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Chairman Glen Williamson called the Board of Reorganization meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Jeff and Jean Grand Pre. Glen swore in Supervisor Gary Vink and Clerk Paul Raymond for a three and two year term.

Mike nominated Glen to serve as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors for 2014/5; Gary seconded; passed. Mike moved that the Board approve the wages and salaries that were voted in at the Annual Meeting March 11: One change from 2013, Mike moved that Supervisors be paid a fixed rate for meetings, instead of the hourly rate: $55/meeting for the Chairman, $50 for Supervisors, up to a three-hour meeting, not to include road inspections. Overtime at the current hourly rate of $22.50 and $18. Gary seconded. Passed. Glen moved an amendment to the motion, that if a Supervisor should leave the meeting early, that he be paid the hourly rate for the time attended. Mike seconded. Passed. Glen and Mike said that last year the Board voted that since the Supervisors are required to attend the Board of Canvass at the Annual Meeting, and because they should be at the meeting to answer questions from the public, that they should be paid the hourly rate for attending the meeting. There was a discussion about this, and Paul found the record where this was voted. Glen moved that the new meeting rate for Supervisors apply also to the annual meetings; Mike seconded; passed. Should a Supervisor be elected Moderator, the Moderator pay will apply instead.

Mike moved that these other salaries and wages remain the same for 2014: Clerk, Treasurer, Grader Operator, major mechanic and assistant, general labor, Annual Meeting Moderator; Gary seconded. Passed. One exception, Mike moved that, as approved by the voters, election judges be paid $12/hour, up from $10. Glen seconded; passed. One other change the voters had approved: Mike moved that half-day out of town meetings be raised from $50/half day to $75; and from $100 for full-day meetings to $150. Gary seconded.

Donations to area groups: Voters approved $100 donations to three county organizations: Seven County Senior Federation, the Pine County Historical Society, and the Old School Arts Center. Gary moved that the board approve these payments; Glen seconded. Mike abstained.

Bank, Notices, etc: Mike moved that we retain Northview Bank as our bank of deposit; Pine County Courier and the Evergreen for our published notices, and the Town Hall and Duxbury Store as our posting places for notices.

Glen moved that the Board of Reorganization be adjourned; Mike seconded. Glen called the regular Board Meeting to order with Paul reading the record of the March meeting. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: County Land Sale: At the March meeting, the Board passed a resolution not to authorize any county or state land sales in Wilma Township, in order to preserve public access lands for future generations, and to avoid legal hassles from sales of no-access properties. County Auditor Cathy Clemmer wrote to and met with Glen and Paul at the County Officers Meeting and she objected to this resolution and asked that the board reconsider. She says there are already over 11,000 acres of state forest and tax forfeited lands in Wilma Township, with 2,300 acres forfeited this year. We had told her that there were two exceptions to the resolution: the twenty acres of our park land that we request a conveyance to the Township and people of Wilma, and the strip of land east of the new Schmedeke Lane Extension that the county is requiring Eldon Schmedeke to purchase for the road to be improved. She told Paul and Glen that the Board of Commissioners can overrule the township board and can approve the sales without our permission. Cathy said 1,288 acres are part of the Memorial Forest and will never be sold; 400 acres of the proposed sale are Conservation Lands, with mid-term management for timber and land sales, which the county will have logged off before it is sold; and 673 acres are non-conservation, which are labeled short-term, to be sold after being logged off within 8 years. Mike said his vote for the resolution stands. He does not want any more public lands to be sold in our township. Mike moved that the board re-affirm the resolution, and that Paul send copies to all the 5 County Commissioners, and notify the auditor. Glen seconded. Passed.

Township Septic Ordinance: We have drafted a revised Sewer and Septic Ordinance for Wilma Township, which basically duplicates the County ordinance which went into effect yesterday. We do not have to have a Shoreland Management Ordinance; we can go under the County’s. The board has a year from yesterday to adopt and implement the ordinance, and Glen said we will table the vote for now to give the Board and any Citizens time to study it. Glen said he will have a link to the new ordinance posted on the township website. Paul will send a copy of our new ordinance to Gail Kespohl, our septic inspector, so she will not have to write one for us. Paul has sent it to Cheryl Wickham and Fran Levings, so that Arna and New Dosey can adapt it for their townships.

Schmedeke Lane: Glen tabled the discussion on the Schmedeke Lane Extension build-up and development until Eldon can attend a meeting. Mike said he had a meeting with Eldon. The board will not release the $10,000 to the township for class-5 gravel to top to the road and to fix the culvert and ditches until the land sale is completed.

Town Hall Repairs: Mike said we can’t determine how bad the back door frame is until the frost goes out and the building settles. Issue tabled.

County Township Officers’ Meeting: Paul and Glen reported on the County Township Officers’ meeting last Saturday in Hinckley. Kelly Schroeder gave a report on the new septic ordinance and charts of land schedule for taxes payable in 2015. Cathy Clemmer gave out worksheets to determine tax impact with levy increase/decreases per property, and the 2014 certified net tax capacity values. Glen and Dave Baker were re-elected to the Executive Committee. Brett Grundemeier gave the DNR Report. The winter has been very hard on deer, and the DNR is working with the Deer Hunters Association to provide free deer feed for volunteers. They are not taking new volunteers now. Many lakes have died due to the hard winter, and the Walleye limits have been drastically reduced, which will cause the Tribes to declare more lakes as netting/spearing lakes, including Razor Lake in Pine County. Sheriff Candidate Brett Westbrook spoke about his qualifications and plans for the sheriff’s dept.

Eagle Head Station, Duxbury VFD: The MN DOT officials will meet with Mike and Pat Story at the new Eagle Head Fire Dept. Station on Thursday morning to discuss what the fire department wishes to do with the DNR House and to see what our plans are for the other buildings. Rep. Tim Faust says he is going to get the house for the Duxbury VFD if they want it, and Mike said the house could be used by the township for some training or other activities. He will represent both the Fire Dept. and the interests of the Township in acquiring the use of the house. Pat is going to try to get them to replace the well and septic that they filled in and bulldozed.

Mileage: Paul suggested that when officers could car-pool to meetings, but choose to drive separately, that they should be paid only for one-way. Glen said he doesn’t feel right about that suggestion, and Mike said there are sometimes good reasons why people need to drive separately. Also, for the short courses we always carpool. Issue tabled.

NEW BUSINESS: Town Cemetery: Glen gave a report on the Green Burial Seminar that was held at the New Dosey Town Hall last Friday. Cloverton gets funds from the state to bury paupers in their cemetery, plus get income from the payments citizens make for plots and upkeep. He said we could put a cemetery in our Park. Mike said this is an old idea, and has been discussed before. The Board suggested a Cemetery Committee with Jean and Jeff Grand Pre, Paul Raymond, and Patrice Winfield to research the requirements and feasibility of building a township cemetery. Gary said having a township cemetery could open up a can of worms with regulations and rules and cause problems for the township, and he opposes it. Patrice said we should at least do the research on the liabilities and regulations and what would be involved. Glen moved that a volunteer committee be appointed with Jeff and Jean Grand Pre, Patrice and Paul to research the regulations and costs and liabilities. Mike seconded. Passed. They will report to the Board in 90 days, at the August board meeting.

Board of Equalization and Review: Will be Wednesday, April 23, at 1 p.m. at the Town Hall.

Spring Short Course: Will be this Friday in Carlton. Glen will drive his 4-wheel drive truck as a lot of snow is predicted. So far, Toni, Paul and Patrice are going.

Election Judge Training: Thurs. June 19, Clerk/Head Judge Training, Sandstone Sr. Center, 9 a.m. to noon. Wed. Aug. 6, Regular judges, Askov Community Ctr., 1-3 p.m., or Thurs., Aug. 7, Hinckley Community Ctr., 9-11 a.m. or Pine Co. Courthouse, 1-3 p.m. All judges must have training. Glen appointed Jeff and Jean GrandPre to join the judge pool and to get training. We need four judges for our Fall elections.

Coure-Ruppe Free Legal Seminar: Covers township issues, roads, fire contracts, ordinances, and free legal advice. Albertville June 26 or Sept. 6, or Cotton, Oct. 4. All seminars 9 – 4 p.m. Paul said he would like to attend this year. We didn’t go last year.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND BILLS: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Claims were presented:

Pine Co. Courier $ 17.90
ECE 63.37
Little Falls Machine 156.11
Bruno Deep Rock 1,123.84
Patrice (expenses) 128.20
Gary (expenses) 60.00
Antoinette Williamson (judge) 51.00
Glen (expenses) 33.60
Paul (expenses) 52.80
Barb Smith (judge) 45.00
US Treasury Withholding 497.40
Mike McCullen 71.11
Mark Pallow 265.96
Patrice Winfield 258.58
Glen Williamson 148.45
Antoinette Williamson 69.26
Gary Vink 111.28
Paul Raymond 366.63

Total all Bills $ 3,407.69

Gary moved top pay all the bills, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $3,400 from savings into checking. Mike seconded; passed. Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded; meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Clerk Paul Raymond administered the oath of office to newly reelected Supervisor Glen and Treasurer Patrice Winfield.  Gary Vink nominated Glen to serve as Chairman of the Board for 2013; Mike seconded.  Passed.    Supervisor Mike McCullen moved that the board approve the budget that the voters approved at the March 12 Annual Town Meeting.  The change for 2014 was an increase in the building fund from $1,200 to $5,000, and for 2013, an increase in the treasurer’s meeting pay from $70 to $80.  Supervisor Gary Vink seconded.  Passed.  Mike moved that we retain the same bank and posting as last year, Northview Bank, The Pine County Courier and The Evergreen, and posted notices at the town hall and the Duxbury Store, and that next year’s annual election and Town Meeting be the second Tuesday of March, 2014.  Gary seconded.  All passed.

Also present at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting were:  Eldon and Marg Schmedeke, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Joe Vink.  Paul read the record of the March meeting.  Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Seven County Senior Federation contract.  They had asked the town to contract with them for $100 for their work on senior issues.  Mike moved that the board approve what the voters had approved at the annual meeting and Glen signed the contract.

Old School Arts Center:    Gary said he has had complaints since the annual meeting about the vote to donate $100 to the Old School Arts Center in Sandstone.  One complaint is that more and more organizations are asking for township support, and where will it end?  Mike said that people who don’t come to the annual meeting shouldn’t complain about the votes of those who do, but he also questions the need to support the OSAC.  Gary said he heard that the Lourey’s got a grant for $46,000 and he moved that the board not approve the donation.  Mike seconded.  Passed.

Pine County Historical Museum:  Last year the voters and the board voted to send $1 per resident, and the voters did the same at this year’s annual meeting.  Patrice said we never sent the donation last year.  Mike moved that we do send $1 per resident for this year, or $67.  Glen seconded.  Passed; Gary voting no.

Pine County Township Officers Meeting:  Glen was the only officer from Wilma to attend.  He gave a report on the commissioners’ and county officers’ reports.  He said that Sheriff Cole said that the EagleHeadTower will definitely be put up this spring as soon as it warms up, and the state will pay for it.  Telephone companies will likely be allowed to use it for cell phone relays.  Cole said he is short three deputies, and has 23 out of 26 posts.  People feel the north county is being neglected in coverage.  The new Assessor Kelly Schroeder spoke on the Green Acres Program.  Lenny Bonander spoke about the light rail express train from the cities to Duluth.  He believes the project is still on track and will happen.

North Pine Area Hospital District:   Glen said Curt Nelson said that CloverTownship wants to get out of their membership on the board, but they can’t resign.  The district board taxes $215,000, or $7.50 per person for towns that are members of the board.  Essentia signed the new contract with the Board and will not attempt to take over the district and hospital.  They will go ahead with plans to build a new hospital west of Sandstone, behind Gateway Clinic.  Discussion on what to do with the old hospital/nursing home.

DNR and Other Officials:  There are 3 DNR officers in Pine County.  There were 9 wolves harvested last year.  The big concern is aquatic invasive species.  Tim Faust spoke on gun control and the legislature. There is talk of increasing the gas tax.  Glen said Don Sherper encouraged more participation in state township meetings.  Mike said we should research if the East Central Regional Development board may have grants for building a new town hall, and he moved that Paul research this.  Glen seconded.  Passed.  DNR Fire Wardens Meeting:  Glen said that after last month’s meeting, he got a notice about a meeting on March 26 with the DNR for area people on burning dangers and permits and fire warden activities.  There was no opportunity to get authorization to represent the township, but he went anyway because it is an important issue with the blowdown fire danger.  They said the 2011 blowdown affected 186,000 acres with $12-$14 million in stumpage loss in our area.  Forty roads were damaged and thousands of acres need to be replanted.  They are issuing burning permits by zone.  The DNR bought a new dozer and chopper for our service area.  Last year 239 fires affected 69,000 acres.  Any fire wider than 3’ diameter with a 5’ clearance zone must have a permit.  These can be obtained online or from Duxbury Fire Warden Joe Vink at the store.  Glen said he did not add this meeting to his claim, but he asked the board to approve retroactively that he represent the township at this meeting.  Mike said there was no information given that he and Gary don’t already know, and moved that the board pay for Glen’s mileage, but not for a half-day meeting.  He said they did provide a meal as part of the evening.  Gary seconded.  Glen abstained. Passed.  Glen said the DNR is having  a meeting on the snowmobile trail system in the county on May 25 at the AskovCommunity Center.

Wilma Township Weight Limit Ordinance:   The Board reviewed the revised Ordinance Establishing a 7-Ton Axle Weight Limit on Wilma Township Roads Without a Permit.  Mike moved to approve the revisions and to publish and record the ordinance.  Gary seconded.  Passed.  Mike asked that the signs be ordered and that they read:







          Schmedeke Lane Committee:  Glen asked Eldon if he had made progress on drawing up clear requirements and minimum standards and specs for the Schmedeke Lane extension for us to present to the county before Wilma will agree to take over the road.  Eldon asked that no one talk with the commissioners until the committee gives their report.  He said he missed the annual meeting but he is very glad the voters approved going ahead with researching a new town hall.  He said he still feels the town park land is the best location, and the only reason the board is considering building it on the existing site or near the existing hall is because of the Duxbury Store.  Eldon said security could be guaranteed at the park site, and the southwest corner is high ground.  If Duane Glienke had built a logging road there when he logged the poplar, we would have a cleared site now.  He said that the town hall site does not have enough parking area.

New Town Hall:  Glen spoke with Ron Proffit at the East Pine Co. Wanderers’ meeting, and he is asking what has been decided.  Mike said he is very unhappy with the job on the fire hall; he said shovelable snow came in through the cracks on the repaired wall and he thinks it was a terrible job.

Glen said when the board does the spring road inspection, that they should check the park land for a feasible building site, and that the board should also inspect the fire hall repairs to see if the contractor needs to do more.  Joe asked if there has been a decision on the square feet for the new hall.  So far only with the proposal and blueprints that Rod Wilson gave before the annual meeting for a 42’x56’ (2352 square feet) building.  Mike said that for 30 years we have talked about the small field between the hall and the store.  Mike Glienke had said he would give the town that land, but it never happened.  Mike asked that we research whether we can trade a portion of our town park land that is next to Duane Glienke’s farm for the area between the fire/town halls and the Duxbury Store.  He said the county recorder should have a record or deed for the land that may have any restrictions on what the township can do with the land.  We got it donated from the county.  They should also have a record of the east boundary of the town hall land.  Mike moved to have the clerk write to the recorder and auditor to determine our township land boundaries and our rights regarding the 36.5 acre park. Glen seconded. Passed.  Joe said that any new hall should have a slab with in-floor heating.

NEW BUSINESS:  Township Dental Insurance:  Premiums have gone up, starting in the May quarter.  $53.31 for single officers, $159.93 for Glen and Toni, due at the next meeting.

Grader repair:  Mark said the grader needs a new cylinder, and the cost to transport and repair the grader will be $1,440 round trip to Park Rapids, plus $7,000-$10,000 for the repairs.  Mike said we have to have the grader fixed for the roads and he moved that Mark be authorized to have the grader transported to Park Rapids and to do repairs up to $15,000.  Mark will have them check the fuel lines and the engine missing.  Anything over $15,000 will require a special meeting.  Gary seconded.  Passed.

Spring Road Inspection:  Still too early to set a date for when the roads will be dry enough to do an inspection.

Fire Hall Doors:  The doors are in bad shape and will need to be replaced.  No action taken.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the treasurer’s report (attached), and claims were presented:

Patrice Winfield (expenses)               $        13.33

The Evergreen                                            15.75

Pine Co. Courier                                         18.80

U.S. Treasury                                            454.20

ECE                                                            76.75

Aspire (website)                                         300.00

Paul Raymond (election/expenses)             58.91

Gary Vink (election)                                   45.00

Glen Williamson (mileage)                          55.37

Pine Co. Historical Museum                       67.00

7 County Senior Federation                       100.00

Barb Smith (election)                                   35.00

Ace Hardware                                             17.08

Gary Vink (election training)                      20.00

Frank Rehberger                                         41.56

Glen Williamson                                        150.30

Mike McCullen                                           78.96

Paul Raymond                                           234.57

Gary Vink                                                  241.96

Mark Pallow                                              457.13

Patrice Winfield                                         156.07

Total Bills            $    2,665.44

Mike moved to approve the treasurer’s report, to approve and pay all the claims, and to transfer $2,700 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Mike moved to transfer $10,000 from the Road and Bridge Fund to the General Fund, as Patrice said the General Fund is $300 in the hole.  Gary seconded.  Passed.  Gary moved that the meeting be adjourned; Mike seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Board of Equalization and Review:  Paul reminded the board that the board of reorganization and review will be Wednesday, April 24, at 1 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



          The Board met at the Duxbury Store on Sunday, 3-25-2012 for the Board of Reorganization.  Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m.  Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen and Clerk Paul Raymond were present.

Paul swore Michael McCullen in as Supervisor for a three year term.  Paul had been sworn in by Clover Clerk Gigi Everett earlier.  Campaign certifications and filings were distributed.

Mike nominated Glen Williamson to serve as Chairman of the Board for 2012-2013. Garyseconded.  Glen elected.

The deadline for filing a resolution for the recertification of the precinct boundaries for Wilma Township as a result of the 2010 Census is before our April monthly meeting, so Glen made a motion that we adopt a resolution certifying that our precinct boundaries and polling place has not changed, and that this resolution should be reported to the County Auditor.

Garyseconded.  All board members signed the resolution.

Application forms for officer dental insurance coverage were distributed.  Paul said he may have mis-recorded the motion at the annual meeting.  Patrice said she thought they had voted to pay half.  Regardless, this decision is a board decision.  Paul will try to record future meetings. MAT had said that all officers and employees are eligible, even if their hours are variable. Glen moved that township coverage be limited to officers. Garyasked that his be tabled until the April Board Meeting.  Issue tabled.

Garymoved to adjourn the meeting.  Mike seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



The Board of Reorganization was called to order by the Deputy Clerk, Toni Williamson with the pledge of allegiance at 7:30pm. Toni then swore in the elected officials, Gary Vink as Supervisor and Patrice Winfield as Treasurer.

The clerk asked for nominations for Chairperson for the Board of Supervisors and after nomination and seconding, with no discussions, Glen Williamson was unanimously voted as Chairperson.

The Board voted to approve the Budget as set at the Annual Meeting on March 2, 2011.


The Reorganization meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm Chair Glen Williamson called the Board of Supervisors meeting to order.

Road Report by Gary Vink

Heller Road – March 25, 2011 snowplowing 15 minutes. Bill to New Dosey of $37.50

Water – Vink, Heller, Langstrom, Eagle Head and Mink roads. No action taken. Langstrom has a frozen culvert and he isn’t sure if it is a county matter or not.

Glen reported on the Pine County Township Officers Association meeting held on March 26, 2011. He was also re-elected as the Secretary/Treasurer. Bea Drilling received a plaque in appreciation for her husband Joe Drilling who passed away last year for his 32 years of service. Don Sherper spoke encouraging everyone to come to the district meetings. The Pine County Board of Commissioners will begin to have meetings later in the day for better participation. There was a question from mike asking if Essential Health was there. Glen responded no, but they will try to get them at a future meeting. Patrice gave an overview on budget issues, overtime, checking flooding, and hiring a vendor to upgrade road signs.

Glen, Patrice and Toni attended the Minnesota Association of Townships Spring Meeting on April 1, 2011 at Black Bear Casino. Glen asked if it is possible for more than one supervisor to attend these meetings to ensure all are well informed.

· Glen gave information on the upcoming required retro reflectivity unfunded mandate. He gave a sample of what we should model. We need to go out and check our signs. The must look the same with poles at standard sizes that look the same day or night. There was discussion and it was suggested that we call a special meeting. Mike asked if we have any escrow and Patrice replied no. It is to be discussed at the May meeting.

· There was conversation regarding the Fire Department and the relationship with the County and Township. The question was asked by Glen if it is independent, nonprofit joint powers. Mike said that it is and independent-nonprofit. Glen suggested we should get Joint Powers with Arna and New Dosey. There was an objection from Gary that this it is a fire department issue and should be taken up at the Fire Department meeting. Glen responded that if the Township is spending $4,500 we should know where it is going and who we are dealing with as we have no representative.

· Discussion then went to resolutions. Gary said we need to be sure to make them and they should be separate and not have to go through minutes. This was tabled until our Clerk Paul returns, which should be in time for the June meeting.

· Patrice mentioned that E&O (Errors and Omissions) will no longer be covered as a standalone policy. Toni will check the insurance policy to see if our E&O is a standalone or included in our main policy. Patrice went on to say that if it is not included through them that Country Financial says we can get E&O insurance through them.

· At the MAT meeting, they asked all townships to show good representation and/or support for the National convention.

Patrice brought up that the group life insurance is due. She asked if Toni (Deputy Clerk) should be included. There was discussion, a motion by Gary and second by Mike to add Toni to the insurance. Glen abstained from voting.

Toni mentioned that the ramp handrails need to be reinforced as they sag when you lean on them and if they break, someone could get injured. The Supervisors went outside to inspect the ramp handrails and upon return, Glen motion to get braces for handrails and to finish the handicap access necessities. It was seconded by Mike and motion was passed.

Glen mentioned that there had been a complaint about snowplow damaging property. He suggested that we should get an actual plow and not use the grader. He then posed the question if we want to consider getting out of the plow business. Mike said we need to think about what kind of truck. Patrice suggested a small truck for driveways and one for regular roads. Glen asked all to consider if this is something we should do. Mike will look into it.

Glen mentioned that Steve Alden on Fust Lane had called him with garbage questions and he was told him to call Mike McCullen, our representative on the garbage board.  Gary Vink informed the board that he’s now the representative on the garbage board and any questions about garbage should be directed to him.

Patrice copied and gave the minutes for the year 2011 to Eldon Schmedeke. Total cost with postage, ink, paper and time came to $47.56. Clerk will send bill.


Patrice Winfield $281.16 Miscellaneous Duties and Meetings

Glen Williamson Sr. $217.71 Miscellaneous Meetings and Duties

Toni Williamson $360.42 Meetings, Miscellaneous Duties and Bookwork

Frank Rehberger $ 50.95 Snow Plowing

Gary Vink $155.20 Meetings and Road Maintenance

Mark Pallow $161.34 Snow Plowing

Mike McCullen $ 25.48 Meeting

ECE $ 48.02 Electric

Pine City Courier $ 20.68 Notices

Federated $123.69 Heating Oil

Evergreen $ 35.00 Notices

Bruno Deep Rock $374.06 Batteries for Grader

Patrice Winfield $96.05 Office Supplies

Glen Williamson $145.00 Mileage and Short Courses

MN Benefit Association $197.00 Group Life

Aspire, Inc. $200.00 Web Site

Gary Vink $ 34.50 Plow/Road maintenance

Toni Williamson $ 80.00 Election and Sprint MAT Meeting

US Treasury $460.00 Medicare

TOTAL $3,070.00

Motioned by Mike and seconded by Gary to transfer necessary funds to pay bills.

Motioned by Mike to adjourn and seconded by Gary. Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

Toni Williamson
Deputy Clerk, Wilma Township


Board of Reorganization, April 6 and Board of Appeal, April 13

The Wilma Township Board of Reorganization will be held on Wednesday, April 6th 2010 at 7:30pm at the Wilma Town Hall next to the Duxbury Store. It will be immediately followed by the monthly Board of Supervisors meeting.

Unless posted, all future monthly Board of Supervisors meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Wilma Town Hall next to the Duxbury Store. In case of inclement weather, all meetings will be scheduled for the next week at the same time.

The Board of Appeal and Equalization for Wilma Township shall meet on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 10:00am at the Wilma Town Hall.

Any questions please call Toni Williamson at 320-245-5194 or email