Wilma Township Hall Rental Policy

The Town Board hereby adopts the following as the rental policy for the rental of the Wilma Township Town Hall.

  1. 1. Definitions.  For the purposes of this policy, the following terms shall have the meaning given them in this section.

a) Alcohol.  “Alcohol” means wine, beer, liquor, and any other beverage containing more than one-half of one percent alcohol by volume.

b) Event.  “Event” means the entire period for which a Renter has rented the Hall, including any permitted set-up or clean-up periods.

c) Guests. “Guests” means those who attend the Event.

d) Grounds. “Grounds” means the land immediately adjacent to and surrounding the Township Hall that is owned or leased by the Township.

e) Hall. “Hall” means the Wilma Township Hall.

f) Rental Application. “Rental Application” means the form developed by the Town to be completed and submitted to the Town by proposed Renter seeking permission from the Town to rent the Hall.

g) Rental Request. “Rental Request: means the submission of a completed Rental Application by a proposed Renter seeking permission from the Town to rent the Hall.

h) Renter. “Renter” means the person, corporation, or entity that submits a Rental Application to rent the Hall.

i) Town. “Town” means Wilma Township, Pine County, Minnesota and any references to actions or approvals by the Town are to its Township Board of Supervisors.

  1. 2. Renters Bound by Policy. Rental of the Hall constitutes Renter’s acceptance of the terms and conditions of this policy.  The Renter assumes full responsibility for any damage caused in connection with the Event and for the actions of those who attend the Event. If a corporation or entity is renting the Hall, and officer or agent of the corporation or entity must be designated on the application as the responsible person for the rental; though doing so does not limit the liability of the corporation or entity for the rental or what occurs during the Event.
  2. 3. Rental Request.

a)      Process. All rental requests must be made on the application form provided by the Town and shall be delivered to the Town Clerk. All rental requests must be made at least 14 days before the proposed Event. When a completed Rental Application is received, the Town will notify the Renter of whether the request is approved. All approvals are subject to and conditioned upon; the payment of all required rental fees and a damage deposit (if required); any modifications, limitations, or additional requirements indicated on the Rental Application; and compliance with all the provisions of this policy and any other applicable rules or regulations.

b)      Rental Hours. The rental hours for a particular Event shall be as indicated by the Town on the Rental Application form and approved by the Town. The Town may approve additional hours to set-up for, and clean-up after the Event. The Renter and all attendees must vacate the Hall by the end of the rental hours; except that the Town may approve specific additional hours a Renter may use to clean the Hall after the Event.

c)       Sublet or Transfer. A Renter may not sublet the Hall, nor may the application or rental privileges be transferred or assigned.

d)      Cancellation. Approved rental requests may be cancelled as provided in this section. Application fees are non-refundable and will not be returned if a rental request is cancelled.

  1. i. By Town. The Town may cancel any approved rental request in any of the following circumstances:  (1) at any time if the Renter fails to comply with any conditions imposed by the Town of the rental including, but not limited to, failing to file the required damage deposit within the time set, failing to pay the rental  fee in full by the time set, failing to provide for security by a law enforcement when required; (2) for any reason if the Town provides notice of cancellation to the Renter at least 30 days before the Event; or (3) at any time for reasons beyond the Town’s control, such as cases of emergency, unsafe environmental or health conditions, or the interruption of utility services. If the Town cancels a rental request after it has been approved, except for Renter’s failure to provide payment, proof of insurance, or to comply with any other conditions imposed on the request within the time set, it will return any rental fees and damage deposit paid by the Renter. Renter acknowledges and agrees that the Town shall not be liable for any claims of description loss or damages resulting from the Town’s cancellation of a rental request as provided in this section.
  2. ii. By Renter. A Renter may cancel a rental request up to 30 days before the Event. The Town will return any rental fees and damage deposit paid by the Renter. A Renter canceling a rental request within 30 days of the Events forfeits all rental fees paid the Town, but the Town will return the damage deposit if one was paid.
  3. Rental Fees and Damage Deposit.  The following rental fees and damage deposit apply to the rental of the Hall and must be paid to the Town at least 14 days before the Event and before the event will be scheduled on the calendar. Rental fees are not refundable, except that unused portion of the damage deposit will be returned to the Renter within 30 days after the day of the event. The Town Board at its discretion may waive the Rental Fee for other governmental units/entities.
Fee Type Residents
Residents Damage Deposit Non-Residents
Damage Deposit
Rental Fee $25.00 $50.00 $50.00 $100.00
Wedding/Dance $50.00 $200.00 $100.00 $200.00
  1. Use of the Hall.  The Renter and Guests must comply with all the following.

a)      Setup-up and Decorations.  The Town may allow Renter to enter the Hall before the rental hours in order to set-up or decorate for the Event. Decorations may not be affixed to the Hall in any way that damages the Hall. Confetti, birdseeds, rice or other like items are prohibited.

b)      Sound Levels.  Sounds levels must be controlled so as to not cause damage to the Hall or to unreasonably disturb neighbors.

c)       Disorderly Conduct. Disorderly conduct of any kind is prohibited and any persons engaging in disorderly conduct are subject to being ejected. The Renter shall be solely responsible for supervising the conduct of those who attend the Event and is financially responsible for any damages caused.

d)      Alcohol.   No liquor, wine, or beer shall be sold or otherwise exchanged for compensation in connection with the use of the Hall. If alcohol is to be consumed, the Renter must indicate that fact on the Rental Application.

e)      Security. The Town may require the Renter to have a licensed law enforcement officer during the Event to provide security and to help enforce the provisions of this policy.  The Renter will be responsible for making all arrangements to secure the services of a licensed law enforcement officer, paying for service, and ofr providing the person a copy of this policy.

f)       Gambling. Gambling of any nature or manner is prohibited.

g)      Smoking.  The Hall is a smoke-free building and smoking of any kind is prohibited in the Hall and within 30 feet of the Hall.

h)      Parking.  Guest may not park on the lawn or in any way that causes damage to the Grounds or that interferes with traffic or safety.

i)        Charging Admission. The Renter may not charge admission for the Event unless approved by the Town.

j)        Safety.

  1. i.                No furniture, decorations, or other items may be placed in such a way as to block the exits.
  2. ii.            The Renter is responsible for assuring the Hall does not become overcrowded.
  3. iii.            No open flames, sparklers, or any fireworks are permitted in the Hall or on the Grounds.

k)      Clean-up.  The Renter is responsible for cleaning the Hall and must return the Hall to at least the same condition it was in before the Event.

  1. Assumption of Responsibility. The Renter assumes full responsibility for the appropriate conduct of all the group members and Guests at the Hall during rental hours. The Renter also assumes full responsibility for any loss, breakage, or damage caused to the hall, the Hall contents, or to the Grounds.  The Town is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or illness suffered during the use of the Hall by the Renters or the Guests.
  2. Indemnification.  The renter agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Town, it’s officers, agents, and employees against any and all liability, loss, costs, damages, expenses, claims or actions, including attorney fees which the Town, its officers, agents, or employees may hereafter sustain, incur, or be required to pay, arising out of or by reason of any act or omission of the Renter or Guests.
  3. Insurance.  The Renter may be required to provide proof of liability insurance before the Event proving coverage in an amount determined by the Town. If proof of insurance is required, the Renter must deliver the proof to the Town at least 7 days before the Event. Failure to provide adequate proof of insurance as required by the Town will void the rental request and any approvals given by the Town.

Adopted this 3rd day of February 2010

Motioned made by Glen Williamson Sr., Seconded by Mike McCullen.

The Motion passed unanimously.

By Wilma Township Board of Supervisors

Glenford H. Williamson Sr. Chairperson

Attest:  ___________________ Clerk
Paul Raymond

Duxbury, MN 55072

Application must be submitted to the Town Clerk at least 14 days before the event along with $____________ application fee.

Rental Hours: Date of the Event:__________________ Type of Event:____________________
Starting Time: ___________ Ending Time: __________ Setup Time and Date:______________
The Hall must be cleaned up immediately after the Event unless other arrangements have been made with the Town.

Rental Applicant Information

Name of Applicant:_____________________________________  Date of Application:________

Address:______________________________________________ Home Phone:_____________

City:___________________________ State: ____ Zip: _________ Other Phone:_____________

Will alcohol be brought or consumed at the event?  ____ Yes   ___ No

Alcohol:  Alcohol may not be sold or exchanged for compensation in any way in connection with the use of the Hall.  If alcohol is present and 100 or more guests are expected, the Town shall require the Renter to hire a licensed law enforcement officer to provide security for the event.   How many people are you expecting for this event at the Hall? ______________
If more than 100 name of Security Guard:_____________________ Police Dept:_____________

Insurance: If more than 100 people and alcohol is being served, proof of liability insurance may be required before this event in an amount to be determined by the board.

Residency: Are you a resident of Wilma Township? ______Yes _______ No
Rental Fees and Damage Deposit: A non-refundable application fee must be paid at the time of submitting the application. All additional fees and a damage deposit, if required must be paid to the Town at least 14 days before the event or this application is voided. The applicable fees are those as set by the Town in its Township Hall Rental Policy.

Applicant understands and agrees that if its application is approved, applicant is fully responsible for the event and is subject to the terms and conditions of the Township Rental Policy.  I also acknowledge that I have read the Township Rental Policy.

Application Approved? _____Yes _____ No (If “No”, please put reasons on reverse side of this form)

The approval is conditional upon the following medications, limitations, or additional requirements (if any).

FEES:  Rental Fee $________________ Damage Deposit $______________ Date: _________________



Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the Board of Audit and Board Meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:30 p.m.  Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke.

The Supervisors went over the claims, disbursements, receipts and cash control reports of the clerk and treasurer.  Glen moved to approve the financial records; Gary seconded.   The Board considered the proposed levies for 2011 and the wages for 2010.  Glen moved that we keep the levy proposals for 2011 the same as were approved for 2010:  Road and Bridge:  $15,000; Building:  $1,200; Fire:  $3,500; Park:  0; General Fund:  $12,000.  Mike seconded.   Mike asked Patrice what the balance in the Fire Fund is now, in case there is an increase in our Fire Fund costs in 2011:   We have $3,540 in the Fire Fund, and our payment for 2009 was paid in September, so there is a cushion, if costs go up.

After a discussion on wages for 2010, Glen moved that the Chairman be increased to $20/hour; Supervisors to $18/hour; Clerk to $85/meeting; Treasurer to $75/meeting, and Clerk and Treasurer report work to $12/hour.  Also to increase Election Judges to $12/hour.   General labor and mechanics and grader operator work to remain the same.  The federal rate for mileage went down to $.50/mile, and Glen moved that we follow that rate.  Gary seconded both motions.  The voters will approve or change the levies; the Board sets wages and salaries at the Board of Reorganization.

OLD BUSINESS:  Paul read the record of the January Board meeting.   Eldon asked to make a number of corrections to the report of the Schmedeke Lane meeting on December 21st:   He asked that the record not state that the County has determined that Schmedeke Lane is not on the section line.  He said that two 40’s is 2,640 feet, not 1,640.  And that the record should not say that the Jensens lost land when Schmedeke Lane was built.  Glen said that we could amend the record to reflect these concerns, to show that these are claims and beliefs, and not settled determinations.   Gary said that by law, only the Board of Supervisors are allowed to challenge the record or make changes, but he and the Board agreed that it was appropriate for Eldon to bring up his concerns because he was at that meeting.  Glen moved that the Clerk’s record be amended and that it be approved as changed.  Gary seconded.   The Pine County Board of Commissioners will be meeting to discuss and give their conclusions regarding Schmedeke Lane on Tuesday, February 16, at 1:30 p.m. at the Public Works Building in Sandstone.  This will be posted as a public meeting; Mike moved that and Board members who attend be reimbursed for a half-day’s meeting.  Gary seconded.

Gary said that he checked the roads after Scott Quady said that the grader scraped the snow down to the gravel on the town roads used by snowmobilers; he said that Mark did leave a layer of snow but that the groomers ground it down to the gravel.  Mike said that the plow should stop grading after the last house on Vink Road, and shouldn’t be plowing the North Duncan Road.

Paul gave a report on the Pine County Soil and Water meeting for township officers on Saturday, January 30.  The primary focus was the impact of the Wetlands Conservation Act and related state statutes on township road repair, rehabilitation, reconstruction or replacement projects.  The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources requires reports and applications before work is started that will impact wetlands.  They did state that a township can apply gravel to existing roads, even if these roads pass across wetland areas, without permits, and can excavate ditches to their original cross section, as long as the materials are not piled in wetland areas.  Paul and Glen picked up sample applications and directives from the meeting for the other Supervisors.

Automark test:   The Auditor’s Office wants to test and check our Automark machine in Sandstone, and want it dropped off the same day as the Schmedeke Lane Commissioners’ meeting.  Those attending the meeting could drop it off.   We need election judges for the March election:   Patrice and Marg agreed to serve, and Paul will call Donna Filler and ask her.

NEW BUSINESS:   Fuel for Fire Dept. Trucks: Mike asked Patrice to bill the Fire Department for 38 gallons of fuel oil at $2.67/gallon.

2010 Census: Glen got a CD from the Census showing the boundaries of Wilma Township to give the Board the opportunity to review the boundary data.   He printed out the maps and the Supervisors examined them and Glen moved that the Board accept the boundaries as determined by the Census Bureau.  Mike seconded.   Glen signed and will fax the maps back.

Town Hall Rental Policy: Glen downloaded a sample Town Hall use policy and adapted it for our Township.   The policy and application covers alcohol and smoking and security, and charges a rental fee of $25 for residents; $50 non residents, with a $50 damage deposit for residents and $100 for non-residents.  For weddings or dances, the fees are $50 for residents and $100 for non-residents, with a $200 damage deposit for everyone.  The Town Board at its discretion may waive the rental fee for other governmental units and agencies, such as the Fire Department or Disposal District Board.  After discussion, Glen moved that the Board adopt the Township Hall Rental Policy.  Mike seconded.

Cigarette License: Glen moved that the Duxbury Store application for a license to sell cigarettes and tobacco be approved; Mike seconded.  The fee is $10 and Joe already paid it.

Clerk’s Printer: Paul said he has been using his printer for Township records and reports and correspondence, but it finally has died and he has to buy another one.  He got a Canon printer/copier for $49, with inexpensive cartridges.  He doesn’t want the Township to pay for the whole printer, but asked if they could pay part.   Mike moved that the Township pay for half the cost of a new printer and black printer cartridges for the Clerk.  Glen seconded.

Dollar Lake Logging: Mike said that Eric Vathne still is having loggers haul logs out of Dollar Lake Road.   He asked if Eric responded to our letter.  Paul said not yet. Mike moved that Paul write and send a new letter from the Board telling Eric to cease and desist all hauling activities until he or the logger pay the $500 damage deposit into the escrow account.

Gary seconded.

Escrow Account Interest: Patrice said she is depositing interest from the Escrow Account into the Road and Bridge Fund.  Glen said this is ok.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills:   Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).   Bills were presented:

The Evergreen                                   $        14.00

Pine Septic and Design                              265.00

ECE                                                            50.27

Patrice Winfield                                         182.39

Glen Williamson                                         94.65

Gary Vink                                                  55.41

Paul Raymond (for two months)               277.05

Mike McCullen                                           70.41

Pine County Courier                                   16.92

Patrice Winfield (supplies)                         12.06

Glen Williamson (mileage and supplies)     36.88

Paul Raymond (mileage)                                      33.00

Total Bills                      $    1,108.04

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the bills, and to transfer $1,100 from savings into checking.   Mike seconded.   Gary moved that the meeting be adjourned; Glen seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk