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          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order with the Pledge at 12 noon at the Duxbury Store.  Also present were Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink and Clerk Paul Raymond.

Gary was sworn in as re-elected Supervisor, and signed the oath of office, the campaign financial report certification of filing, and was given his certificate of Election.  Patrice was sworn in at home after the meeting.  The Board signed the roster of officials for the MAT.

Mike nominated Glen to serve as Chairman; Gary seconded.  Passed.  Mike moved that Gary be assistant Chair; Glen seconded; passed.

Glen moved that the wages and salaries for 2017 as voted and approved by the townspeople at the March 14th Annual Town Meeting be adopted. The approved salary changes were:  Chairman $105/meeting (over three hours, $22.50/hour);  Supervisors,  $100/meeting (over three hours additional $18.00/hour);  Clerk and Treasurer $100/meeting. Special reports and paperwork  $16/hour.  Election judges $16/hour (including head judge).  Grader Operator $25/hour for grading and plowing; $20 hour for inspections and reports;  Assistant Grader Operator, $20; General labor $16/hour; Major mechanical work, $30/hour; Mechanic Assistant, $16/hour; Annual Meeting Moderator, $75/meeting; Out of town meetings, $150/full day; $75/half day. Mileage at Federal rate, now $53.5/mile.  Mike seconded; passed.

Mike moved that we keep our private drive snowplowing rates for the 2017-2018 season the same as last year:  $75; Drives over 700′, $100;  1,000′ to ½ mile: $175/season; over ½ mile, $350.  Glen seconded; passed.

Gary moved that we post meeting notices in the Pine County Courier, The Evergreen, the website and at the Town Hall.  Mike seconded; passed. Paul said if Gary put a bulletin board outside of the store he would post there.

Mike moved that we retain Northview Bank in Sandstone as our bank of deposit; Gary seconded; passed.   Mike moved that we continue our monthly meeting schedule as the first Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m.  Gary seconded.

Mike said he has been contacted by two people who question why Gary does road inspections and tree-cutting or removing trees across the road, or monitors logging activity to make sure we get an escrow payment if Alden is the Road Manager. Gary said he does much less of this now that Alden is Road Manager.  Glen said Gary does a good service for the town, especially with loggers. Mike suggested that Gary keep this in mind, and be sure Alden is aware of any work he does regarding roads so they’re on the same page.  Mike said Gary is Duxbury’s informal Sheriff.

The voters had voted that Wilma Township continue our total donation to civic organizations that benefit our town to $300, but to split it four ways: OSAC, Pine County Historical Museum, Seven County Senior Federation, and Family Pathways.  Discussion. Mike moved that we keep the $300 donation, but not give any to Family Pathways but split it 3 ways.  Glen Seconded.  Gary voted nay.  Passed.

The Board discussed appointing a new Deputy Treasurer if Jenn moves and is no longer available.  Glen said Patrice chooses and trains who she wants, but the Board has to appoint the person.  Mike asked if in the future Patrice were unable to fulfill her duties or if she should resign, would Paul consider serving as both Clerk and Treasurer?  Paul said that is extremely remote possibility, but if we could not find a replacement, he would do it. It would make our meetings differently run and checks would be one month late.

Glen moved that the board pay the Duxbury Store $25 for heating and hosting the meeting, plus the cost of pop for the board.

Alden came in and asked if he could buy a hydraulic pump for the grader.  Glen moved that Alden be allowed to spend up to $500 at his discretion for anything that comes up relating to our roads or grader.  Mike seconded; passed.

Mike moved to adjourn; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk


Glen Williamson, Chair



Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Jeff GrandPre, Alden Shute, and Eldon and Marge Schmedeke.

BOARD OF REORGANIZATION: Mike nominated Glen to be Chairman of the Board for another year; Gary seconded. Passed. Glen nominated Gary to be Vice Chair; Mike seconded. Passed. Mike moved that the board approve all the wages and meetings pay and election judge pay that the voters authorized at the annual meeting. Gary seconded. Passed. Glen moved that Northview Bank be our bank of deposit; that the Pine County Courier and the Evergreen and the township website,, be our papers of publication; that the Duxbury Store and Wilma Town Hall be our posting places. Mike seconded. Passed. Mike moved that we keep the charge for snowplowing private drives the same as the 2015-16 season. Gary said that at the Township Short Course on Friday, they said townships cannot limit snowplowing to full time residents. Glen said they also said that we can charge residents different from non-residents. Mike amended his motion to keep snowplowing rates the same, except to designate that they are for full-time residents, and that non-residents will be charged the regular plowing rate of $150/hour.

Donations to Civic Organizations: Mike moved that Wilma township enter into a contract with the Seven County Senior Federation, with the Old School Arts Center, and with the Pine County Historical Museum for services and to pay them $100 each, as approved by the voters. Glen seconded. Gary voted nay; Passed. Gary asked how the old high school could be deemed unsafe for students but it’s ok for the Arts Center? Paul said they cleaned it up and it is safe now.

TOWN BOARD MEEETING: Paul read the record of the March board meeting. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

ROAD REPORT: Alden gave the report and said little was done this month. Roads are still very wet. Glen asked if there were any trees down with all the wind we’ve had lately. Alden said none that he has seen, but he hasn’t driven out all the roads. The road inspection will be next month.

Wilma Township WIFI: Glen gave a report on the WIFI Committee developments and future plans. Pat Story is no longer on the committee. Glen made a new proposal and presented it to the ECRDC for approval. His proposal is limited to providing broadband internet for the Town Hall, but will have directional antennas to reach in all directions, so it would likely reach Alden’s, Glocke’s,the Duxbury Store, Duane Glienke, Fillers, and possibly even the campground. Glen’s proposal to Penny at the ECRDC totaled $9,000. Paul said we should still go for the full $10,000 grant to cover misc. unforeseen expenses and also for the wages and time of the committee, which can’t come out of Township funds as per the agreement. Paul said that at the Short Course and the County Township Officer’s Meeting, and at last fall’s MAT State Convention there was a lot of talk about bringing broadband internet to every rural household. They weren’t specific about how this can be done. Jeff and Patrice both worked for the phone company and said there is no way that Century Tel can afford to bring DSL to our area. We have a fiber-optic line running right through our town, but it won’t be used for internet.

Spring Short Course, Mn Assn. Of Townships: Was Friday, April 1, in Carlton. All board members attended but Mike. Paul gave Mike the Power Points and handouts for Supervisors. All the board members who attended said this year’s trainings and sessions were some of the most valuable and informative ever.

NEW BUSINESS: Pine County Environmental Assistance Grant: The County is applying for a grant to improve recycling facilities in the county and ask the board to send a letter of support. Glen moved that we send the letter; Mike seconded. Gary abstained. Glen signed it.

Board of Appeal and Equalization: Wilma Township’s Board will meet Monday, April 11, 1 p.m. At least two Supervisors needed. Both Glen and Gary are certified currently. Gary’s certification will expire after this year’s Board, so he needs to take the certification course at the Summer Short Course on Thursday June 30, 2016, starting at 1:30 in Carlton. Gary had the registration form for Paul to mail. This may be the last time certification is offered at a Short Course, so Glen also signed up to renew his certification.

Township Web Site: Mike moved to renew our contract for the WilmaTownship.Com website. Gary seconded. Glen abstained. Jeff said it is a very good site and he uses it a lot to keep up with announcements and township events.

Schmedeke Lane: Eldon said that Schmedeke Lane was recorded as a 66′ wide road and he insists that the road be widened to the full width. Paul will research the records.

Town Hall Site: Eldon and Marg went to the County Courthouse and got a document where Albert and Barb Glienke donated the site for the town hall filed May 29, 1980. Eldon said this document proves that the township owns the land all the way to the fence. Paul said he measured it out based on the documents the County gave us back in 2013, and our border ends at the edge of the town hall. Duane Glienke had said he put the fence further east only as a courtesy, but he never gave that land to the Town. Paul said he would take the new information and if necessary do another survey with his measuring wheel.

Meetings and Short Courses: Eldon said he thinks the board is wasting money with multiple officers going to training meetings and Township Officer’s Meetings and election judge training, and he wanted to know how much these last two meetings cost the town. He said one or two officers could go and report to the rest. Different board members spoke that the information gathered at these meetings is valuable and benefits the whole town. Some training is mandatory, such as judge training and assessor certification. Paul said that the township’s part of the total property tax bill is only about 11%, with almost 90% going to county and school district taxes, although the town does a lot more for our people with roads, etc. He said school officials and state and county officials also attend taxpayer-paid training conferences and meetings and events and we don’t question them.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached) and claims were presented and signed. Glen moved that we pay all the claims, totaling $3,279.66, and transfer $3,300 from savings into checking. Gary seconded.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk


Attested to by Glen Williamson, Chairman