The Board of Reorganization was called to order by the Deputy Clerk, Toni Williamson with the pledge of allegiance at 7:30pm. Toni then swore in the elected officials, Gary Vink as Supervisor and Patrice Winfield as Treasurer.

The clerk asked for nominations for Chairperson for the Board of Supervisors and after nomination and seconding, with no discussions, Glen Williamson was unanimously voted as Chairperson.

The Board voted to approve the Budget as set at the Annual Meeting on March 2, 2011.


The Reorganization meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm Chair Glen Williamson called the Board of Supervisors meeting to order.

Road Report by Gary Vink

Heller Road – March 25, 2011 snowplowing 15 minutes. Bill to New Dosey of $37.50

Water – Vink, Heller, Langstrom, Eagle Head and Mink roads. No action taken. Langstrom has a frozen culvert and he isn’t sure if it is a county matter or not.

Glen reported on the Pine County Township Officers Association meeting held on March 26, 2011. He was also re-elected as the Secretary/Treasurer. Bea Drilling received a plaque in appreciation for her husband Joe Drilling who passed away last year for his 32 years of service. Don Sherper spoke encouraging everyone to come to the district meetings. The Pine County Board of Commissioners will begin to have meetings later in the day for better participation. There was a question from mike asking if Essential Health was there. Glen responded no, but they will try to get them at a future meeting. Patrice gave an overview on budget issues, overtime, checking flooding, and hiring a vendor to upgrade road signs.

Glen, Patrice and Toni attended the Minnesota Association of Townships Spring Meeting on April 1, 2011 at Black Bear Casino. Glen asked if it is possible for more than one supervisor to attend these meetings to ensure all are well informed.

· Glen gave information on the upcoming required retro reflectivity unfunded mandate. He gave a sample of what we should model. We need to go out and check our signs. The must look the same with poles at standard sizes that look the same day or night. There was discussion and it was suggested that we call a special meeting. Mike asked if we have any escrow and Patrice replied no. It is to be discussed at the May meeting.

· There was conversation regarding the Fire Department and the relationship with the County and Township. The question was asked by Glen if it is independent, nonprofit joint powers. Mike said that it is and independent-nonprofit. Glen suggested we should get Joint Powers with Arna and New Dosey. There was an objection from Gary that this it is a fire department issue and should be taken up at the Fire Department meeting. Glen responded that if the Township is spending $4,500 we should know where it is going and who we are dealing with as we have no representative.

· Discussion then went to resolutions. Gary said we need to be sure to make them and they should be separate and not have to go through minutes. This was tabled until our Clerk Paul returns, which should be in time for the June meeting.

· Patrice mentioned that E&O (Errors and Omissions) will no longer be covered as a standalone policy. Toni will check the insurance policy to see if our E&O is a standalone or included in our main policy. Patrice went on to say that if it is not included through them that Country Financial says we can get E&O insurance through them.

· At the MAT meeting, they asked all townships to show good representation and/or support for the National convention.

Patrice brought up that the group life insurance is due. She asked if Toni (Deputy Clerk) should be included. There was discussion, a motion by Gary and second by Mike to add Toni to the insurance. Glen abstained from voting.

Toni mentioned that the ramp handrails need to be reinforced as they sag when you lean on them and if they break, someone could get injured. The Supervisors went outside to inspect the ramp handrails and upon return, Glen motion to get braces for handrails and to finish the handicap access necessities. It was seconded by Mike and motion was passed.

Glen mentioned that there had been a complaint about snowplow damaging property. He suggested that we should get an actual plow and not use the grader. He then posed the question if we want to consider getting out of the plow business. Mike said we need to think about what kind of truck. Patrice suggested a small truck for driveways and one for regular roads. Glen asked all to consider if this is something we should do. Mike will look into it.

Glen mentioned that Steve Alden on Fust Lane had called him with garbage questions and he was told him to call Mike McCullen, our representative on the garbage board.  Gary Vink informed the board that he’s now the representative on the garbage board and any questions about garbage should be directed to him.

Patrice copied and gave the minutes for the year 2011 to Eldon Schmedeke. Total cost with postage, ink, paper and time came to $47.56. Clerk will send bill.


Patrice Winfield $281.16 Miscellaneous Duties and Meetings

Glen Williamson Sr. $217.71 Miscellaneous Meetings and Duties

Toni Williamson $360.42 Meetings, Miscellaneous Duties and Bookwork

Frank Rehberger $ 50.95 Snow Plowing

Gary Vink $155.20 Meetings and Road Maintenance

Mark Pallow $161.34 Snow Plowing

Mike McCullen $ 25.48 Meeting

ECE $ 48.02 Electric

Pine City Courier $ 20.68 Notices

Federated $123.69 Heating Oil

Evergreen $ 35.00 Notices

Bruno Deep Rock $374.06 Batteries for Grader

Patrice Winfield $96.05 Office Supplies

Glen Williamson $145.00 Mileage and Short Courses

MN Benefit Association $197.00 Group Life

Aspire, Inc. $200.00 Web Site

Gary Vink $ 34.50 Plow/Road maintenance

Toni Williamson $ 80.00 Election and Sprint MAT Meeting

US Treasury $460.00 Medicare

TOTAL $3,070.00

Motioned by Mike and seconded by Gary to transfer necessary funds to pay bills.

Motioned by Mike to adjourn and seconded by Gary. Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

Toni Williamson
Deputy Clerk, Wilma Township




Board of Canvass met at the Wilma Town Hall to review and approve Election results.  Present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Glen Williamson and Election Judges Donna Filler Barb Smith and Toni Williamson. Resulting winners were;  Gary Vink as Supervisor and Patrice Winfield as Treasurer.  Meeting ended at 8:05pm

Meeting called to order at 8:05 by Clerk Toni Williamson with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Motioned and passed to have Glen Williamson act as Moderator.

Present at the meeting was Marge and Eldon Schmedeke, Park Pallow, Frank Rehberger, Treasurer, Patrice Winfield, Clerk Toni Williamson and Supervisors  Gary Vink and Glen Williamson, Sr.

Road Report for 2010 – Gary Vink

  • Duncan Road Not much for Road Inspection except lot on Duncan.  Road conditions do not allow much work due to it being too wet.  The large truck could not get in.  Gravel haulers have been contacted and said they may be able to work there when the road freezes.  Has had no answer to date.  Hopefully he will hear from them this year.
  • Lost River Road Some gravel on small potholes taken care of by the blade.
  • Mink Farm T&T did some damage with dozer and truck.  They will use their escrow.  They were advised to wait and do all roads at once so we can get a cheaper rate.
  • Dollar Lake Road Returned Moske escrow because there were no damages.  Gary and Glen did inspection.
  • Mayfield Carlson dozed snow off, not enough to bring grader.  Road inspection will check for damage.
  • Little Tamarack Letter written to Paul (Clerk) for form to fill out.  Paul said it is $500 and to have them contact him.  No activity to date.  Told work cannot be done without permission.  Escrow was used in past from previous logger.  No road work should be done until Road Manager knows.
  • Short Road Returned T&T’s escrow, no apparent damage.


  • Wilma Fall Fest Festival did not go over $400 budget.  Patrice will make new code so the codes don’t get mixed together. Motioned to keep $400 budget by Toni, seconded by Patrice.  Motion passed.
  • Town Hall Doors There was some discussion on the doors.  Per Gary and Mark, the doors will be done by the end of March 2011.


  • Road and Bridge Raised to $16,000 from $15,000.  Calculation is based on population and it is mandatory.  Eldon said it is difficult to believe we have to raise it and it is wrong to mandate.  Gary responded that it is a county/state issue and we would get fined.  Glen explained that we are taxed the minimum.  Remains at $16,000.  Eldon said they will hear from him.

Building Fund Gary suggested fund at $1,200 because the garage needs repair.  Patrice said we could take the money out of Road and Bridge and not get into gas tax and use that if Building Fund is lowered.  Glen said it will take more and it will be consistent.  After discussion, Eldon suggested it be set at $600.  There was more discussion and Eldon made a motion to set it at $600, seconded by Patrice.  Motion passed.

  • Fire Fund.  Was raised to $4,500.  Patrice said Fire Department is raising their dues.  Eldon noted we are a small township, why do we need to do it.  There was discussion of space vs. population and we need to check population to see if it should be $4,500.  Motion by Mark to pay $4,500.  Patrice said each department has its’ own equipment. Gary said Sandston was dropped because the other townships help and the base payment has stayed the same for five years.  We have more manpower working with the other Townships.  Gary seconded Marks motion, it was passed.
  • Park Fund.  Hole in the culvert was not badly damaged and Gary repired it.  Motion to keep fund at $500, seconded by Gary, motion passed.
  • General Fund.  Eldon suggested we cut this back to $5,000.  Glen noted when compared to the Federal level we are not borrowing it.  Eldon motioned to lower General Fund to $5,000.  Discussion included Glen noting that we have not wasted funds, this is why we have  so much and it prepares us to self finance.  Patrice said as of 2010 we were at $18,000+ and ended up with $12,000.  If we cut it, it will be less again.  Marge seconded Eldon’s motion to reduce to $5,000, motion was defeated.  Mark motioned to set at $10,000; it was seconded by Gary with two opposed.  Motion passed.
  • Salaries Motion by Eldon to keep same, seconded by Patrice and motion passed.
  • Mileage.  Mileage is tied to the Federal rate of 50 cents per mile.  Gary said he had heard it has gone up to 51 cents and motion should be to keep mileage at the Federal rate.  Eldon motioned to keep mileage at the Federal tax rate.  Gary seconded and motion passed.
  • Snowplowing Eldon motioned to keep the same.  Gary noted that fuel is going up.  Patrice requested that Mark break down work done between roads and driveways, she said otherwise it is difficult to keep track.  Eldon noted we had a lot plowed this year and we will lose out if we have less snow.  It was noted that the asterisk noting size of driveways be included in the motion.  Patrice asked why we are plowing one non-resident and Gary said this is done to avoid lawsuit threats.  Glen suggested non-resident plowing all be done on a case by case basis.  Eldon’s motion was seconded by Patrice, with notice regarding prices for over 700ft and those under.  (See Proposed Budget for breakdown on items with asterisk at bottom of the page).  Motion was passed.


It was brought up by Patrice that we need a hard wired lighting system in the bathhouse.  Eldon says he will not use it as he likes washing hands (there is hand sanitizer provided).  Motioned by Patrice and seconded by Toni to have lighting installed in the bathroom.  Motion passed.

It was motioned by Toni to continue to have notices published in the Pine County Courier and the Evergreen.  Seconded by Patrice and motion passed.

It was suggested that we only post on Town Hall.  Eldon motioned and seconded by Patrice.  Motion passed.

Eldon says Gary is doing a good job, but he hopes to save tax money and roads are his main concern.  Gary said when road inspections are done they check conditions of roads so contract work can be done.  Gary will put more gravel on N Duncan road when not so wet.  It was asked if townships could get together and wire a logger to cut small trees by the road to clear six feet. Glen sid they will bring matter to the board.

Glen noted that the Pine County Township Officer’s Association will meet at 9:00am at the American Legion in Hinckley.


The Reorganization has been set for April 6, 2011 at 7:30pm at the Town Hall followed by the Board of Supervisors Meeting.

The Board of Appeal and Equalization has been set for April 13, 2011 at 10:00am at the Wilma Town Hall.

Glen motioned that the next Annual Meeting be held at the Wilma Town Hall on the second Tuesday in March at 8:00pm.  The alternate date will be at 9:00am the next day.  Seconded by Eldon, motion passed.

Glen asked for further discussion and there was none.

Mail in Ballots.  Patrice noted that some elections are going to mail in.  Marge and Eldon do not want it.  Patrice said they take time, but are about 1/3 less, however once you get one you cannot get another even if the ballot is spoiled.  We could save about $300.  Eldon worries anyone unable to read it would be cheated.  Glen noted that it is not an issue to discuss here. Motion to keep elections the same as in past, seconded by Toni.  Some discussion noting Gary and Patrice think they are too personal.  Eldon suggested it be tabled because there were not very many people there.  Gary withdrew his motion and the subject was tabled.

Eldon asked to get copies of all past meetings.  Patrice said she would give them to him as the Clerk will be out of town.

Gary motioned to adjourn and Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 10:00pm

Toni Williamson, Deputy Clerk



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Glen Williamson, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Present were Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Chairperson, Glen Williamson, Treasurer, Patrice Winfield and, Deputy Clerk, Toni Williamson.


Gary says that the new batteries have been installed and fuel purchased for the grader/plow at $3.32 per gallon.

Road work – Plowing was done on February 22, 2011 for Heller Road. New Dosey is to be billed for one quarter hour at a cost of $37.50.

Have had no answer from Mel for Arna Township whether to charge them or they will charge them twice. Gary will continue to look into this.


Mike asked if we were to fix the garage the grader is in would it be covered in the Road and Bridge Fund. Patrice said yes that the funds could be transferred to Road and Bridge as it relates to the grader. Glen said that we are in good financial shape and have been balancing our funds well. He said that we need to fix the building. They will want to check out the Fire Hall during the Road Inspection. They could also do a levy or take it out of the Road and Bridge Fund. Per Patrice, we have Certificates of Deposit available under Road and Bridge but are not needed.

Toni handed out the Budget for 2012 with changes and there was general discussion on costs. Glen did a comparison of 2010 to 2011. We are up with $17,000 in funds available.

It was announced that the Board of Reorganization will meet on April 6th 2011 at 7:30 followed by the Board of Supervisors. It will be posted and published by Toni.

Glen recommended everyone should attend the Pine County Township Officers Association meeting, Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 9pm at the Hinckley American Legion.

Glen suggested everyone attend the April Short Course on whatever day is convenient for them. Mike motioned to go to any of the meeting within reason and report back. Gary seconded. Motion passed.


Gary was asked to direct Mark Pallow to breakdown his work between roads and driveways.

Evergreen Notice $17.50

Joe Vink Mileage/Plowing $110.14

ECE Electric $56.74

Federated Propane $196.95

Patrice Office Supplies $8.80

Eggens Bulk Service 280 Gallons Diesel Fuel $978.25

Pine Cty Courier Notice $22.56

Bruno Deep Rock Inv #2531 $261.53

Mike McCullen February Monthly Meeting $25.48

Mark Pallow Road Work/Maintenance $543.46

Joe Vink General Duties (Battery Install.) $84.91

Glen Williamson Feb Mtg/Computer Assistance $48.36

Patrice Winfield Misc Duties/Monthly Mtg $261.35

Toni Williamson Misc Duties/Monthly Mtg $98.12

Gary Maintenance/Monthly Mtg $127.37

TOTAL $2,841.52

Mike motioned to transfer $2,850, seconded by Gary.

Gary motioned to adjourn seconded by Mike. Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

Toni Williamson
Deputy Clerk, Wilma Township
Phone: 320-245-5194