 acres swamp. Alden said he is not digging or crushing gravel and it’s been reseeded. There is no more the board can rule on this; the assessor will remove the 2.5 acres commercial gravel classification.

Second up, Carl Kratzke, Parcel 32.0126.001, S. Duncan Road, Section 14. He asked how his land is classified, and what percentage was swamp. 216 acres is high ground; 20 acres swamp. He said beavers are damming it up and turning it into a big swamp. Bob said he would increase waste acres to 50 from 20. Lonna said this classification means that no trees can grow year around. Bob said he’d walk the land with Kratzke next year.

Next, Paul Yager, Parcel 32.0196.000: Bob said he would talk with the county assessor to see if it could be adjusted from100% value to 90% value. He is across the road from the lake and doesn’t get all the benefits of lake property. The first acre had been valued at $45,000, and it was adjusted by half, to $22,500, adding only $5,000 for the lake view. Bob said any land within 1000 feet of a lake is considered shoreland. Paul said it’s either shoreland or it’s not; he doesn’t understand how it can be in the middle.

Next up, Patrice Winfield, Parcel32.0138.002: Patrice wanted to know why her value went up from $205,300 to $263,800 when she hasn’t done anything. They list $43,000 in improvements, but she hasn’t done any improvements. Lonna said it was last assessed in 2001, and each parcel is inspected every 5 years. All improvements since 2001 were considered. Patrice said the Roberts had inspected it since the house was built. Bob said most of the increase was in the house; the land only went up $4,000. Patrice said she estimates her home is 90% done, but the ceiling is only ½ done. Lonna called the county and said last year it was only assessed as 79% complete. Bob said they could take 7 acres from high land due to limited access, $150 per acre times 6-7 acres. Bob said he would stop at Patrice’s after the meeting.

Next, Kathy Olson, Parcel 32.5034.000, Little Tamarack Lake Hills on Little Tamarack Lake. She said taxes are going up alarmingly while her enjoyment is going down. It is valued at $71,300 front foot, up $1,400 this year, and $9,500 in the three year evaluation cycle. There was a 2/3 reduction on the front feet due to the road. She said a utility line runs through the property, and they cut and spray under the line. People tear up and down the road and jet skis and powerful boats use the lake. Joe Vink told her to call the DNR as they have enforcement of the lake and shoreline and wakes can erode the shore. Lonna said that with lake lots they assess it by the first foot, not the first acre. Kathy’s is $140 per foot for 579 feet, and a 2/3 reduction because of the geography of the lot. Even though she doesn’t plan to build, it has to be treated as buildable.

Next, Paul Raymond, Parcel32.0138.001. His north 5 acres on the other section went up from $12, 400 to $38,700. Bob said this was done at the county, as they thought it had been undervalued at 25% value all these years. He asked if this five acres could be sold. Paul said there is no access and it could not be separated or sold. The county won’t allow him to merge it into his 40 acres as it is in a different section. Bob said it should be reverted to the earlier value as it is no access and not a separate parcel.

The assessors had two letters: William Peno, Parcels 32.0015 and 32.0016.000: He said the assessment on his half section is too high. Lonna said they have sales to show that it’s fairly valued. Neighboring properties have sold high. He has 160 acres total, half valued as swamp. 70 acres no access across the creek. Peno could get a letter from the DNR showing their evaluation of the land as sustainable forest to give him timber class, but it would not change the value. Mike said he sees no basis to lower the value, as Peno’s neighbor sold 80 acres for $235,000, about $1,500 per acre.

Steve and Tina Barrett, Parcel 32.0020.000: 80 acres, valued at $148,200. They have no sewer or water, and it would be reduced 25%, but Bob assessed the road as not plowed and no winter access, although it is plowed, so this would increase the value by the same amount, so it would be a wash. 20 acres swamp; 37 acres high ground, 20 acres no access, and one acre road.


Alden Shute: Mike moved: Remove from commercial status, returned to agricultural/pasture. Glen seconded.

Carl Kratzke: Glen moved: 30 acres be reassessed to low ground. Gary seconded. Bob will survey the land.

Paul Yager: No action; no change.

Patrice Winfield: Glen moved that Bob Brewster survey her place and forward his recommendations to the board. No action at this point.

Kathy Olson: Mike moved that the board make no change as her parcel is buildable. Gary seconded. Mike recommended that she contact the DNR about enforcing the shoreline integrity.

Paul Raymond: Glen moved that the 5 acres be returned to its previous assessment as it was classified wrong, from $38,700 to $13,300. Mike seconded.

William Peno: Glen moved no action, and to recommend to Peno that he contact the DNR and the county assessor about a sustainable forest classification. Mike seconded.

Steve Barrett: His valuation is a wash. The building site decreases but the road access increases the value by the same amount. Mike moved no action; Glen seconded.

Mike moved to adjourn; Gary seconded; meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Board of Supervisors, April 4, 2007

April 4, 2007

Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting or order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Glenford Williamson, Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Joe Vink, Headly Williamson, Mark Pallow , and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the March meeting; Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Grader: Mark got hydraulic oil and a filter for the grader; the cost was close to $1,200.

Copier: Glen got a copier for the township and a printer cartridge. It will be kept at the treasurer’s home.

Towing: Wisconsin Truss delivered a 6-ton load of trusses to a home by Tamarack Lake before the road restrictions were lifted and got stuck in the mud. Joe had to tow them out with the grader. Paul will bill them for the towing, 1.5 hours = $150.00.

Arna Townline Road Reconciliation: Gary has reviewed Arna Township’s bill for work on the Pete Anderson and Langstrom Roads, and approved payment, $1,692.00.

Danforth Townline Road Payment: Danforth Township paid us for work we did on the Eagle Head and Crooked Lake Roads, and sent a bill for $120 for some culvert work they did. Gary did some more work on the road on the culverts and Paul will bill them for $45, plus ask them to put a screen on the culvert by Jason Palme’s place, ¾ mile down Crooked Lake Road. The culvert is plugged and Gary doesn’t know if it’s frozen or beaver-plugged. Mike said to wait until the thaw to take action.

NEW BUSINESS: Township Laptop Computer: Patrice said she learned at the Short Course that the clerk and treasurer have to use CTAS for the town books, and she doesn’t have a PC. Glen said Walmart has a C-M Step Note laptop computer for less than $500, with a Chinese processor, that should have more than enough power for CTAS. It will work with our printer. He said it would be better to get a new StepNote than a used IBM. We can get an extended warranty for a little more. Mike asked Patrice to investigate the StepNote and the cost of an extended warranty. Patrice asked for permission to buy a couple of file folder totes for her records. Mike moved that Patrice be authorized to buy what she needs; Gary seconded. Mike said misc. supplies don’t require a motion.

General Fund: Mike moved that the Board adopt a resolution that all interest on our savings account be deposited into the General Fund. Glen seconded. Mike moved that all PILT funds be deposited into the General Fund. Gary seconded. Mike moved that all Gas Tax revenues be designated to pay for the grader. Glen seconded. Mike then moved to recind the previous motion and made a new motion that all Gas Tax revenues be deposited in the Road and Bridge Fund for the upkeep of township roads. Glen seconded.

New Outhouse: Mark said that he estimates that an 8 x 8 ‘ outhouse will cost around $900 for labor and materials. Mike said he would like to investigate the cost of a handicapped-accessible porta-potty. Mark said he would check prices on holding tanks; he believes it would be about $3,000 installed. The fire department would like to have something in by the pancake breakfast, if possible.

In a related issue, Glen said he would like to see if we could make the town hall more attractive and available for more public events. As 2007 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Wilma, Glen moved that Patrice be designated entertainment coordinator for the Duxbury Days celebration August 4th. Mike seconded and Patrice accepted.

Published Meeting Minutes: Donna Filler showed the board a copy of the public record of the meeting of the Pine County Commissioners, and said that no private citizen who attended the meetings was identified unless they spoke during the meeting. There was a discussion, and the clerk agreed to not publish any private citizen names in the minutes on the town website, unless they spoke during the meeting.

Payroll Deductions: Patrice said that at the short course we were told that separate checks had to be written for taxable and non-taxable payments, unless the Board passed a resolution otherwise. Mike moved that the board adopt a resolution that both taxable and non-taxable payments may be included on the same check. Glen seconded.

Bills for April:

Mike McCullen $ 41.56

Donna Filler 35.00

Mark Pallow 1,163.49

NAPA Auto Parts 59.96

Danforth Township 60.00

Town of Arna 1,692.00

Pine Co. Courier 20.68

East Central Energy 34.91

MN Benefit Association 165.00

U S Treasury 341.64

Paul Raymond 367.17

Mark Pallow 22.16

Joe Vink 89.46

Gary Vink 250.49

Patrice Winfield 336.17

Glen Williamson 236.27

Total Bills: $ 4,915.96

Glen moved to pay all the bills and to transfer $5,000 from savings to checking. Mike seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Disb./Transfer $ 10,425.62

Balance 9,833.47

Road and Bridge Rec./Transfer 10.245.00

Disbursements 2,822.61

Balance 9,831.60

Fire Disb: 3,500.00

Bal: 321.14

Park Bal: 719.53

Building Disb: 26.08

Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow Fund Bal: 4,864.87

TOTAL ALL FUNDS $ 32,361.56

Glen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Mike seconded.

The Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting is Saturday, April 7th.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, March 7, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mark Pallow and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke.

Paul read the record of the February meeting. Mike moved to approve the minutes; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Debt Service Fund: Paul said that the Auditor’s office has included the Debt Service Fund to our 2007 taxes and revenues, so we will be receiving moneys from this levy this year instead of 2008. Eldon said this will be a big tax increase for him and for some other taxpayers, and he would like to see other levies cut, such as the Fire Fund.

Grader Operators’ Training Course: Mike moved that the Board authorize Mark and Gary to attend the grader operators’ training course offered by the University of Minnesota in Hutchinson on April 16th , and to pay their tuition and mileage expenses. Glen seconded. Mike asked Mark to get a professional opinion on snowplowing unused township roads. He thinks that there would be less damage and frost boils on ungraded roads, and doesn’t understand why we expend time and money snowplowing roads with no residents every time it snows. Eldon said that those who pay taxes should receive services, including cabin owners.

Short Course: Mike moved that any township officers who are able should be authorized to attend the spring Short Courses offered by the Minnesota Township Association. Glen seconded. Patrice, Paul and Glen all plan to attend the March 26th Short Course in St. Cloud.

County Township Officers’ Meeting: Glen moved that any township officers who are able should be authorized to attend the County Township Officers’ Meeting in Hinckley on March 31st at 9 a.m. Mike seconded. Eldon said he would like officers who attend to be more proactive in contributing to these meetings instead of sitting silently. He also asked that whoever attends take good notes to share at the town board meetings.

Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting. Glen said that the Soil and Water Conservation District’s annual meeting is April 7th at 9 a.m. at Tobies. Gary said he would like to go. Mike said the problem with these meetings is that their minds are made up and there is no opportunity for input in their decision-making. They don’t want to receive feedback. Eldon said he wants to see board members speak up if they are attending these meetings in an official capacity. Glen moved that any township officer who wants to attend be authorized to attend the Soil and Water Conservation District meeting. as a township representative. Gary seconded. Passed.

Hydraulic Oil for Grader: Gary said the grader needs to have hydraulic oil and filters installed every 2000 hours of grader use. Mark said we do not know when it was last done. He said he would like to get a 55 gallon drum of John Deere hydraulic oil and filters for the grader, and that he will keep good maintenance records in the future. Glen moved that we purchase the oil and filters and that Mark be authorized to pick it up. Mark said he will pay for it and get reimbursed at the April meeting. Gary seconded; passed.

Pete Anderson/Langstrom Road Maintenance Reconciliation: Arna Township has sent us a bill for work done on the townline road in 2006. Gary said he would like to take the bill and study it for the board to act on it at the April meeting.

Board of Audit/Board of Reorganization: The Board of Review is April 11th at 10 a.m. at the Town Hall. The Board of Reorganization will be Thursday, March 22nd at 6:30 p.m. at the Duxbury Store. Glen and Patrice will need to attend to be sworn in, and the Board will reorganize and vote on offices.

Township Copier: Glen moved that the township purchase a small, portable copier for use at town board meetings and for township use. He said he can get one for under $100. Mike seconded. Passed.

Townline Road Billing: Gary gave Paul the billing for Danforth and New Dosey Townships for their share of shared line road expenses. Paul will bill both townships.

Townhall/Firehall Pole Light: Mark said he will take care of calling East Central Energy to have the pole light repaired so it doesn’t continually cycle on and off.

Bills for March, 2007:

Glen Williamson $ 31.17

U, of Minnesota (Tuition) 120.00

Mark Pallow 502.38

1st National Bank 2,000.00

Mike McCullen 31.17

ECE 37.02

The Evergreen 8.00

Joseph Vink 182.42

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Dept. 3,500.00

Gary Vink 136.21

Paul Raymond 89.73

Patrice Winfield 136.21

Total Bills $ 6,774.31

Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Receipts $ 521,98

Disbursements 1,832.42

Balance 20, 259.09

Road and Bridge Fund Rec: 629.03

Disb: 2,241.95

Bal: 2,409.21

Fire Fund: Rec: 118.26

Bal: 3,821.04

Park Fund Rec: 1.57

Bal: 719.53

Building Fund Rec; 37.04

Bal: 6,817.03

Escrow Fund Rec: 15.01

Bal: 4,864.87

TOTAL ALL FUNDS: $ 38,890.87

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s report, to pay all the bills, and to transfer $6,700 from savings to checking. Glen seconded and moved that the board transfer $10,000 from the General Fund to the Road and Bridge Fund for grader loan payments, to be reimbursed from the Debt Service Fund levies when these are received in May or June and in December. Mike seconded.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk