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Regular Meeting, July 11, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Frank and Bonnie Rehberger, Randy Michel, Mark and Lisa Sisterman, Joe Vink, Eldon Schmedeke, and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the June meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: FEMA Flood funds: Gary got a letter from Harold Christenson, claiming to be the fourth request, asking for invoices proving that we used the FEMA funds in 2001 to pay for our road repairs. Gary asked Paul to find the invoices and to verify that we did get the FEMA funds, and to contact Christenson and forward the material to him. Gary thinks the earlier requests may have been going to Bob Skorczewski.

Pine Co. Commissioners’ Meeting/Schmedeke Lane: Glen attended the meeting. The Board decided to move and rebuild Schmedeke Lane, including Shmedeke’s private cartway, 60 feet to the east at the County’s expense. They had two surveyors check the road and they said the road is 60-100 feet off from where it should be on the original surveyor’s section line. They will return the current road to forest land. Glen asked for Eldon’s feedback. Eldon said he was disappointed that the Town Board did not fight harder, as he believes they would have if it had been the west Range Line that was in dispute, and that he still believes that his survey is the correct one. The Board’s original specifications for Schmedeke Lane were that it would be placed on the section line, so the Board is not liable for it being wrong. Because Bruce Greenly’s home site will be affected, the County will fill in a building site for him. The Commissioners made it clear that only three properties are affected by this: Schmedeke’s, Jensen’s, and Greenly’s. This does not affect any other property lines or surveys. Eldon asked if they are going to build a full-fledged, full-platted 66′ road. Mike said the new Schmedeke Lane will be exactly as good as the existing one. The County paid $27,000 to do the survey. On June 21st, the Board met with Greg Bernu and the County Forester and explained to Eldon what they planned to do.

Little Tamarack Lake Road Sign: Glen got a note from Kari Holter saying that the road sign for their road is gone. Gary said it looks like the whole post is gone. The Tamarack River Road cross-sign is also gone, if there was one. Paul will write the highway department. Gary wants us to ask East Central if they know anything about it; it looks like the County replaced the stop sign. East Central paid the $500 escrow fee and repaired the road after our letter.

Laptop Flash Drive: Glen purchased the flash drive to back up files for $19.95 plus tax.

Arna Township Pete Anderson Road Proposal: Arna sent a proposal for work they want to do on the Range Line Roads totaling $1,280, with our half $640. Mike said to reply that 2007 is Wilma’s year for road work, and to ask that one of their board meet with Gary to do a road inspection and to agree on any needed work. They want to replace the plastic culvert up by Squib Creek that has collapsed.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Dept. Donation: We got a check for $250 from the fire department to help defray the cost of the new outhouse.

NEW BUSINESS: Minor Subdivision: Randy Michel presented a request for a minor subdivision of his property to be able to sell two ½ acres to Frank and Bonnie Rehberger. Because the County thinks we have a zoning ordinance, they asked for our approval. Mike moved that the Board accept the County’s decision to approve the subdivision and to notify Pine County Zoning. Glen seconded.

Grace’s Lake Easement: Mark and Lisa Sisterman petitioned the Board to grant them an easement into the Barry Parrish property they are purchasing on Grace’s Lake (the old Grace place). They do have access from the DNR through the State Trust Land, but this access does not allow them to build any permanent structures on the land, or to live there. Glen moved that the Board grant the Sisterman petition and to allow them an easement into their land, and that we notify the DNR of this. Mike seconded. Joe said he can help the Sistermans remove an old trailer from the place that they do not want.

Contract for Township Assessments for 2008: Bob Brewster sent a contract for the Board to sign, to assess our 280 parcels at $5.50 per parcel, or $1,540. Mike asked Paul to write to Bob and ask why we are billed for all our parcels when he only inspects a portion of them, and to ask how many actual inspections he believes he will complete in our township in 2008. Mike moved that the contract decision be tabled until the next meeting. Glen seconded. Mike will ask other township officials how they are assessed.

Junkyard Ordinance: There will be an informational meeting at New Dosey Town Hall on Tuesday, July 17, for the county to present the new proposed junkyard ordinance. Gary urged Eldon to attend and to raise the same objections that he did so well at the earlier hearings. Eldon thanked Gary and said he would try.

Duxbury Days: Glen said that even if we don’t have Duxbury Days, that someone should at least write an article for the Pine County Courier about our 100th anniversary and a little history of Wilma Township and the Town of Duxbury.

Road Grader: Mike said that Joe has been out grading with our new grader and says it is a dream to drive. The supervisors are looking into selling our old graders.


First National Bank $ 2,000.00

U.S. Treasury (2nd Quarter) 608.86

ECE 36.23

Mark Pallow 495.00

Paul Raymond 83.11

Glen Williamson 112.03

Federated Coop (tank rental) 11.85

Pine Co. Assessor 240.00

Pine Co. Courier 13.16

Patrice Winfield 166.23

Total all bills: $ 3,765.77

Patrice presented the Treasurer’s Report (attached). We received the June settlement, including the levy for the new grader: $31,870. Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to transfer $3,700 from savings to checking. Glen seconded. There was a discussion on whether we need to continue to use the claim forms as Patrice can print out a master claim sheet with CTAS. The board said they like being able to see the claims, and it saves time to have them ready before the meeting.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, June 6, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Bob Jensen, Barbara Jensen, Mark Pallow, Jim and Carol Laumer, Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke, and 2 citizens.

Paul read the minutes of the May meeting. Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

Marjorie Schmedeke questioned the expenditure for the township attorney. Paul explained it was for legal work and calls regarding the grader levy for 2007.

Road Report: Gary said that the culvert on the Mayfield road was rotted out and was a road hazard and needed to be replaced. He said that East Central Electric did ditching work on the Little Tamarack Lake road without notifying the township as required. Gary said they have already punched out a trench and have created some rough spots. When they trenched the Vink Road, they allowed Gary to mark the culverts before they started work, but no notice was given this time. Mike asked Paul to write ECE and remind them of our notice requirement and that we are holding them liable for any damages on this road, and if they don’t repair and restore the road, we will and bill them. Mike also asked Paul to ask ECE for the same $500 escrow deposit we require from logging companies. Eldon Schmedeke said he believes there is a culvert on Little Tamarack Lake Road, and they may have cut it. We will remind ECE of the requirement to notify us of any trenching they do on township roads.

Township Laptop Computer: Glen purchased the Everex Stepnote for $498 plus $28.98 for a three-year extended warranty. The total, with tax, was $559.25. Patrice has learned the CTAS program. Glen said it is vital that we backup the data, and that a flash drive would be enough. Mike moved that Glen be authorized to purchase a flash drive. Gary seconded.

Schmedeke Lane: There was a County Commissioners’ meeting in Sandstone where Eldon was allowed to make a passionate defense of his survey and placing of Schmedeke lane. The Commissioners have not made a decision on what survey they will accept and what the future of Schmedeke Lane will be. Barbara Jensen said that she would not contest the road or ask for damages if the road could be renamed after her husband and called Tiny Lane. Eldon rejected this option. Barbara said they were not notified at the time the Township recorded Schmedeke Lane as a township road. Eldon took the floor to show the Board his survey and said that at the time the road was built the Jensens agreed to the survey and in fact helped measure it.

Barbara Jensen took the floor to say that her memories are different from Eldon’s. She said that she is not at war with anyone. She said that the County Attorney said that the original surveys are binding, even if they are not accurate. They cannot be changed except by Federal action. No later survey can move the section monument, even if it is wrong. Fust Lane is on the correct monument which was found by several different surveyors. Fust Lane and the South Duncan Road both had monuments, but none has been found for Schmedeke Lane or the North Duncan Road. Barb said that the road obstruction stakes in Schmedeke Lane are dangerous and they are in the part that is a township road, and that she would like the road to be renamed Tiny Lane in memory of her husband.

Jim and Carol Laumer who own land next to Becky Niedzielski’s old place said that she discovered that their survey was wrong, and that Bob Pulford said that he had to make a deal with Becky or he could lose part of his land. He thought the fences and walls on the west of his land were the property line. He used a GPS to measure the roads and said that they all lined up, but that Pulford said that they had re-surveyed it. Jim asked the county to give up 60 feet of their land, but that they refused.

Barb said that citizens and landowners need to be notified when there are survey controversies or issues.

Eldon said that as far as changing the road name, he pays over $12,000 annually in property taxes and that he values having his name on a road.

Mike said that none of this is in the Town Board’s hands, and that no action can be taken until we hear what the Commissioners’ decision will be. Mike asked that Eldon remove the stakes that are in the township road. Barb asked if the Schmedeke Lane road sign could be removed until the issue is resolved, but Mike said the signs are necessary for 911 and fire calls.

NEW BUSINESS: Duxbury Days: Patrice said that she has too many personal and family responsibilities to chair the Duxbury Days celebration, and that she is not the right person to organize and run the event.


Joe Vink $ 137.61

Mark Pallow 181.01

ECE 35.70

Town and Country Oil 815.93

MAT Agency 2,380.00

Federated Coop 8.88

Mark Pallow (outhouse materials) 1,226.71

Dennis Shlamka (holding tank) 2,200.00

Paul Raymond 87.73

Gary Vink 187.00

Mike McCullen 96.96

Glen Williamson (incl. Computer) 734.37

Patrice Winfield 278.85

First National Bank 2,000.00

Total Bills 10,370.00

Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Receipts 103.70

Disbursements 1,040.19

Balance 7,262.07

Road and Bridge Rec: 125.00

Disb: 5,177.60

Bal: 5,542.40

Fire Bal: 321.14

Park Bal: 719.53

Building Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow: Rec: 15.17

Bal: 4,880.04

TOTAL ALL FUNDS: $ 25,516.08

Patrice said that with the CTAS program that she can print out the treasurer’s reports and distribute them to the Board. Mike moved to approve the report and to transfer $10,400 from savings to checking; Gary seconded. Glen moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, May 2, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, and Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mark Pallow and four citizens.

Paul read the record of the April meeting; Glen moved to approve; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Laptop Computer: There was a discussion on what brand of computer would be best. Mike moved that Patrice or Glen be authorized to purchase a laptop PC computer for the CTAS program and to spend up to $600, with an extended warranty. Glen seconded.

Outhouse: Mike said getting a handicapped-accessible porta potty would be almost impossible. There was a discussion on the type and location of an outdoor handicapped-accessible outhouse. Mike moved that Mark Pallow be hired as a contractor to build an 8 x 8′ outhouse including a holding tank, to be completed by May 24, 2007. Mark will contact Denny Slamka for the tank, up to $3,500. Gary seconded.

Grader: Ken Yager questioned why the grader was used to tow Wisconsin Truss’s truck out of the mud; he understood that the grader was not to be used for such purposes as it could damage the grader. He also said that Joe Vink has no right to take the grader as he is not on the board. Mike said that the grader is not used for digging trenches, but that town graders have been used in the past to pull out a school bus and a fire truck. Mike said the board has an operational fee for special uses of the grader and that Wisconsin Truss is paying $150 for the tow. Glen said he understood Ken”s concern but asked how harmful pulling this truck would be on the grader. Mark said he did not think this was harmful to the grader. Paul said he was told by Bob Skorzseske when he was Board Chairman that he could not hire the grader to grade new gravel on his drive. Gary said this is not board policy, but at short courses they have advised against any private use of the grader, including snowplowing. Paul will call the township attorneys and ask about the legality of private uses of the grader.

Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting: Glen said the meeting was very informative, especially on restrictions on wetlands; e.g. if there are cattails in a road right-of-way, the board would have to go to the Soil and Water Conservation District for permission to build up or ditch the road, and if they approved the board would have to go to the DNR.

Grader/Road Report: The oil is changed but the grader got a flat tire and we had to borrow a tire from Danforth Township. Someone dragged Eagle Head Road and dug up a lot of rocks and degraded the surface. They think they”re doing a good thing but they destroy the integrity of the road and separate the clay from the binder. Mike said McCullen Drive had to be dragged after Mark graded it. Joe got a trapper who took 13 beavers out of the Eagle Head Road culvert at no charge. The culvert still needed to be cleaned out. The road inspection will be Tuesday, May 22, at 11 a.m. Paul will post the open meeting. Mike said the grader operator should go along with the inspection, but he is concerned about spending money.

Website Advertising: Glen said he would like to sell advertising or links to ads or websites on the township website in order to pay for the site. Paul will also ask the township attorneys if this is legal, and if the town is allowed to profit from advertising.

Pancake Breakfast: Gary moved that the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department be allowed to use the town hall on Sunday, May 27, for the pancake breakfast.

Census: Gary got letters from the United States Census Bureau asking for financial data on the town and its employees. Paul has the info and will fill out the forms.

Grader Training Course: Mark and Gary attended the training in Hutchinson. Mark has decided not to be so aggressive on ditches but to take a little at a time. Gary left the meeting temporarily to get figures for road work done on town line roads. He gave the figures to Paul, to bill Danforth $235 for grading and labor and New Dosey $150 for grading and labor.

Bills for May:

East Central Energy $ 31.13

Pine Co. Courier 13.16

The Evergreen 5.00

First Natl. Bank 4,000.00

Mike McCullen 76.18

Couri/Ruppe/MacArthur Attorneys 270.00

Joe Vink 404.12

Mark Pallow 533.37

Paul Raymond 160.49

Glen Williamson 108.57

Gary Vink 345.16

Patrice Winfield 270.00

Total All Bills $ 6,217.79

Treasurer”s Report:

General Fund Disbursements 1,634.96

Balance 8,198.51

Road and Bridge Receipts 265.00

Disb: 1,529.00

Bal: 8,567.60

Fire Fund Balance 321.14

Park Fund Bal: 719.53

Building Fund Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow Fund Bal: 4,864.87

Gas Tax Fund Start: 3,779.40

Partial Distrib: 1,752.00

Bal: 2,027.40

Total all Funds: 31,490.00

Glen moved to approve the treasurer”s report and to pay all the bills and to transfer $6,200 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Duxbury Days: Glen asked Donna Filler if she would be willing to work with Patrice on Duxbury Days. She said she would think about it.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk