Wilma Township Snowplowing 2010-2011 Rates

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MAT EDUCATION CONFERENCE:  Glen asked the Board to send him to the Minnesota Association of Townships educational conference in Duluth November 18-20.  Mike moved that we sponsor Glen; Gary seconded.

CENTRAL APPLICATORS:   They will be doing the brush cutting for Danforth Township and on our Range Line Roads with Danforth.  Gary will contract them after deciding which roads we need to have brush cutting done, to see if they can do our roads at the same time.  The representative is Gary, 320-290-9016 (cell); or 800-642-6559.

TOWN WEBSITE:  Our website, wilmatownship.com, is coming up for renewal.  Glen said we can renew it for 2 or 3 years for about $10 per year.  He can get us a 20% discount.  Mike moved that we renew it for 3 years; Gary seconded.

MAIL IN BALLOTS:   Paul went to the Auditor’s office and got information about switching to mail-in balloting for state and federal elections.  We can’t use mail-in for the primary and still have open polls for elections; if we switch, we need to use mail ballots for all elections except township elections.  The Board can’t make this decision; it has to be voted on at the annual Town Meeting in March.  Our primary this year, including training the judges, cost $509.  We would still have costs for mail ballots; about $90 each election for the computer cards at Pine City, and about $50 for each election, primary and general, for postage.  Plus we still need to have judges trained and at least two need to go to Pine City to help count the ballots.  New Dosey is pleased with their turnout and costs, but other towns have tried mail ballots and have voted to return to direct public voting.

TOWNSHIP TV:  When she was Chair, Becky Niedzielski purchased a TV and speaker system, hopefully to make it easier for hard-of-hearing citizens to hear the speakers at meetings.  We have never used it and it is a very heavy and bulky system and must be moved for every event. It is an old cathode-ray TV and likely worth nothing.  Mike moved that we have it taken away; Gary seconded.  Glen said that he would be willing to move it from the hall.

CLERK’S ABSENSE:   Paul said that he is hoping and planning to move temporarily to Puerto Rico.   Auditor Cathy Clemmer gave him the statutes covering this:  “When an officer is unable to serve in the office or to attend board meetings for a 90-day period, the board may declare by resolution that a vacancy exists and make an appointment to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term or until the absent member is again able to resume duties and attend board meetings, whichever is earlier.  When the original member is again able to attend board meetings, the board by resolution shall remove the appointed officeholder and restore the original member to office.” MN Stat. 367.03; Subd.7.  Mike moved a resolution to appoint Deputy Clerk Antoinette Williamson to serve as Clerk from the time Paul leaves until he returns or until the end of his term on March 11, 2012.  Gary seconded.   Glen asked Paul to type up the resolution for signatures.

Paul asked if he might use a small area in the corner of the fire hall to store some cans to protect from freezing for this winter.  He said he would gladly pay rent if necessary.  Mike moved to permit Paul to store non-flammable paint or canned goods in a small, unused corner of the hall for this winter; Glen seconded.

FUST LANE:  Mike said he has been approached by assessors regarding an apparent sale of the Fust property on Fust Lane.  Mike asked if we claim the river as part of Fust Lane.  Paul said we have never claimed or maintained any kind of a bridge over McDermott Creek, and only claim the road where it is used.  We only claim ½ mile for Fust Lane and Schmedeke Lane combined.

MATTRESS ON LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD:   Someone dumped a mattress on the corner of County Road 24 (Tamarack River Road) and Little Tamarack Lake Road.  The owners asked the tri-county disposal truck to pick it up.  Gary said that this is the county’s problem and we should call the soil and water district to pick it up.  Paul will call them.

SNOWPLOWING:   Snowplowing fees are due by the November 3, 2010  meeting date.  It is $75 for the season for year-around residents; $100 for driveways over 700 feet.  Fees need to be mailed to the Treasurer, Patrice Winfield, at 53346 Tamarack River Road, Markville, 55072, made out to Wilma Township.  We have allowed drop-offs of snowplowing fees at the Duxbury Store, when it is open.  Paul will publish this.

DISTRICT MAT MEETING:  There is a District 7 meeting of the Minnesota Associations of Townships on Thursday, Sept. 23, at Anoka Ramsey College Cambridge Campus.  Don Sherper, our MAT representative, has urged township officers to attend.  No board members indicated an intention to go this time.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND BILLS:   Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Mark Pallow                                       $        173.15

Paul Raymond                                             118.20

Joe Vink                                                      180.08

Patrice Winfield                                             95.12

Glen Williamson                                             28.39

Gary Vink                                                    396.18

Mike McCullen                                              24.94

Toni Williamson (election)                            142.50

Barb Smith (election)                                    140.00

DM Stamp (notary stamp)                              27.47

Paul Raymond (election)                              174.00

Patrice Winfield (election)                             170.00

Pine Co. Courier                                            11.28

Ace Hardware                                                  4.26

Dave Mazer  (grader)                                   60.00

ECE                                                   `          47.79

Gary Vink                                                 1,382.57

Mark Pallow (expenses)                               122.50

Total Bills                       $     3,299.64

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the bills, and to transfer $3,300.00 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Our printer was not working properly and Glen move to authorize Patrice to purchase a new printer, not to exceed $100.  Paul said he got a great Cannon Pixma printer from Wal-Mart for about $50.

Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Paul Raymond, clerk