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Town Hall Siding:  The bid for vinyl siding we got from the builders who did our ramp was $6,089, and for steel, $8,762.  Glen said we should get another bid, and we should ask them what the cost would be if they put up Styrofoam insulation between the walls and the siding, and also if they installed new, double-hung insulated windows.  Gary said he spoke to a professional painter to get a bid for scraping and repainting the Town Hall, but that he has not gotten back to Gary yet.  Glen moved that Mark contact the contractors and get a new proposal for both steel and vinyl and which includes insulation and windows.   Gary seconded.

Township Zoning Ordinances: The County Dept. of Planning and Zoning sent us a form indicating that they thought we had a zoning ordinance, but that they don’t have it on file as recorded.   We don’t.   Glen directed Paul to return the verification form and tell them that we currently do not have any zoning.

Duxbury Store 3.2 Beer License: The Chairman and Clerk had to sign the application for a 3.2 beer license for the store.  Glen moved that the Board adopt a resolution granting the Duxbury Store a 3.2 license for 2009; Gary seconded.   Paul signed it as a notary public and as the Clerk.

Resolution Authorizing Contract with Interested Officer: Glen moved that since Gary does periodic work for the Township outside of his duties as Supervisor, that we adopt a resolution authorizing him to do this work (such as lawn mowing and ground maintenance) for a one year  under Minnesota Statute 471.88, subdv. 5, rather than having to pass a resolution every time Gary gets paid.  This resolution will be reviewed for renewal at the first meeting after the next annual meeting in March.  Gary seconded.

Spring Road Inspection Report: The Supervisors did the spring road inspection this morning.   Gary gave the report (attached).  Glen moved that he and Gary document and photograph the damages done by T & T Logging on the South Duncan Road, and that we send this documentation to T & T with a bill for the cost to repair these damages.  Gary seconded.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached).   Bills were presented:

ECE                                                            $           41.44

The Evergreen                                                         56.00

Mark Pallow (mileage for road inspection)             33.00

Glen Williamson (mileage)                                   210.00

Paul Raymond                                                     258.58

Patrice Winfield                                                       92.35

Gary Vink                                                            117.74

Mark Pallow                                                        170.85

Federated Propane                                               1,499.00

Total all bills                           $       2,692.52

Gary moved to approve the treasurer’s report and to pay all the bills, and to transfer $2,700 from savings to checking.  Glen seconded.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk