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Wilma Board of Supervisor meeting move to September 10, 2014




September Board Meeting Postponed

One Week, Now 9-10-2014

7:30 p.m



          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Clerk Paul Raymond, plus Jeff and Jeanne GrandPre, Mark and Lisa Sisterman and Pat Story.

Paul read the record of the July meeting. Mike said that at the July meeting they voted to pay Pat and Jeff for their participation at the land-sale hearing in Pine City July 15; the record says this was approved at the June meeting.  Glen moved that the non-officer members of the committee who attended the land-sale hearing be paid a stipend of $25, plus mileage.  Mike seconded.  Passed.  Gary moved to approve the July record; Mike seconded; passed.

OLD BUSINESS:  Land-Sale Committee Report:  Pat and Jeff drafted a position paper and presented it with Mike to the Pine County Commissioners at the special hearing July 15. Mike said the Board was very respectful and gave them a fair hearing and an hour of floor time.  Mike said that at the end of the hearing the Board said they were only selling the Schmedeke Lane land at this time, 240 acres in Section 32.  The other parcels will be sold in the future.  We have the letter from Greg Beck which lays this out and which the Board reviewed at several meetings, but it was confusing and the board assumed they wanted to sell all the parcels immediately.  Pat said Commissioner Hallan indicated that many hours had been spent on the procedures and rules to sell tax-forfeited lands, and they tried to balance the interests of Pine Co. and Wilma Township.  They plan to draft clearer rules and procedures for public lands.  For one thing, they hadn’t considered the amount of tourism generated by the County and Wilma Township, attracted in part because of the public access to forests and waterways, and the businesses that benefit from this.  The projected sales, including our park, will need to be approved by the State Legislature because they adjoin waterways.  Mike and the committee said they would not object to selling the 240 acres adjacent to Schmedeke Lane because of the money the County put into the road extension, but Mike fears that we will have this same fight all over again next year.  Jeff said the Commissioners want to stiffen the policy on memorial land to make it even harder to sell this designated land.  Glen thanked the committee for their work and efforts.  The Pine Co. Courier had a good article on the hearing (attached).

Cemetery Report:  Jeff compiled many pages of requirements for making a municipal cemetery.  Because of the need for a Board of Trustees and committees and the number of people required to oversee a cemetery, Jeff recommended that the Board not proceed with creating a cemetery on our park land.  Mike moved that the Board adopt the Committees’ recommendation and table the idea of a town cemetery.  Gary seconded; passed.

Township Legal Seminar:  Saturday, Sept. 27, 9-4 p.m. in Rutledge.  Mike said this is a valuable seminar and moved that any officer interested in attending be  authorized to do so.  Glen seconded.  Mike said we should compile any legal questions we have so we can ask the attorneys.  Seminar is free.

Wilma Fall Fest:  Will be Sat. Oct. 18.  So far we haven’t lined up the Procrastinators.  Paul can email Stephanie and Dennis Hanson to confirm their participation.  Mike said the fire dept. will donate paper plates.  Paul suggested fewer prizes to take up less time with the drawings.  Glen said Paul can be on the committee with Toni and Patrice. Patrice has a group of businesses who she has solicited for prizes in the past to contact.

District 7 Meeting:  Will be Wednesday, Sept 3, the same night as our scheduled meeting.  Gary moved that we postpone the September by one week, to Sept. 10; Mike seconded.  Glen urged officers to attend to vote for him for Director.  He will drive and we can carpool.

Wilma 2015 Certified Township Aid:  We will get $4,424. in 2015, in two installments.  We just received our first installment of our 2014 aid and Patrice didn’t know what it was for or from.  It is to provide property tax relief, and is based on the adjusted net tax capacity of agricultural land compared to other property and our total land and water acreage and population.

Road Report:  Our gravel pile contained 54 loads, 702 yards.  Hopkins total bill to haul the gravel was $3,466.  It was enough to do the designated gravel on all our roads, including South Duncan and the Mayfield Rd.  Pat said he is ashamed at the muddy entrance to our fire hall; Mike moved to purchase 1 load, 12 to 14 yards of crushed granite to spread in front of the fire hall up to our tank.  Pat said he put a layer of minus 1 ½ rock on his drive and topped it with class 5 gravel, and this prevented the mud from coming up.  In order to charge T&T or any other loggers/haulers from their escrow accounts, Paul needs a detailed accounting of what gravel and work was done on any roads that were damaged by logging activity.

Fire Hall Doors:  The Board moved the meeting outside to inspect the fire hall doors, and Glen moved that we replace all three fire hall doors, with an electric opener on the grader bay door, and R12 insulated doors. Mark’s brother does doors, and Mike asked Paul to find another bid to compare.  Paul will work with Mark to find the best vendor.

Glen asked Paul to contact Sentence to Serve to see if they will paint the town hall again.  The roof of the fire hall still leaks.  Mike said the Fire Dept. is moving towards parking all rigs at the new Eagle Head Station, once it’s insulated and heated.  They removed the house this week, so it is now all the fire departments for the lease term.

Township Picnic Tables:  Paul asked if Zion Church In Markville can borrow the three green tables on Sat., August 23, for their free corn and bratfest.  Gary moved; Mike seconded.  Passed. Paul put a new bench on one that was broken, and has painted all three tables.

Primary Election  next Tuesday the DVFD training day.  The training will be changed to Monday to avoid a conflict. Paul, Patrice, and Jeff and Jeanne will judge.  Polls open at 10 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Pat Story Concerns:  Pat said he understands that Wilma has no zoning, but he is upset and disgusted with piles of scrap left in public view on River Cabin Road.  Pat said the pile is being scattered and is spreading.  He said there is also inappropriate dumping on county and township roads, such as a big screen TV dumped on the Forest Road at Graces’ Lake.  Mike said this is a DNR issue, and it is a crime to dump on public roads.  Jeff will give Pat the phone  number of the person on the County who handles hazardous wastes.  Paul contacted Edward Melzark who told him to call Robert Fischer at 320-216-4221, and they sent the Sentence to Serve guys out to pick up the TV and sofa on other county roads.  Paul will write to the DNR about the TV on the Forest Road.

Pat is also concerned with the level of housekeeping in our fire hall.  Some of the wiring is hazardous and backwards: reversed polarity.  The drain is plugged.  Paul said we can hose out the drain with the fire hose on Monday’s training, and Glen moved that Paul call Chuck Drilling to come out and repair our electricity, and have Chuck work with Mark and Pat and add a new outlet to the big bay for the door opener, and bring the electricity up to code.  Gary said the grader should be cleaned before it’s returned to the garage, to avoid plugging the drain.

Escrow Accounts:  Paul needs details and invoices showing what work was done on what roads and when, in order toe charge against escrow accounts.  Mark will put down in writing the different roads and amounts spent relating to damages.  Mike said there’s a grader parked on Vink Road, and he wants them to understand that they must not grade a township road.

DFD Grant:  Pat said he got a phone call from Senator Al Franken congratulating him on receiving the $46,000 award for fire equipment for the Duxbury VFD, for safety gear.  He told Pat that next time to call him to help with getting the grants.  Pat was disappointed that we lost the $189,000 grant for a new pumper tanker.  Mike said they don’t like fire departments to use political influence to get AEG grants.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND BILLS:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached).  Claims were presented:

Jeff GrandPre (stipend, mileage)                          $             72.60

ECE                                                                                    57.25

Mark Pallow (expenses)                                                     24.08

Pat Story (Stipend)                                                             25.00

Patrice (expenses; election)                                                 76.00

Jeanne GrandPre                                                                 51.00

Jeff GrandPre (elections)                                                              80.68

Hopkins Gravel                                                             3,466.00

Security Life Ins. (Dental)                                                 443.52

Gary Vink                                                                         151.91

Patrice                                                                               101.58

Mark Pallow                                                                     297.82

Mike McCullen                                                                 132.06

Glen Williamson                                                                 50.79

Total Claims                  $        5,030.29

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, to pay all the bills, and to transffer $5,000 from savings to checking.  Mike seconded.  Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk______________________




          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present, Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Pat Story.

Paul read the record of the June 4th meeting; Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

Schmedeke Lane Extension.  The deadline for Eldon to take the county up on their offer of the land, which will release the $10,000 to the township to build up the extension, is Tuesday. Aug. 5, before our next board meeting.  Otherwise the offer will be withdrawn and the County will retain the road as an easement to their land, with no further improvements.

Mayfield Road:  Summerlands put enough gravel down and covered the road erosion at the culvert so they could get in to haul gravel to Lou Forenetti’s.  Fornettis  want to know when the culvert will be replaced or fixed.  Randy Michel cleaned out the culvert.  Mark said that Hopkins will use all our gravel at Alden Shute’s pit and have the road fixed before Mark leaves for San Francisco on July 13, depending on the weather.

Wilma Township Land-sale Resolution:  The county is holding a hearing on Tues., July 15, at 10 a.m. on our resolution against any sales of public tax-forfeited lands in Wilma Township.  Committee of Mike McCullen, Pat Story, and Jeff GrandPre was appointed in June to draft a position paper for the officers to take to the meeting, explaining in greater detail than our resolution our reasons.  Mike said he had a long talk with Commissioner Matt Ludwig, and Matt seemed to believe it is a done deal.  Matt said they have been planning for 7 or 8 years to sell this land, and all the paperwork is done.  Pat said he spoke to state officials, and Cynthia Givens said the state gives the county the authority to sell tax-forfeited lands, but that Wilma should have been involved in these discussions back in 2007.  Matt said the county invested in all these easements and extending Schmedeke Lane for the purpose of selling the properties.  They say the only reasons for delaying the sales would be for health and safety or for access.  Pat said the town could file a court injunction.  Glen moved that Pat and Mike be authorized to draft a position paper to present to the County at the July 15th hearing, and that Mike and Gary represent the township at this hearing.  Mike seconded.  Passed.

Mike and Pat asked for copies of the June meeting record and of our resolution re: tax-forfeited land sales to prepare.

Starowotow Family Reunion:   Mike moved that the Starowtow family be allowed to use the Town Hall for their family reunion on October 11, 2014, from noon to 6.  They sent the deposit and rental fees.  Gary seconded.  Passed.

Carpeting for the Town Hall Stage:  Paul brought the carpeting taken from the Eagle Head DNR house to the stage, and we need a work day to cut it up and install it on the stage before Fall Fest or the Starowotow Reunion.

Mn. Assn. Of Townships Summer Short Course:  Glen, Gary and Paul attended.  Glen said they said, “If a town has not expended any public funds on a road for 25 years, it may be considered abandoned and the town can no longer spend money on the road unless it is authorized to do so by the voters at the annual town meeting.”  This somewhat contradicts what the township attorneys had told us about old town roads remaining public rights-of-way indefinitely, even if the town has not maintained the road for decades.  The Township Attorneys had told us that a public right-of-way is different from a road and does not make it a road, but no one can gate it off.  Gary said we still have issues with gating off Mayfield Road at the end of Crooked Lake Road.  The board questioned if the township can demand that a gate be removed entirely, and not just left unlocked.

Other interesting information:  The Treasurer can choose a bank of deposit and checks if the Supervisors do not designate one.  We no longer need four election judges for state and national elections when we use the Auromark; three are enough. A husband and wife cannot serve simultaneously, but can work different shifts.

Assessors Office Public Records Access:  The Assessor’s Office is offering Townships membership access to all assessment records, including aerial photos, for a one-time payment of $100 for five years.  The usual cost is $25 to join and $25 per month.  Pat said that almost all assessment records are accessible for free, and Gary said we can get aerial photos from the DNR, so why spend $100?  The board decided not to apply.

Annual District MAT Convention:  This is on Wednesday, Sept. 3, the same night as our scheduled board meeting.  Glen said we can change the board meeting date at the next meeting.  He wants as many county township officers as possible to attend the meeting, to vote for him as District 7 Director.  He said one other person is running.  He said he will resign his position as Pine Co. Twp. Officers Clerk/Treasurer if he is elected, and will recommend Paul at the October meeting, if he’s interested.

Mink Farm Road Damage:  Gary said the culvert on the road was torn up, and water is over the road.  He believes this is T&T Logging Damage.  The County took up the road and stop signs to allow access for their logging trucks, but Gary asked them about it and they replaced it this week.  The TV is still in the road and the sofa is still on Duncan Road.  Paul will write Melzark, the head of hazardous waste, about the garbage; we did notify the highway dept.

U.S. Census Survey:  Pat said he got the American Community Survey from the Census Dept.; he believes the town will get one, and can be fined if we don’t fill it out. The purpose is to get information so the govt. can make plans for us and allocate funds to the state, county, and townships.  We did get a Census survey several years ago on priorities in our township, etc.,  and we filled it out.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached) and bills were presented:

Gary Vink                                         $        271.97

Glen Williamson                                         198.78

MAT                                                           150.00

Patrice Winfield                                          123.75

Patrice (expenses)                                         10.00

Paul Raymond                                            256.73

Mark Pallow                                                 88.66

Mike McCullen                                             46.17

Paul (expenses)                                             15.88

Glen (mileage/expenses)                                72.80

ECE                                                              65.14

Total                     $     1,299.88

Gary moved to pay all the claims; to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $1,300 from savings into checking.  Mike seconded.  Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk




          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present, Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow,  County Commissioner Steve Chaffee, County Forester/Land Commissioner Greg Beck, and Pat Story and Jeff and Jean GrandPre.

OLD BUSINESS:  Wilma Land Sale Resolution:  Steve Chaffee said the County Board understands Wilma Township’s concerns, especially about preserving lands for future generations, but the county Board wants to move forward on selling the non-conservation lands in Wilma Township.  The Board does not intend to sell all the tax-forfeited land in Wilma Township, especially not right away.  They sympathize with our desire to preserve land for all the public, and not just for a private playground.  Steve said he personally does not want to sell all the public lands in Wilma Township.

Greg said the County does not necessarily want to override the township.  By law, they have to notify the affected townships, and the local govt. units have first priority to buy the lands, like Wilma is with our park.  The law was intended to allow towns to have input to deny sales but does not give them 100% veto power.  If the town votes to deny the sale, then there is a public hearing where people can give opinions and input on both sides.  The Commissioners have final say on whether to proceed with the sales.

Greg gave the history of tax-forfeited properties.  The County has 48-50,000 acres of county land. In the past, these were classified as Conservation lands, which the county kept public, and Non-conservation, which they would sell.  They have a third category, Memorial Forest, large tracts that they want to preserve and manage, but may eventually sell.  Out of 48,000 total acres currently, 33,000 acres are Memorial Forest, for timber sales and public use; 3,000 conservation lands, not for sale; and 12,000 Non-conservation, which they want to sell.  They determine Memorial lands by 5 criteria:  1. large acreage; 2. access; 3. public recreation; 4. timber potential; and 5. environmental uniqueness.  If 3 out of 5 apply, the land is Memorial forest, e.g., Crooked Lake land, which would be very high-value land if sold, but would deny the public access, so is Memorial.  Larger blocks in Sections 1 and 2 connect with New Dosey.  Greg said the old board, including Doug Carlson, didn’t want to sell County land, except for smaller 80′s and 40′s, but wanted the County to manage larger tracts.

Glen said that the County has already received money from timber sales. Gary said the access to the land in Sections 6 and 7 show access, but Doody has barricaded the road.  Beck said they told him he has to remove the barricades and can’t lock the gate.  Section 9, north of Glienke’s, is landlocked, and they would force access.

The County wants to sell the 240 acres in Section 11 to recoup the money spent on Schmedeke Lane extension.  The road was built better than a forest road for access to the timber, but also to make the land more attractive for sale.  In Section 18 Dollar Lake Road, 53 acres west of the road; end of Mayfield Road, 140 acres in two separate parcels. They purchased an easement from McHughs.  Section 7, north of Vink Road the  county already paid for access and will build a road if they sell it.  The County has expended $46,000 on these parcels, including the Schmedeke Lane Extension and the easements.

Glen said it sounds like no matter what the township wants, on July 15 the Board will overrule the township.  Glen said he can’t attend, so it’s up to Mike and Gary to appeal the Township’s interests.  Mike said for that $46,000 investment, the County did receive a lot of money for timber sales, and if the county sells all the tax-forfeited lands in Wilma, they will have no more land to manage.  Out of the 12 parcels in Wilma Township, the County wants to sell 8 of them, and they will only have 4 left, and then what, when there is no more land?  We are almost out of public lands, and public lands are more of an asset to the township.  Some of the lakes that used to be public access are now gated up.  Steve said he sympathizes because the same is true in his township; lakes they used to be able to fish are now locked.  Mike asked why they are so determined to sell the land, when they can get another timber harvest in 40-50 years if it is managed for the public?

Greg said he has opinions, but has to act as directed by the Commissioners, and if they tell him to designate lands for Memorial Forest, he will.  Greg said we need to compromise; he has a list of properties the County could revise.  Steve said the township needs to appear to appeal and explain their side, and the Commissioners need to hear how important public lands are to the people of Wilma Township.  Mike said he and Gary will be there.  Pat said they are speaking for him as well.  Mike said if we compromise and one parcel is sold every year, before long there will be no public land left.  Greg said our resolution sounds like Wilma does not want to have any tax-forfeited land sales ever.  He can understand that in larger parcels, but the County sometimes gets small acre lots.  Mike said the board doesn’t have a problem with that.

Township Park:  Glen asked what is the status of our Park; is the county going to give it to the township?  Greg said that because it has public waters, the state legislature has to approve the sale, and the county will convey it to Wilma under conditional use, like the south half of the Park (which the town gets free-and-clear in 2015).  No one knows for sure why the County or Wilma has no proof of the town owning the north 20 acres; they speculate that the process started and then stopped, although the county and everyone has always thought the whole 36.5 acres belonged to Wilma.  The town will have to pay a few hundred dollars for the sale.

Garbage in County Rights-of-Way:  Paul asked about the sofa and garbage dumped along the Duxbury Road by North Duncan Road, and the TV dumped at the end of the Mink Farm Road.  Steve asked if we had contacted Melzark; Paul said we notified the Co. Highway Dept.

McDermott Creek Dropoff:  Glen told Steve and Greg that we notified the Highway Dept. about the steep dropoff on McDermott Creek on the Markville Road, with no markers or barriers.  Greg said they would go check it out, and at least there would be some warning signs put up.

Schmedeke Lane Extension:  Glen asked what exactly is the County asking Eldon to purchase?  Greg said they are offering him 132 feet, but he will only be paying for 62 feet.  He will be buying 8 acres for the price of 4, so the County can retain access.  The deed will be for 8 acres.  If Eldon does not accept this, the county will not give us the road.  The deadline is first Tuesday in August; then the offer will be withdrawn.  If he doesn’t buy it, the county will sell the whole block but will retain the easement with the extension they built, 66′ of road.  They will sell it in 3 blocks.  If he accepts the agreement, Eldon will be getting 8 acres for the price of 4 and the other 4 will not be taxed.  He will have road frontage on a good township road, built up to County specs.

Conclusions:  Glen asked Paul to write a letter to Chaffee about McDermott Creek.  Glen moved that a committee of Mike, Pat, and Jeff draft a position paper on why Wilma Township does not want the County to sell any public lands in Wilma Township before the July 15 hearing, up to two hours at the $15/hour rate.  Paul said our resolution already spells out very clearly our reasons for denying the sales, and he read the relevant portions.  Mike said maybe they can elaborate a little for the Commissioners to understand our position, and he seconded the motion. The committee will present their report at the July 2nd Board meeting, so it can be forwarded to the Commissioners before the July 15 hearing.

May Meeting Record:  Paul read the record of the May meeting. Glen made one correction:  the storm shelter cost $4,600, not $6,000, and with this correction, he moved to approve the report.  Mike seconded.  Patrice asked if Paul will send the report of Ben Glocke as a new hire, and if we have to report all our hires retroactively.  Paul said he will find out and take care of it.

Gravel:  Gary moved that Mark use the township gravel at Alden’s pit and have Hopkins haul it.  Mike seconded.

Summer Short Course:  June 26; Patrice got the form and will send it in for Glen, Gary, Paul and herself. Glen will drive if his truck is fixed.

2015 Assessments:  Mike moved to appoint Bob Brewster as our township assessor for 2015.

Duxbury Store 3.2 Beer license:  Glen moved to approve and sign the application for the Duxbury Store; Mike seconded.  Gary abstained.

Treasurer’s report and Claims:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached).  Bills were presented:

Pine Co. Assessor (Special Assessments)             $        367.00

Paul (internet)                                                                  10.00

Mark (expenses)                                                              18.48

Glen (road inspection mileage)                                                  40.88

Patrice (expenses)                                                            19.80

ECE                                                                                 47.43

Mark                                                                                48.48

Gary                                                                              337.54

Antoinette Williamson                                                     13.85

Glen                                                                               192.78

Patrice                                                                              90.50

Federated Propane

Paul                                                                               253.04

Mike                                                                              170.85

Pat Story                                                                       120.00

Total Claims                            $     1,916.59

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to pay all the claims and to transfer $1,900 from savings into checking.  Mike seconded.  Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk


Glen Williamson, Chair



Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Pat Story and Ben Glocke.
Paul read the record of the April meeting. Gary made one correction; he abstained in the vote on donations to the three public service organizations, not Mike. With that correction, he moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Schmedeke Lane Extension: Eldon was not at the meeting, so we do not know if or when he will be settling with the county for the land adjoining Schmedeke Lane. Glen asked Paul to write Eldon and tell him the County is waiting for a response from him before they will release the $10,000 to upgrade the Schmedeke Lane extension. Mark said there are land for sale signs at the road.

Wilma Resolution on Land Sales: All Commissioners received our response to the Auditor’s request to rescind our resolution, plus copies of the original resolution. Commissioner Steve Chaffee and Greg Beck will be attending our June board meeting.

Spring Short Course Report: Glen and Paul attended, and said it was one of the best short courses. The legislative update addressed bills and pending legislation affecting townships and MAT: Broadband for rural areas reduced from $100 million to $25 million; Fire fighter credit on state taxes, $500 per firefighter. Using websites for notices, bypassing newspapers.
Clerks/Treasurers: Need to register new hires, like Ben Glocke. @ MN New Hire. Applies to contractors also.
Insurance info for board members: discounts on home and auto, and big discounts on Rx’s: free to sign up: Met Life ( MBA members can get auto and home discounts. Also vision insurance. July township aid: will get two checks in July. Record in Local Govt. Aid.Temporary account, #33401. In Oct. we’ll get our market value credit, PILT. We can keep the old CTAS when the new one comes out and install the new version. Road operators need calendars to keep track of roads and hours and what maintenance done. Meetings can be closed for personnel issues and contracts/bids, (and lawsuits if attorney present). Can close to discuss allegations of a person subject to board authority. Clerks are not subject to the Board, only to the voters. Closed meetings must be recorded. Law or statute authorizing closed meetings must be cited. Closed meetings always start as posted open meetings. They brought back reports and Power Points for the other Supervisors and Treasurer.

NEW BUSINESS: Spring Road Inspection: The Board set Wednesday, May 21, for the road inspection, starting at the store at 10 a.m. Mark said that Mayfield Road is washed out pretty badly and needs some immediate gravel and repair. Gary agreed. Glen moved to authorize Mark to order whatever gravel needed from Hopkins, or whatever they are allowed to haul with the current road restrictions. Mike seconded.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department Pancake Breakfast: Will be Sunday, May 25. Gary moved that they be allowed to use the Wilma Town Hall; Glen seconded.

Summer Short Course Registration: Deadline June 11 to pre-register for the Carlton short course on June 26. We aren’t sure who will be attending, so we can register at the June board meeting. $50 per officer if pre-registered.

Filing Notice for State and County Offices: The filing period is May 20 to June 3, 2014, for judges, sheriff, and other state and county offices.

Damage at Two Creeks: While Mark was plowing Two Creeks Campground in February he had to avoid a dumpster and accidentally damaged one of the underground storm shelters. The shelter cannot be repaired, and Glen requested the board to submit a claim to our insurance company for replacement, $4600. Gary said our policy as posted is “Wilma Township is not liable for inadvertent damages while plowing private drives.” Mike said he is concerned that the MAT insurance will tell us we can’t plow private drives any more. Glen said the law is clear that this is permitted, although private driveway grading is not allowed. The board directed Paul to send the claim to the MAT attorneys along with our policy notice, and find out if we can still make an insurance claim. Glen said he does not have property damage insurance for that part of the campground, so can’t file a personal claim. Mike said the board can inspect the damage at the Road Inspection meeting on May 21.

Legal Seminar: Couri/Ruppe Attorneys are holding a free legal seminar for township officers in Rutledge on September 27, from 9 to 4 p.m. We can car-pool. They cover road and liability and all township issues, and give free legal advice.

MAT District Meeting: Will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 3, at Anoka Ramsey College, Cambridge. Register 7 p.m., election 8 p.m. District Director Don Sherper is retiring and has asked Glen to replace him. Glen asked the board to send him and someone to nominate him. There is no tuition. Glen needs to file from June 5 to July 5 for Director. If he is elected, Glen will then be paid by MAT for all meetings and mileage, e.g. County Twp. Officers, Short Courses, District Meetings, State Conventions, which will save the township a lot of money.

Damage on Lost River Road: Pat Storey said that the driveway that blocked Lost River Road flooded, and he fixed it himself. He asked if the township had addressed this issue. Last fall, Pat Storey said someone had filled in the ditch at the cul-de-sac on Lost River Road to create a driveway, and the board said they would try to find out who was responsible. Paul wrote to Leighton Quinn, the project developer who implicated property owner Tom Foster and said: “I talked to Pat Story yesterday when I was up mowing and he did not mention it. Not sure Tom Foster will respond and/or correct the dip if it really is a problem. Personally I have never seen it cause a problem, but I am not up there all the time.” The September 11, 2013 meeting record notes: “Someone filled in the drainage ditch to create a parcel access driveway without putting in a culvert to drain the water, on the west side of Lost River Road just before the cul-de-sac, which created a flooding situation over the road. Mark will inspect this Friday when he checks on the tree locate, and then Paul can contact Mr. Quinn to see if he is aware of this and asking him to have it corrected. We will charge the offender for the gravel and grading needed to repair the road, and if the offender doesn’t put in a culvert, we will at their expense.” Since Pat already repaired the damage, the board did not take action, but they will inspect this more closely at the May 21 road inspection.
Pat had another issue with snowplowing in the recent heavy snowfalls. He said Lost River Road was not plowed out on April 4 or on April 15. Mark checked his records and said he did plow on April 4. But on April 15, the tire fell off the grader, and he was not able to get to Lost River Road, so Pat plowed it himself. He said he did call Mike McCullen, who had assured him the Lost River Road would be plowed. Mike was not aware of the grader issue. Pat asked to be reimbursed for his time, $120. Glen moved to approve; Mike seconded. Mike said this is an extraordinary situation and will not set a precedent; the township cannot allow private parties to plow or grade or do any work on township roads, because we have had so much damage done by well-meaning private citizens. Pat was given Mark’s number, and was told to call the Chairman and Mark if something like this happens again. Pat said he watched the people who lived at the end of River Cabin Road grade the cul-de-sac there and ruin it. The board will inspect this at the road inspection.
Pat said as far as the house at the DNR Eagle Head Station, it looks like MN DOT is going to tear it down; they’ve already started removing lights and fixtures. Tim Faust has not had any influence on their decisions. MN DOT has also said they reserve the right to park their vehicles in the pole barn if necessary; Pat told them that we can’t put our trucks outside whenever they want to use the property.

Langstrom Road Right-of-way: Dennis Schmedeke talked with Duane Glienke about cutting the trees in the right-of-way on Langstrom Road. Dennis wants to be paid for the timber. In 2010 Wilma told Arna Township that we only claim ¼ mile of Langstrom Lane, and we are not responsible for tree removal after that. The L & E Ericson Family Ltd. Partnership told us that they would take care of the trees on the east side of the road sometime in 2011. Gary said if Duane wants to cut the trees and pay Dennis, that’s between them.

Treasurer’s report and bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached) and claims were presented:

Glen Williamson $ 259.04
Patrice Winfield 90.50
Mike McCullen 92.35
Mark Pallow 265.96
Paul Raymond 341.69
Gary Vink 139.45
Seven Co. Senior Federation 100.00
Patrice (expenses) 10.00
MATAT Insurance 1,606.00
OSAC 100.00
Pine Co. Historical Society 100.00
Security Life (Dental) 443.52
ECE 53.87
The Evergreen 22.50
Pine Co. Courier 16.02
Federated Propane 10.68
Gen (expenses) 71.68
Aspire Inc. (website) 300.00
Paul (expenses) 15.93
MAT Short Course tuition 100.00
RDO Equipment 139.81

Total Bills $ 4,279.00

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to pay all the claims, and to transfer $4,300 from savings into checking. Mike seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

attest: Glen Williamson, Chair