The meeting was called to order by Chair Glen Williamson with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the reading of the minutes by the Clerk.    There was a motion to approve the minutes by Mike and seconded by Gary.

Guests present were Leighton and Sue Quinn and Mike and Dorena Scott.


The township Treasurer and Clerk went through the records and came up with a balance of $2012.50.  It was noted by Gary that there was additional grading done on October 22, 2010 at the cost of $75.  The balance was changed to $1937.50.  There was a motion to refund by Mike and seconded by Gary, motion carried.

Clerk mentioned that minutes borrowed by Gary have been returned.

Mike and Dorena Scott were present questioning their escrow as per their phone call to the clerk which was tabled until the Clerk and Treasurer could determine their escrow balance.  Clerk came up with $887.50 and Treasurer concurred.  Mike S. stated that he will leave the balance in his account to use for gravel.  Glen asked if this meant that he was donating the remaining funds for gravel on the road and Mike S. responded yes that he wanted to donate for gravel on the road.  There was a motion by Mike McCullen to close the escrow account and that the $887.50 donated by Mike and Donrena Scott will be used for graveling Mona Drive with so donated funds until gone, it was seconded by Gary and the Motion carried.  Mike Scott requested a letter noting that the escrow is closed. It was noted that the contract is null and void and will be mentioned in the minutes and online.  Mike Scott said that he takes pride in his area as he did lots of work and does not like how it is treated, particularly by the four wheelers. Mike McCullen suggested that he turn them in.

Toni read the letter that she sent to Peter R. Eakman, County Engineer,  for Pine County Public Works in Pine City.  As of the meeting, there was no response from him.

MAT Conference

Glen spoke, saying that there were approximately 400 people in attendance including speakers from the Mayor of Duluth to State Representatives.  Issues were covered from the Green Acres to the Fire and Rescue.  It was noted that there are funds for the Volunteer Fire Department and for their retirement. Records show that Duxbury did not put in any claims for training.  With regard to restore/reflectivity – we have until 2012 to complete and also discussion on where exemption would apply.  There were many other seminars.  Toni spoke on the conference also, noting the networking and classes.  She attended the End of the Year Training for Clerks and Treasurers and gained knowledge to help prepare for the end of the year Clerk duties.


It was noted by Mike and Gary that Ryberg hauling (Kip Ryberg) was taking from our gravel pile without permission.   They stated that Kip said that they were unable to their gravel pile and they used some of ours.  It was motioned by Glen to instruct the Clerk to write a letter asking how much was taken, when it will be replaced, and that the township received no notification or gave any permission. The Board would also like to ask Ryberg, that in the future, they contact our Road Manager, Gary Vink at 320-245-2517 to inform them of their intentions.  This was seconded by Mike and the motion carried.

Town Hall and Fire Hall

Winter is not a good time to check any further.  Fowler (aka Absolute Vinyl and Windows) will do a small window missed at the hall.  It was not in the initial charge so it will cost about $275.  There was a motion by Mike to add windows and doors.  After discussion it was tabled until the next meeting

Recent Snowfall

David Storevik called several times wondering when he would get plowed.  Per Mark Pallow, the grader was stuck for five hours.  There were various comments and hopes the area will be plowed.  Per Mark, the driveways are too soft to plow. Mike suggested that when Mark gets stuck in the future that it is better to call a wrecker.  Gary noted that they did but they arrived late due to other business.

Recently Passed

It was noted that Ken Yaeger passed away over the November election.  It was also noted that Al Wolf passed away on November 30.  Glen and Mike suggested that we send a letter to the family of Al Wolf and Mike mentioned that he would like good representation from the fire department at Al’s funeral.

Mike mentioned that he took 4.1 gallons of Diesel fuel and that this is owed to the fire department.

Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report Bills were presented

Leighton Quinn                $1937.50              Escrow Refund

ECE                               $42.18                 Electric Service

Toni Williamson                $165                    MN Assoc of Twps Conference Fee

Joe Vink                         $205                    Mileage for Stuck Grader

Glen Williamson                $445.82               MM Assoc of Twps Conf/ Mileage/Hotel

Mike McCullen                  $83.58                Meetings

Patrice Winfield                $136.67               Meetings

Glen Williamson                $227.30               Meetings

Toni Williamson                $319.53               Meetings/Reconciling Escrow/Updating Escrow

Gary Vink                        $228.56              Meetings/Repair/Road Work

Joe Vink                         $41.56                Grader Blade Repair

Mark Pallow                     $210.55              Grading, Misc repair

TOTAL                           $4060.75

Treasurer would like to transfer $4060.  Motioned to transfer said funds by Gary and seconded by Mike.

Motioned to adjourn by Gary and seconded by Mike.  Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

Toni Williamson
Clerk Wilma Township



The meeting was called to order by Chair Glen Williamson with the pledge of allegiance at 7:30pm.  Other officers in attendance were, Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield and Clerk, Toni Williamson.  Other citizens were also present.  The minutes of last month’s meetings were read and approved.


Lost River Road

Gary and Mark Pallow checked on Duncan Road.  It is still too wet to grade.  Gary has contacted Hopkins Gravel.  He also checked the roads and cut trees from the recent storm damage.

Grader time for New Dosey is 30 minutes on November 23 2010, cost $75.

Borrowed Minutes

Gary will bring the minutes from several past meetings to the Duxbury Store to be picked up when he is finished checking them out for info on space in the Fire Hall.

Wilma Fall Fest

We came in under budget once again.  After the cost of plates, silverware, copies, additional decorations and DJ, we came in at $230.46.  Glen noted to go to Duxburynews.info for pictures of the event and inquired if it should also be on the WilmaTownship.com site.  Mike agreed and then thanked everyone.

Door Installation

Mike asked about getting doors in and when we can get them done.  Patrice Winfield mentioned that we still have a bad fly problem.  It was thought that it was just dead flies, but Patrice and Toni noted that for the setup before the Wilma Fall Fest, most of the flies were still alive.  Mike asked how the flies were during the election and Patrice mentioned they were still there, some dead, some alive.  Other citizens in the audience mentioned other ways of fly control, to include fly strip that stick to the windows and trap insects.

Duluth MAT Conference – November 18-20, 2010

Mike asked for the Agenda and Glen presented a copy to see if there are some other seminars to refer to Glen to attend since he will already be attending.  Toni requested to also attend the MAT Conference as they will be covering the CTAS software used by the Clerk.  Mike motioned for Toni to attend and Gary seconded.  Glen abstained and the motion was passed.


Glen thanked the Election Judges for their hard work.  With 48 registered voters, we had 33 people come in to vote and one new registration.  It was asked how most people voted and Patrice listed a few of them.  For example, in the US Rep, District 8, there were 16 votes for James Oberstar, 15 for Chip Cravaack and 2 for Timothy Olson.  For State Senator Districe 8 there were 17 votes for Tony Lourey and 16 for Michael Cummins. Also for County Sherriff, there were16 votes for Mark Mansavage and 11 for Robin Cole.  A listing will be in the Duxbury News Article and a complete listing will be available online at WilmaTownship.com.


Glen welcomed Leighton Quinn and read a letter from Pat and Helena Storey that was received on November 3, 2010.  It read as follows:

Honorable Chairman and Members;

Please accept read aloud in our absence the following concerns directed to the Wilma Township road maintenance program. We want to understand what to expect from the township.

The intent of this transmittal is to understand the process and procedure required by Wilma Township to maintain roads in those developments that have met the Pine County Final Plat Approval and accepted by Wilma Township as provided by Section 603N of the Pine County Ordinance.

Please provide details covering the Process and Procedures to maintain roads in conditions as not to degrade or deviate from the approved road design and development.

·         When and how is it determined that roads need grading? What are the standards once the decision is made to grade?

·         Are there operator training or experience standards to perform the grading or maintenance task?

·         Does the Township contract out the road maintenance?

·         Does the township have full time employee for road maintenance?

·         What is the procedure to maintain the road when grading is not required? Such as filling in holes and washouts?

·         What can the residents do to assist in preventing road problems and notification of problem areas?

·         Does Wilma Township have drainage standards for lots and parcels to follow as not to alter drainage that would erode the roads?

·         What is the process to install new or repair private driveways with or without culverts?

Thank you for considering our questions. We want to do our part in making Wilma Township a great place to live.

Patrick & Helena Storey

Leighton as been in contact with them and added that the agreement of two years ago is ending and has questions about the numbers and wants to end his responsibility for the road.  He asked what is left for escrow as he thinks it is about $1900.  Our records show it is $1600.  Leighton would like to get this straightened out.  He provided a copy of the contract and it was said they will have no problem returning any funds.  Toni will work with Patrice and get fund information to they by the next meeting.

He mentioned that past grading was OK but the grading as of late has not been good.  Gary said that they must be maintained to keep down the mud and sludge.  Mark Pallow explained some of the logistics of grading and explained there was son on the side and grass growing.  Mike asked about drain off and other possible ruts they can cause.

Mike moderated and answered the questions put by the Storey’s in order of their letter as noted below:

Question 1         When and how is it determined that roads need grading? What are the standards once the decision is made to grade?

Answer:            When the sod and grass emerge and the road is not smooth and able to maintain a crown.  There was discussion on grading logistics and inquiry on how the County grades roads.

Question 2         Are there operator training or experience standards to perform the grading or maintenance task?

Answer:            Yes, they have gone through training.  Mark did hands on training in Elk River and also in Hutchinson with Gary for maintenance courses.  It was asked if the township contracted out and they said only gravel hauling and all other work is done by the Township.

Question 3        Does the Township have full time workers for maintenance?

Answer:            No.  Gary will work and inspect once a year as well as after storms, etc.  Mark may also help as needed.

Question 4         Does the Township contract out the road maintenance?

Answer:            Only for gravel hauling.  All other work is done by the Township

Question 5         What is the procedure to maintain the road when grading is not required? Such as filling in holes and washouts?

Answer:            Standard maintenance

Question 6         Does Wilma Township have drainage standards for lots and parcels to follow as not to alter drainage that would erode the roads?

Answer:            No standard, but the State and County cannot compromise right of way.

Question 7         What is the process to install new or repair private driveways with or without culverts?

Answer:            Must be drainage in the ditch.

Mike mentioned that we will do our best and Glen asked what would make them happy.  Leighton will talk to Toni when numbers are found.  Mike and Joe Vink looked at the road and it was rough and the rain did not help it.

Glen suggested since it took Mark 30 minutes to grade that we not charge for last grading and for Toni to note in escrow.  It was motioned by Mike to waive the $75 and seconded by Glen.  When put to a vote Glen voted yes and Mike voted no due to the word legality by Leighton.  He was in favor prior to that.  Gary also voted no and the motion was denied.  Leighton felt it was a conflict of interest because the person making the decision to grade will also be getting paid.

Pallets on River Cabin Road

Gary said the emails of the pallets are not on the right of way.  Mike said that they burn them.  Glen said that when it comes to burning we cannot enforce DNR rules.

Wilma Fall Fest 2011

Mike spoke with Stephanie Hansen and they are willing to provide music for next year’s Fall Fest.  The Committee will be in touch with them.

Backup Grader

Glen suggested that we get a backup grader operator.  Joe Vink said he can be the backup.  Mike suggested Bruce Filler go along with Mark for instruction on basics.  The cost will be $18/hr.  Mark guessed about two hours training time.  It was motioned by Glen to have Mark train Bruce on the East Side.  Mike seconded, and wants it noted that Mark is the main grader, Joe the second and Bruce will be an alternate. The motion carried.

Mona Drive

Toni received a phone call from Mike and Dornalee Scott. They have $2,000 Escrow with Wilma Township.  They plan to keep the last four lots and close up.  They have seven cabins and are closing company accounts.  They have received no itemized bills. They are wondering how to handle the escrow and balance on the seven units on the property and will the taxes handle the roads.  This issue is tabled until Treasurer and Clerk can look into the records.

Water on the Roads

Eldon Schmedeke mentioned the water on the roads and that we should ask to have it raised by the Highway Department.  He said there were no signs warning of the water.  Mike said that the road had been raised and Joe said that there were signs out. Gary noted that if the road were raised, they would have to also raise the bridge.  Mike motioned for the Secretary to write to the County Board, seconded by Glen and motion carried.

Fire Hall

The Supervisors went next door to view the Fire Hall building.  Glen noted that a meeting must be posted at least five days prior to discuss any plans.  The issue was tabled and they will set a date for inspection at the December meeting.

Mail In Ballots

It was mentioned by Patrice that there are possible savings by going to mail in ballots as we are required to have four judges due to the use of the Automark.  It was also mentioned that New Dosey said they saved approximately $1200.  The downside is that if the ballot is lost, no other will be sent and that you also must have someone witness it.  It will be discussed at the Annual meeting in March.

Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report Bills were presented

Donna Filler                              $181.50 Election Judge

Pine County Courier                   $ 22.56             Election posting

Mark Pallow                              $ 49.50

East Central Energy                   $ 46.54

Patrice Winfield                         $ 32.00

Toni Williamson                         $295.00

Joseph Vink                              $ 28.50

Glen Williamson                        $ 41.00

Aspire Inc                                 $157.85

Gary Vink                                  $261.81

Patrice Winfield                         $193.93

Glen Williamson                        $102.97

Toni Williamson                         $156.07 Election Judge

Mike McCullen                           $ 96.04

Mark Pallow                              $182.85

Mike McCullen                           $   8.50

Dave Baker                               $ 42.00             Election Judge

Patrice Winfield                         $333.39

New Dosey Township                $100.00

Bruno Deep Rock                      $444.01

MN Assoc Twnshp Assoc          $422.00

Maynard Workman                    $117.00 Election Judge

It was requested that the clerk note what the payments are for in future records.  Patrice will need to transfer $3,300 to checking account to pay the bills.  It was motioned by Gary to transfer necessary funds and seconded by Mike, motion passed.

Gary motioned to adjourn and Mike seconded.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 9:45pm

Toni Williamson
Wilma Township Clerk



Filing dates for the March 2011 township election are December 28, 2010, to 5 P.M., January 11, 2011. Because January 1st is a holiday, no filings will occur that day.  Filing may be done at the home of the Clerk or by arrangement to do so at the town hall.  The fee is $2.  Offices to be filled are Supervisor (3-year term) and Treasurer (2-year term).  Clerk’s phone is (320) 245-5194.

Toni Williamson, Clerk
Wilma Township



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Glen Williamson with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Toni Williamson, Mark Pallow, Marge and Eldon Schmedeke and Don Sherper, District Minnesota Association of Townships District 7 Representative.

Toni Williamson read the minutes of the last meeting and the minutes were approved with the correction of Dave’s last name being Mazer (not Masters).  Toni noted that Gary had asked Paul for the minutes from 1981 to 1994.  Gary said that he was checking on the Fire Department relationship to the Township with the garage.  He said he will get them back as soon as he is finished.  It also was requested of Toni to check on the Resolution for Signage for the Clerk position.

MATTRESS ON LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD: The mattress is still there.  Gary called Robbie Fisher at Pine County Government Center about the county picking the mattress.

RIVER CABIN ROAD AND LOST RIVER ROAD:   Gary is in touch with Qwest as they plan to install phones and we need to mark the road.  We need to mark the road to ensure we know where wires and culverts are so they are not compromised.


New Dosey Township for Heller Road grading on September 21, 2010:  One half hour there, cost of $75

Escrow Laden Quinn: Road grading September 30, 2010.  Forty Five minutes, cost of $112.50

Escrow Mona Drive September 30, 2010:  Forty Five minutes, cost of $112.50

Gary Vink asked if the bond was paid by Carlson Logging.  Patrice said she did not think so, but will check.  After checking she said it was not received. The last bond received was in February for Dollar Lake road and that was from Doug Moske.

TOWN HALL WINDOWS:  The windows have been installed.  Mike mentioned that the newly installed windows are easily washable on both sides and that there is a lifetime warranty on all parts.  He said that it is a reputable company and they should be around for a long time.

STAIRS AND HANDICAP RAMP:  Steps in back of Hall are completed.  Mike asked which gravel pile is ours as he used a couple of pails to fill in the ground for the stairs. The Handicap ramp it is not qualified as there can be no lift on the ramp bottom to be handicap accessible.

LEGAL SEMINAR:  Mike attended the legal seminar in Albertville.  Some things were not particular to us.  He has notes, but mentioned that the Abandonment rules which was thought to be a 40 year limit is actually a 60 year limit.  New signage issues were discussed also. For example, if stop sign notifications are 500 feet in front of the stop sign, they do not need reflectors.

GUEST SPEAKER:   Don Sherper, the District Minnesota Association of Townships District 7 Representative was in attendance to give information on MAT and to encourage the township officers to attend the MN Association of Townships District and State meeting.  He started with a quick joke about computers.  He said that he appreciated the report from the legal seminar and re-emphasized the importance of documentation.  He also attended the National Association of Towns and Townships meeting, a few weeks ago in Washington, DC .

He mentioned that he spoke with the National Lobby Association, known as the Ferguson Group and that the group wants Fire Departments to get a better tax exemption from the current $300 to $600.  Gary asked if it was on sales and Don told him it was on income.  Mike said that they are running into that also for Wilma.  Don said we can do more when we work together.  He said the office of Legislative Auditor did a study on the DNR.  They have conservation easements on millions of acres of land that the townships must maintain in lieu of taxes.  MAT is working on this as it feels it is not fair.  Don said it was important for townships to contact their legislator to go to the meeting and find out the results.  He said his area has issues with “Green Acres” and that it most likely does not pertain to us.  Glen asked what the purpose of the district meeting in Cambridge.  Don said it is a review of the Legislative update by and Mr. Frickey was in attendance.  The planner from Baxter does a comprehensive plan and spoke about our situations regarding foreclosures and the economic situation.

The State Conference will be in Duluth on November 18-20, 2010.  Eldon Schmedeke thanked Don and asked if he could get on the agenda at the Pine County Township Officers Association meeting, Saturday, October 23.  Eldon said he is opposed to all the control.  Don plans to be at the meeting and is on the Agenda He went on to say that the National Association of Towns and Townships will be hosted by Minnesota in Washington DC in 2011 and asks each town and township to donate $25 to help defer the costs.  Glen asked what it means when we host.  Don said that the reception and prizes, etc.,  are paid by the state that’s hosting.

Glen asked how many states have townships and how many come to the national convention.  Don said that some states have huge ones, for example Pennsylvania has some township with over 100,000 people.  Wisconsin has more than 1250 townships.  The Chairman thanked Don for making the trip from Elk River.  Don said that he thinks townships are the greatest thing to happen to local government.

UPCOMING MEETING:  Glen announced the October 23, 2010 Pine County Township Officers Association Meeting will be held at 9am at the American Legion in Hinckley Minnesota and should be well attended.  Mike motioned that all that wish to attend be allowed to do so.  The motion was seconded by Glen and passed.

WILMA FALL FEST:   Toni said that the planning was coming along well.  She spoke with Jay Polasny regarding a band to play and he said that they would charge $400.  She is still looking for another band, but can still have a DJ.  To date we have several prizes, a hotel room and dinner package from Grand Casino Hinckley, two certificates for ½ lb of fudge from Cheri’s Flowers, and a $10 certificate from the Wild Bamboo Restaurant in Pine City.  Patrice Winfield also has several $10 coupons from Ace Hardware, a gift basket from the Organic Carrot and she and her father will donate several items also.  Glen announced that Two Creeks Campground will donate two Cudlees (which is a robe for cold weather).  All are working on getting more prizes and it was also mentioned in the Duxbury News article in the Pine County Courier and the Askov American.  Glen asked if the Wilma Fall Fest sign can be updated and put outside and then he and Toni will place flyers in a covered clear plastic container for information for those that wish to come.  Glen also suggested the idea for a Winter Wilma Festival.

DUNCAN ROAD:   It is still too wet to gravel.

OTHER ROADS:  Gary spoke with Jeff Schutte and he mentioned that brush cutting is behind.  Mike said that we should speak with them before they start on our roads.

Glen asked Gary and Mark how we are set up for winter plowing.  Gary said they had added new tires, added needed oil and it has a new blade.  Mark Pallow mentioned that the air conditioner was not working.  Glen asked Mark for better document where he grades when he submits his time sheet.

OTHER QUESTIONS:  Eldon Schmedke asked how conservative the vote for the Presidential election was.  Glen said the County Auditor should have that information.  Patrice told Eldon that of the 43 votes there were 23 for Barack Obama and 22 for others.  Glen suggested that Toni add the after election results for Wilma Township in her article that she writes for two local newspaper.  It was mentioned that it had been done for Wilma in the past and should be done again.

MISCELLANEOUS PURCHASES:  Glen requested permission for the clerk to purchase a flash drive at a cost of about $14.  Mike made a motion for the clerk to buy a flash drive.  It was seconded by Gary and motion was passed.

Mike requested Patrice to use money from Petty Cash to pick up fly strips for the town hall.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND BILLS:   It was motioned by Mike to waive the reading of the bills and seconded by Gary. Glen added to waive the reading, but that they still are entered into the record.  The motion was passed.  Patrice will transfer needed funds to pay the bills.

Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report Bills were presented

ECE                                                                 $49.61
Pine County Courier                                           $26.32
Glen’s Tire                                                         $1,086.84
DM Stamp & Specialties                                                $27.47
Eggen’s Bulk Service                                        $762.79
United Stats Treasury                                        $437.60
Mark Pallow (Mileage)                                        $68.00
Paul Raymond (Mileage & Election Training)       $45.00
Joe Vink (Mileage)                                             $27.00
Glen Williamson, Sr.(Reimburse-Web Domain)    $24.54
Absolute Vinyl Window & Siding Co                   $4,025.00
Mike McCullen (Mileage/Reimburse for Steps)    $180.76
Mike McCullen                                                   $171.31
Mark Pallow                                                      $390.64
Paul Raymond                                                  $60.95
Gary Vink                                                          $295.06
Toni Williamson                                                 $162.54
Glen Williamson, Sr                                           $42.60
Patrice Winfield                                                 $108.97

Total Bills                                                          $7993.00

Transferred to checking                                     $8000.00

Mike motioned to move for adjournment, it was seconded by Gary, motion was passed and meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm

Toni Williamson, Clerk

Wilma Township Snowplowing 2010-2011 Rates



2010-2011 snowplowing fees due now:

$75/Season; Driveways over

700 ft.: $100

Must pay by Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010.

Full-time residents only.

Special plowing $150/hr.

No closed gates.

Must have turnaround space.

Wilma Township not liable for

inadvertent damages while plowing

private drives.

Checks payable to “Wilma Township.”

Mail to Patrice Winfield, Treasurer

53346 Tamarack River Rd.,

Markville, MN 55072

Or bring to Nov. 3  Board meeting



Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and William Peno, Mark and Lisa Sisterman and Mark Pallow. Mark and Lisa left cookies for the meeting attendees.

ROAD REPORT:  Gary gave the Road Report:  Due to the steady wet weather, we didn’t get much road work done, but Joe and Gary and Mark did a lot of mechanical work on the grader. They replaced the cutting blades.  Gary said we need another 50 gallons of oil.  Gary did some tree cutting after the storms, on Little Tamarack Lake Road, Duncan Road North and South, and the Vink Road.

TOWN HALL STEPS:  Mike will get the materials tomorrow and will get the back steps replaced.

TOWN HALL WINDOWS:   Mike talked with Jason Phaller and he said he will be able to complete the window project by October 1st for our Wilma Fall Fest celebration.

WILMA FALL FEST:   Toni has made up a flyer for the fest, October 23rd.  Paul saw a great band at the nursing home and suggested we call them.  Jay Polasny from Willow River, 218-372-3414.  They charge a very small fee to perform at the nursing home, and we may be able to afford them for the same cost as a DJ.

DUNCAN ROAD:  Mr. Peno took the floor; he said no work has been done on the North Duncan Road as promised by the board after the spring road inspection.  He said that in the 40 years he has owned land on the road, no gravel has been placed up by his place.  He said most of Duncan Road is now firm, but 4-wheelers have been tearing it up, but it is firm enough for a truck to back in with gravel.  Gary said he has contacted contractors and they say the road has been so soft from all the rain we have had that they do not want to risk bringing a truck in.  Glen said that the Board does consider Duncan Road to be a priority, but it has just been too wet to get the gravel in.  Gary said that if things dry out and we have a stretch of dry weather, we will fix the road before deer season.  Some contractors said they want to wait until we have a hard freeze on the road.  Mark said he got stuck on the road before Thiry’s, and Gary said even a 4-wheeler got stuck on the road.  Mark said it would be best to wait until it freezes, but Gary said hopefully it will dry out before then.   Bill suggested that the board try to fill a few holes early, and then do the rest when it freezes up.

LEGAL SEMINAR:   Both Gary and Glen have other commitments, so only Mike will attend the legal seminar put on by our township attorney tomorrow.  He will pick up the steps materials at the same time.

MAT EDUCATION CONFERENCE:  Glen asked the Board to send him to the Minnesota Association of Townships educational conference in Duluth November 18-20.  Mike moved that we sponsor Glen; Gary seconded.

CENTRAL APPLICATORS:   They will be doing the brush cutting for Danforth Township and on our Range Line Roads with Danforth.  Gary will contract them after deciding which roads we need to have brush cutting done, to see if they can do our roads at the same time.  The representative is Gary, 320-290-9016 (cell); or 800-642-6559.

TOWN WEBSITE:  Our website, wilmatownship.com, is coming up for renewal.  Glen said we can renew it for 2 or 3 years for about $10 per year.  He can get us a 20% discount.  Mike moved that we renew it for 3 years; Gary seconded.

MAIL IN BALLOTS:   Paul went to the Auditor’s office and got information about switching to mail-in balloting for state and federal elections.  We can’t use mail-in for the primary and still have open polls for elections; if we switch, we need to use mail ballots for all elections except township elections.  The Board can’t make this decision; it has to be voted on at the annual Town Meeting in March.  Our primary this year, including training the judges, cost $509.  We would still have costs for mail ballots; about $90 each election for the computer cards at Pine City, and about $50 for each election, primary and general, for postage.  Plus we still need to have judges trained and at least two need to go to Pine City to help count the ballots.  New Dosey is pleased with their turnout and costs, but other towns have tried mail ballots and have voted to return to direct public voting.

TOWNSHIP TV:  When she was Chair, Becky Niedzielski purchased a TV and speaker system, hopefully to make it easier for hard-of-hearing citizens to hear the speakers at meetings.  We have never used it and it is a very heavy and bulky system and must be moved for every event. It is an old cathode-ray TV and likely worth nothing.  Mike moved that we have it taken away; Gary seconded.  Glen said that he would be willing to move it from the hall.

CLERK’S ABSENSE:   Paul said that he is hoping and planning to move temporarily to Puerto Rico.   Auditor Cathy Clemmer gave him the statutes covering this:  “When an officer is unable to serve in the office or to attend board meetings for a 90-day period, the board may declare by resolution that a vacancy exists and make an appointment to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term or until the absent member is again able to resume duties and attend board meetings, whichever is earlier.  When the original member is again able to attend board meetings, the board by resolution shall remove the appointed officeholder and restore the original member to office.” MN Stat. 367.03; Subd.7.  Mike moved a resolution to appoint Deputy Clerk Antoinette Williamson to serve as Clerk from the time Paul leaves until he returns or until the end of his term on March 11, 2012.  Gary seconded.   Glen asked Paul to type up the resolution for signatures.

Paul asked if he might use a small area in the corner of the fire hall to store some cans to protect from freezing for this winter.  He said he would gladly pay rent if necessary.  Mike moved to permit Paul to store non-flammable paint or canned goods in a small, unused corner of the hall for this winter; Glen seconded.

FUST LANE:  Mike said he has been approached by assessors regarding an apparent sale of the Fust property on Fust Lane.  Mike asked if we claim the river as part of Fust Lane.  Paul said we have never claimed or maintained any kind of a bridge over McDermott Creek, and only claim the road where it is used.  We only claim ½ mile for Fust Lane and Schmedeke Lane combined.

MATTRESS ON LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD:   Someone dumped a mattress on the corner of County Road 24 (Tamarack River Road) and Little Tamarack Lake Road.  The owners asked the tri-county disposal truck to pick it up.  Gary said that this is the county’s problem and we should call the soil and water district to pick it up.  Paul will call them.

SNOWPLOWING:   Snowplowing fees are due by the November 3, 2010  meeting date.  It is $75 for the season for year-around residents; $100 for driveways over 700 feet.  Fees need to be mailed to the Treasurer, Patrice Winfield, at 53346 Tamarack River Road, Markville, 55072, made out to Wilma Township.  We have allowed drop-offs of snowplowing fees at the Duxbury Store, when it is open.  Paul will publish this.

DISTRICT MAT MEETING:  There is a District 7 meeting of the Minnesota Associations of Townships on Thursday, Sept. 23, at Anoka Ramsey College Cambridge Campus.  Don Sherper, our MAT representative, has urged township officers to attend.  No board members indicated an intention to go this time.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND BILLS:   Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Mark Pallow                                       $        173.15

Paul Raymond                                             118.20

Joe Vink                                                      180.08

Patrice Winfield                                             95.12

Glen Williamson                                             28.39

Gary Vink                                                    396.18

Mike McCullen                                              24.94

Toni Williamson (election)                            142.50

Barb Smith (election)                                    140.00

DM Stamp (notary stamp)                              27.47

Paul Raymond (election)                              174.00

Patrice Winfield (election)                             170.00

Pine Co. Courier                                            11.28

Ace Hardware                                                  4.26

Dave Mazer  (grader)                                   60.00

ECE                                                   `          47.79

Gary Vink                                                 1,382.57

Mark Pallow (expenses)                               122.50

Total Bills                       $     3,299.64

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the bills, and to transfer $3,300.00 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Our printer was not working properly and Glen move to authorize Patrice to purchase a new printer, not to exceed $100.  Paul said he got a great Cannon Pixma printer from Wal-Mart for about $50.

Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Paul Raymond, clerk



Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr. called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink, Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mark Pallow, Eldon Schmedeke, Joseph Vink, and Jeff Shute from Danforth Township.

Paul read the record of the July meeting;  Gary corrected the record that the road with the sand haulers was Dollar Lake and Mink Farm Roads, not Crooked Lake.  Gary moved to approve the amended record; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Range Line Roads/Danforth Township: Jeff Shute said that Danforth has replaced Ralph and his mini-grader and have hired another road grader.  They will be grading both Crooked Lake and Eagle Head Roads, and will complete the ditch work.  Jeff said that Danforth Township is going to hire a boom mower to cut brush on their roads, and he asked if Wilma will approve using it on the range line roads.  The boom can reach 15 feet and cut 4” diameter trees.  It will cost $110/hr., and Jeff said they will do the first mile on Crooked Lake and the first half-mile on Eagle Head Roads, for an anticipated cost to each township of $600 to $700. Mike was concerned about the cost, but he and Gary said the work needs to be done.  Mike moved that we authorize Danforth Township to hire the boom mower and cut the brush on our range-line roads; Gary seconded. Mike asked Jeff to let Paul know the name and phone number of the boom operator so we can see about hiring him for our township roads.

Langstrom Road Brush Clearing: Joe said he talked with Erickson’s and they approved cutting the trees and brush on the first quarter-mile of Langstrom Road.  Mike said that when we contacted them, they said they wanted to do the cutting, but couldn’t do it until 2011.  Eldon said he sees Erickson once in awhile, and he will talk to him next time he sees him.  Dave Drake said that Arna will be cutting brush after the first quarter-mile, which is state land, and any work done this year will be Arna’s responsibility.  There was a question if a landowner can be forced to remove trees and rocks on their rights-of-way on township roads.

Bids for Town Hall Windows:  JR Construction and Jason Phaller both submitted bids for the window project:  JR bid $6,657 for the project, and Jason $4,025.  Mike moved that we accept Jason Phaller’s bid, and that the project be completed by October 1.  Robert Weiher from JR Construction said that he would complete the doors for us at no additional cost whether or not he wins the bid.  Mike will notify Jason Phaller and Paul will write to Robert Weiher to tell him his bid lost, but we hope to have the doors installed by October 1.

Back Steps: Mike hasn’t been to the cities yet, but hopes to go to Menards soon to get the materials to replace the steps.  He will do the work.

Road Billing: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey for grading Heller Drive on July 2 and August 3, 1 hour @ $150, New Dosey’s half, $75.

Grader Repairs: Mark said the air conditioning went out on the grader.  Dave Maser said he would recharge it for $150.  The grader needs two new cutting edge blades, about $147 each, and 55 gallons of transmission fluid, which costs $460.  Mike moved that Mark be authorized to get all the repairs and parts and materials needed.  Gary seconded.

Mink Farm Escrow Account: Paul asked if T & T Logging will be getting any of their escrow back for the Mink Farm Road.  Mark has had to grade it to pull the gravel back to form a crown after T & T cut it down. Gary said it will need gravel and more blading, and the total will likely eat up the entire $500.  Glen said that we need a breakdown on all the work and gravel done so we can give an accounting to T & T.  Joe said we should break it down with dates and details and have it all documented.

Township Assessor: Bob Brewster sent a contract for 2011 assessments, for 276 non-exempt parcels at $5.50 each, a total of $1,518.00. Mike moved that we contract with Bob Brewster for 2011.  Glen seconded.

Notary Stamp:  Paul asked for authorization to buy a notary stamp. Gary said this was approved at the last meeting.

Market Value Reduction: Glen said this does not apply to our township as we have fewer than 1,000 citizens.

Trees Blocking Town Hall Exit View: Mark said the trees block the view of the grader as it exits the driveway, and he said Duane may be willing to cut them for free for the wood.  The Supervisors went out to check the trees and said that Gary will mark the ones to be cut.  Mike moved that we have the trees cut at no cost, preferably by Duane Glienke, and that he get the wood.

September Board Meeting: The first Wednesday of September is Sept. 1.  Paul will be in Puerto Rico and asked if we could change it to the second Wednesday, Sept. 8.  Glen moved that we change the meeting date and post and publish this.

Automark Test: Paul said the Automark public test was pretty successful, although our machine won’t spit out the ballots without a key. The Township News says we have to have four judges next Tuesday, but Patrice said we’ve never needed four before.  We will ask Cathy Clemmer at the training tomorrow.  Barb Smith, Toni Williamson, Patrice and Paul will all be trained.

MAT Educational Conference: Glen said he appreciates the opportunity to serve as chairman, but feels a need to get more training and for our town to learn how to be more represented  and have more of an impact on the state.  He said MAT is sponsoring an educational conference in Duluth November 18 through 20, and he will be asking the board to send him.  He will find out the cost for the tuition and motel, and bring it up at the September meeting.

Legal Seminar: Our attorney is sponsoring another all-day legal seminar for all the township officials who were shut out of the first one.  It is free and will be Thursday, Sept. 9 in Albertville.  Our supervisors are already approved and accepted for attendance.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the treasurer’s report (attached).  Bills for August were presented:

Mark Pallow                                       $        124.67

Paul Raymond                                                       140.38

Paul Raymond (non-taxable; expenses)                   32.64

Gary Vink                                                             94.20

Patrice Winfield (non-taxable, judging)          42.50

Patrice Winfield                                                     86.81

Mike McCullen                                                      71.11

Glenford Williamson                                              28.39

ECE                                                                      44.64

Total bills:                                $        665.34

Mike moved to pay all the bills, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $600 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the record of the June meeting; Glen corrected the number of people the campground sponsored for the pancake breakfast, 55, not 53. Mike moved to approve the amended record; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Park Driveway: Gary patched the culvert and filled the hole in the Town Park driveway. Crooked Lake Rd. Haulers: Gary spoke to truckers hauling sand on Crooked Lake Road, to inform them of the escrow requirement. They did the hauling before he could stop them, but did no damage. Heller Drive: The road was pretty sloppy after the rain, and Mark felt it needed gravel, but after drying out and grading, Gary said it was ok. Gary cut trees and checked various township roads. Vink Road: Qwest was cutting a phone line on the Vink Road, and Gary marked the culverts so they wouldn’t cut them, and cut some brush. Mark did some grading on townline and escrow roads, but Gary said it wasn’t enough to bill and said he would like to wait a month so we have more to bill.

Crooked Lake/Eagle Head Roads: Danforth is doing their own grading with a mini-grader operated by Ralph. They did most of Crooked Lake Road, but haven’t done any work on Eagle Head Road. Gary had to cut some of the brush on Eagle Head Road. The board is concerned that their grader isn’t up to the task. Mike moved that Paul write to Danforth Township and relate our concerns that the road is not adequately maintained and that the washout in the ditch past Kelch’s has not been repaired, and no maintenance has been done on Eagle Head Road, and that we ask them to attend our August 4th Board meeting. Gary seconded.

Duncan Road Project: Gary priced culverts: 12” x 30’ culvert is $285; 24’ x 12” is $228. A 15’ diameter culvert x 30’ is $339; 24’ is $264. The project needs two culverts, and Gary says 12” should be adequate. The road is 16’wide, but we need a longer culvert because of the backfill. Gary has called about gravel, but it has been too wet to do the work, and some gravel suppliers know that the road is soft.

Old Graders: Gary and Paul took photos of the two old graders and sent the information to Central Parts Connection, a source Mark found. If they don’t buy them, they may ship them out for parts.

Township Summer Short Course: Patrice and Gary and Paul attended last Thursday. Paul got part of his election training, and Patrice got training on CTAS. She reported that she will need to change the account numbers so all townships use universal codes, and she is still trying to work out the Certificate of Deposits investments in the new CTAS program. She ordered a disc of the CTAS updates. Gary attended sessions on Workers Comp and investment and indebtedness issues. He said investments should designate what fund they go into. He said that transfers can be made from any fund that has a surplus, including Road and Bridge. Glen asked if the town could invest in stocks; Gary said they discourage any risky investments.

Paul has to get a notary stamp and he can act as a legal notary, and said he would do notary services for citizens when they can’t get to town.

Township Insurance Coverage: Glen asked who owns the fire hall? Mike said that in all three townships the fire halls are owned by the townships, not the fire department.

Windows for Town Hall: Mark and Gary haven’t heard from JB Construction about the doors for the town hall. They’d agreed to put in two doors for free, but not in writing. We have their window replacement bid, but the requirements have changed a little. Mike got the bid from Jason Phaller, to replace all the existing windows with double-hung, wood-framed windows with screens, and to cut a new 60” x 48” window on the stage. His estimate included two steel doors and all the trim; total bid, $5,275. Patrice copied the specs Jason provided so she can get a bid on the same thing from the Roberts, who did her home.

NEW BUSINESS: Population Estimate: The State Demographer said we have 66 people living in 38 homes in Wilma Township. We don’t know how they arrive at that number, and this may change when the U.S. Census results come in.

Tic Diseases: There have been several people in our fire department and area coming down with serious tick diseases. Al Wolf and Don Mishler both got one of the serious diseases, Anaplasmosis or Babesiosis, and Glen had Lyme’s disease. Mark said his friend was dead in a week from a tick bite in his belly button. The board confirmed the need for thorough tick checks and treatment.

Campground Event: Glen said he no longer needs to report events as special events as his license was expanded to 166 campsites over the previous 64.

Wilma Fall Fest: Glen said we have a $400 budget for the Fall Fest. He moved that we set the date for October 23, two weeks before hunting season. Mike seconded. They said we should have the windows and doors done by that time.

Propane Prebuy: Federated is offering propane at $1.79/gallon. We usually prebuy 1,000 gallons. We didn’t use it all in our mild winter last year, but Mike moved that we pay for 1,000 gallons, with credit for our unused prebuy from last year. Glen seconded.

First Responders: The hospital had been making contributions to the fire departments for the work the first responders do, but they said they will no longer do this, and first responders will have no compensation. Mike said he will bring this up at the fire association meeting, and it may come to the point where we will no longer provide first responders.

Town Hall Steps: Mike said he didn’t get to buy the risers and wood for the back steps; he will take care of this soon.


Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Patrice Winfield (expenses) $ 63.00

Joe Vink (expenses) 46.50

U.S. Treasury (2nd quarter deductions) 431.08

Pine Co. Treasurer (assessments) 317.00

Federated Coop (tank rental) 10.69

ECE 54.48

Federated Coop (prebuy) 1,503.63

Mike McCullen 33.25

Mark Pallow 274.28

Paul Raymond 216.10

Patrice Winfield 212.40

Gary Vink 305.68

Glen Williamson 37.87

Total Bills $ 3,569.54

Glen moved to pay all the bills, to approve the treasurer’s report, and to transfer $3,600 from savings to checking. Gary seconded. Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk