Wilma Township Adopted Bugdet for 2010


Wilma Township Adopted Budget for 2010

2009                              2010 Road and Bridge                           20,000                           15,000 Building Fund                              1,200 1,200                    Fire Fund                                  3,500                            3,500 Park Fund                                    400                             0                                General Fund                              12,000                           12,000 Debt Service Fund                         25,200 0 2008 2009 WAGES Chairman                              17.50/hour                17.50/hour Supervisor                    15.00/hour                15.00/hour Clerk                            75.00/meeting             75.00/mtg. Treasurer                      65.00/meeting             65.00/mtg. Clerk and Treasurer bookkeeping and reports                     10.00/hour     General Labor              15.00/hour                15.00/hour Major Mech.                 30.00/hour                30.00/hour Mech. Asst.. 15.00/hour                15.00/hour                            Grader Op.                   16.00/hr                  16.00/hour Out of Town Meetings                  35.00/half day            50.00/half                                      65.00/full y            100.00/full Election Judges 10.00/hour                10.00/hr.       Mileage:  $ .55/mile for officers, judges, delegated township representatives, for judges training, township officers training, and association meetings, etc. SNOWPLOWING:                          75.00/per season 75.00 Driveways over 700 feet:             100.00/per season          100.00 No closed gates (operator will not get down from grader).   Must have turnaround space. Fees due by 1st Wednesday of November, 2009.   Year-round residents only.   Special plowing, $150 per hour; one hour minimum.



Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 12 noon at the Duxbury Bar with the Pledge of Allegiance.   Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Sr., Treasurer Patrice Winfield and Clerk Paul Raymond.

Mike was sworn in as Supervisor for a three-year term;  Patrice was sworn in as Treasurer for a two-year term.   Paul read the record of last year’s Board of Reorganization.

Mike asked if the voters had voted zero levies, would this be legal?   The voters have the authority to set any levy amounts, but we would not get any gas tax revenue if they voted less than $12,000 for Road and Bridge.  Mike moved that the Board confirm the will of the citizens at our Annual Town Meeting regarding wages, fees, mileage payment, and snowplowing fees for 2009.   Glen seconded.  Glen said that the Supervisors were required to attend the Annual Meeting for the Board of Canvass and Gary for the Road Report, and therefore they should be paid.   He moved for the record that any meeting that a township official is required to attend be reimbursed at the hourly rate, minimum one hour.  Mike seconded.

2009 SHORT COURSES:  Patrice has a conflict with the April 2nd Short Course in Grand Rapids, so she and Paul will attend the Short Course in St. Cloud on Monday, and Donna and Glen will go to Grand Rapids.  Glen asked that Paul and Patrice get the information on township officer dental insurance when they go. We are still planning on attending the Pine County Township Officers meeting on March 28 in Hinckley.   Glen will be picking up Paul and Patrice at 8 a.m.

FUST BRIDGE:   Mike got a couple of calls from the Pine County Soil and Water District regarding the bridge on Fust’s private land.  Mike said this is not a township bridge and we have no jurisdiction over it.

VINK ROAD SIGN:   Glen moved that we replace the damaged Vink Road sign.   Gary said the threat of damage has passed.   Mike seconded.   Paul will write to Steiben to get a new sign.

OFFICERS FOR 2009:   Mike nominated Glen for Chairman for 2009.   Gary seconded.   There were no other nominations and Glen was elected.

Gary moved to adjourn; Mike seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Ordinance


The Wilma Township Board of Supervisors has adopted a Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Ordinance pursuant to Minnesota Rules Chapter 7080.
A permit shall be obtained whenever any sewage treatment system is installed,
replaced, altered, repaired or extended in Wilma Township. Permits shall
be obtained from Ms. Gail Kespohl, Pine Septic and Design, Inc. 41788 Fleming Logging Road, Hinckley, MN 55037 320/384-7911

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Logging and Hauling Escrow Deposit Required


Any company or individual doing commercial logging or hauling or project work using township roads shall pay a $500 deposit to cover any township road damage caused by logging or hauling activities.   Deposit will be held in escrow to be returned, minus damages, when activities cease.

Paul Raymond, Clerk
52938 Tamarack River Road
Markville, MN 55072

Sludge Resolution, November 5, 2003


A resolution of the Board of Supervisors of Wilma Township, Pine County, Minnesota, November 5, 2003

Whereas in January, 2003, the Pine County Board of Commissioners lifted the twelve-year ban on the importation and spreading of sludge (biosolids as a byproduct of municipal wastewater treatment plants) in Pine County and,

Whereas the safety of sludge in the Wilma Township watersheds has not been demonstrated or proved and,

Whereas the possibility exists of permanent contamination from sludge with mercury or cadmium, endangering the health and safety of Wilma Township residents,

Be it therefore resolved that:  No sludge shall be imported, stored, or spread in any part of Wilma Township, Pine County, Minnesota.

The Board of Supervisors of the Town of Wilma

Robert Skorczewski, Chairman

Gary Vink, Supervisor

Randy Michel, Supervisor



Clerk Paul Raymond called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 8:10 p.m., following the Township election and Board of Canvass.  The first order of business was electing a moderator for the meeting.  Patrice Winfield nominated Glenford Williamson, Sr. to moderate; Donna Filler seconded.   Glen took the chair.  Also present were Tony Williamson, Mark Pallow, April Filler, Gary Vink, Michael McCullen, Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke, and Dennis Schmedeke.

Glen called for the Clerk’s reading of the record of last year’s Annual Town Meeting.   Gary moved to approve the record; Dennis seconded.  All aye.

FINANCIAL REPORT:   Paul presented the Financial Report for 2008 as prepared by Patrice Winfield, Treasurer.  Gary moved to waive the reading of all the checks and to approve the Financial Report as written.  Tony seconded.

ELECTION RESULTS:   Glen read the results of the election:   There were 15 registered voters, including two new registrations.  Michael McCullen was reelected Supervisor with 14 votes; Patrice was reelected Treasurer with 14 votes.  Glen congratulated the candidates and the voters applauded them.

ROAD REPORT:   Gary gave the road report for 2008.  He said the grader is 100% paid off.

The following roads received gravel in 2008:

Eagle Head Road; Crooked Lake Road; Heller Drive;  McCullen Drive; Tamarack Pine Drive; Duncan Roads North and South; Fust Road; Pete Anderson Road; Langstrom Road; The Mayfield Road; Little Tamarack Lake Road; and River Cabin Road.  There was no gravel put down on Kenny Peterson Road, Schmedeke Lane, or Mona Drive.   Mark said that the

Kenny Peterson Road needs gravel.

Gary said that most of the money to gravel Little Tamarack Lake Road came from the escrow deposits of ECE and       Park Falls Hardwoods, since they did the damage to the road.  The repairs to Crooked Lake Road came from Carlson

Timber’s escrow account.   T & T Logging’s escrow account paid for most of the repairs on the North and South Duncan Roads.   Gary said that after we had repaired the damage T & T did, putting down gravel and building up the crown and  opening up the drainage lines, T & T came back in and logged again and filled the ditches in again and wrecked the road.

We haven’t gotten payment for this but Gary said he thinks they may have some more escrow monies for the Pete Anderson

Road that we can use for this.

Mark said that before winter started all our roads were in pretty good shape.   The Supervisors will do a road inspection when the roads dry out.

Eldon said he wants a complete accounting of every penny that has gone into our new grader, including the trip and travel expenses when Mark and Joe went down to buy it, plus all repairs and equipment added or replaced since we purchased it.

Eldon said that Schmedeke Lane has not been plowed all winter, and that he nearly fell trying to walk up this road to get access to his camper, and that Marjorie fell trying to walk up this road.   Gary said that he did not authorize plowing it because the county said this road was surveyed wrong and that they were going to move it eventually.   Paul moved that until this road is actually moved that we maintain it equally to all other township roads.  Patrice seconded.

FIRE DEPARTMENT:  Paul said that Ronald McCullen had asked that we bring up the suggestion of pursuing having the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department, which now serves three townships (Arna, New Dosey, and Wilma), be funded by a direct assessment of all the property owners in the three townships, just like the Tri-Township Disposal District is funded.  They are an independent agency serving all the people in five townships, and every property owner is assessed an annual $30 fee, no matter how many parcels they own.   This has been enough for the Disposal District to pay for the twice-monthly garbage pickups and to purchase a new garbage truck, and to reduce rates from $36/year to $30.   There was a discussion.   Eldon asked if we would still levy $3,500 from the taxpayers.   Mike said this wouldn’t be necessary.  Mike said that each town in the Volunteer Fire Department

has their own truck and fire hall, and including the other two towns has greatly increased the number of available trained firemen and women for fire calls.  Paul made a motion that Wilma Township pursue this suggestion and write to the other town boards and ask for their feedback and input, and ask the County Auditor for the mechanics of doing this.   Mike seconded and said that as a member of all three boards, the Town Board, the Tri-Township Disposal District, and the Volunteer Fire Department, he would gather facts and feedback and information to present to the Board.   Proposal passed.

WILMA FALL FEST:   Glen said that Wilma Days started three years ago to succeed Duxbury Days and has been held in October to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Wilma Township.  This year we renamed it Wilma Fall Fest and set it for the third week in October, with a potluck dinner and d.j. and dance.  Glen asked if we wanted to leave it to the Board to set the funding for this celebration or if the Town should do it tonight.   Donna moved that we set a budget of $500 for this years Fall Fest; Tony seconded.   Motion defeated 7 to 5.   Mike moved that we set a budget of $400; Patrice seconded.  This passed.

UPGRADING TOWN HALL:  Paul said that we need to put siding on the Town Hall and repair the foundation and possibly put in double pane windows or get storm windows.   Eldon gave reasons he believes we should build a new town hall and not put any money into upgrading or improving our existing one.  He said he believes our Township is a county laughingstock, with our new outdoor bathroom set in front of the Town Hall, and that there is inadequate parking and no room for the fire trucks to get out.   We have no signs against parking on the road which blocks fire trucks.  He said we had an opportunity to have a new road put into our park land and have a clearing made when we let out the poplar timber bid, and we blew this opportunity by letting Duane Glienke access the timber from the back of the land.   Glen asked Paul to read the record of last year’s Town Meeting where a committee was created to get information on the costs and logistics of building a new Town Hall; he asked what happened to this committee?   Eldon said he felt that he had no support and that those who did not want a new Town Hall would prevail, so they didn’t waste their time.  Glen said that the issue of bids and contracts has been resolved in that all new contracts must have the signature of all three Supervisors.  He went around the room asking each citizen to give their feedback and opinion.   Gary said he believes we cannot afford the taxes to build a new Town Hall, and that our existing one should be painted or sided, and that the park site would be much more difficult to watch and protect.  Paul said he loves our Town Hall and has never heard anyone make fun of it;  it does need siding and some foundation repair, but his taxes have gone up beyond what he can afford already, and a new Town Hall could cost over $100,00, plus heating it all winter would add more expense.  April said that if we keep this Town Hall we need to heat it and insulate it and have indoor plumbing and move the privy.  Mark said the new bathroom had to be put in that location.  Donna said we should paint our existing Town Hall.   Patrice said she hates vinyl siding and it cracks, and she would prefer paint.  If we side it we should use steel siding.

Marjorie said that she and Eldon have vinyl siding and it hasn’t cracked.  Tony said that our Town Hall has a long and wonderful history and that we should keep it but fix it up.  Gary said that Melvin Elliot told him oil-based paint would last much longer than latex and that it should be thoroughly scraped first.  Mike said he thinks scraping wouldn’t be enough; it needs a complete sandblasting.  He said he thinks we have a great old building and he believes siding would last longer than our lifetimes and would be more economical in the long run than continual repainting.   Mark said we lose 80% of our heat through the roof, and we should blow insulation up into the ceiling.  Dennis said we should not put any more money than we absolutely have to into our current building.   Marg said she just can’t see keeping this building.

TOWNSHIP WEBSITE:  Paul said that we have two websites, Duxburynews.info and Wilmatownship.com.   The Wilma Township site is our official posting site for minutes, records and notices, plus information about our town.   So far the developer and maintainer of this site has worked voluntarily, but Paul said he believes this is such a valuable tool that the site creator should be reimbursed.   He suggested $200 per year.  Glen said that a site of our quality would have cost thousands of dollars if we’d outsourced it or contracted it, and we probably wouldn’t have a website.  Patrice moved that we pay Aspire, Incorporated, $200 to continue to maintain and update our Township Website (note:  Glen Williamson is the owner of Aspire).  Dennis seconded.  Passed.

2010 LEVIES:   ROAD AND BRIDGE:  Eldon asked how our levies are paid.  Paul said that when the Township citizens approve a levy that he reports the amount to the County Auditor who then assesses each taxpayer for their part of the total levies, and this money is paid to the town twice a year.  Eldon said that since the Road and Bridge Fund still has almost $28,000, we don’t need to levy $20,000 for 2010.   He moved that we set the levy at $15,000.  Paul seconded.  Passed.

BUILDING FUND; FIRE FUND; PARK FUND; GENERAL FUND:   The Board had proposed $1,200 for Building (no change from 2009); $3,500 for Fire (no change); zero for Park, since there is $4,500 in the fund now; $12,000 for General (no change).  Dennis moved that all these proposed levies be adopted as proposed.  Patrice seconded.  The Debt Service Fund has been dissolved as the grader is paid off.

WAGES:    The Board has proposed to keep all wages the same in 2010 as 2009:  Chairman, $17.50/hour; Supervisors:  $15.00/hour; Clerk, $75/meeting; Treasurer, $65/meeting; Reports, $10/hour; General Labor, $15/hour; Major Mechanic, $30/hour; Mechanic’s Assistant, $15/hour; Grader Operator, $16/hour; and Election Judges, $10/hour.  Patrice moved to keep all wages the same for 2010 as 2009; Donna seconded.  This passed.

OUT OF TOWN MEETINGS:   The Board had proposed to increase the pay for full-day out of town meetings from $65 to $100.  Eldon asked why the change; Paul said these meetings plus travel can last over 12 hours, and we currently are paying a little over $5/hour.  Eldon said Arna is only paying $65 and he moved and Dennis seconded to keep full day out of town meetings at $65.    Motion failed.   Tony moved and Patrice seconded to increase the out of town meetings to $100 full day and $50 half day.  This passed.

SNOWPLOWING:   Patrice moved to keep the snowplow rate at $75 per season, and $100 for driveways over 700 feet.   Dennis seconded.  Dennis asked that he be plowed out rather than in; Glen gave him Mark’s phone number so he can tell him how he wants it done.

BOARD OF REORGANIZATION:   This will be Thursday, March 19, at the Duxbury store.   Glen said let Mike set the time since he has to be there to be sworn in.

2010 ANNUAL MEETING:   Paul moved that next year’s annual Town Meeting be the second Tuesday of March following the Township election; Tony seconded.

BOARD OF EQUALIZATION/APPEAL:   This will be Wednesday, April 15 at 10 a.m.

POSTING, PUBLISHING, BANKING:   Paul moved that we keep the Pine County Courier as our paper of record, with the Evergreen and the Township Website as secondary publishers;  that the Town Hall and the Duxbury Store be our posting sites; that we keep First National Bank as our bank of deposit;  Patrice seconded.  This passed.

April moved that we adjourn the meeting; Dennis seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 10:10 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk



Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.   Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Sr., Treasurer Patrice McCullen,  and Clerk Paul Raymond.

Clerk’s Report: Paul read the record of the February meeting; Glen moved to approve; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Snowplowing fees: We got Alden Shute’s check for snowplowing; there had been a mixup at the bank.

Road and Bridge Levy: Cathy Clemmer, County Auditor, sent letters to the Supervisors telling them that our Road and Bridge levy for 2010 has to be at least .04835% of our total 2008 taxable market value in our township, which was $25,225,800, or $12,197.   We are asking for a levy of  $20,000, so if that passes, we will be OK.

Qwest ditching work: Qwest sent a letter asking if we required special permits to ditch and bury phone lines on township roads.   Paul responded that we wanted to be notified before any ditch work to prevent any culverts being cut.

Grader blade: We got a bill for $327.93 for the cutting edge on the wing of the blade.

Highway Dept. Bridge Inspection Report: We got a copy of the bridge inspection report for our township for bridges and culverts on county roads.

Escrow Account: Patrice went through the Escrow Account to try to reconcile our books with the bank record.  We found one deposit that had not been transferred from Escrow to Road and Bridge, from Park Falls Hardwoods.  Gary said that in 2008 we put gravel and did grading to repair Little Tamarack Lake Road for a total of $1,000, $500 from ECE and $500 from Park Falls Hardwoods.  Glen moved to make this transfer from Road and Bridge into Escrow.   Mike seconded.   After this transfer, the Escrow Account totals $4,101.75.

NEW BUSINESS:  Election Tuesday: The Township election is Tuesday, March 10, starting at 5 p.m.   Pat McCullen will need an absentee ballot; Paul will bring it to her.

Township Short Course: The closest Short Courses for this Spring are in St. Cloud March 23 or Thursday, April 2, in Grand Rapids.   Glen said the April 2 Short Course is best for him;  Paul and Patrice will also ride with him, and maybe Gary.  Mike moved that any officers who wanted to go be authorized to attend the Spring Short Course.  Gary seconded.

County Township Officers Meeting: This will be Sat. March 28, in Hinckley at 9: a.m.  There are at least two positions on the board open.    Glen said Joe Drilling is pretty ill and  may not be able to attend.  Mike said he’d heard Joe is going back to work.  Glen said the meetings pay $35 and are usually in Hinckley at Frank Grundemeir’s home.   Mileage is not reimbursed.

Board of Appeal/Equalization: This will be Wednesday, April 15, at 10 a.m. at the Town Hall.

Town Hall Repairs: Mike said this is the year we need to make repairs on the Town Hall foundation and to the Fire Hall damages from the tornado that was never properly repaired.  It’s too late to get insurance money for it, but we should have enough in the building fund to do the foundations and to re-side the Town Hall.   We can also make transfers from other funds that have a surplus.

Snowplowing: Paul will bill New Dosey and Arna for the February 27 storm snowplowing.  New Dosey, 20 minutes, $45, New Dosey’s ½ = $22.50;  Arna, 40 minutes, $100, Arna’s ½ = $50.

Dental Insurance: Glen said he would like to know about enrolling in the Township Association’s Dental Insurance Program.  Gary said we need at least two officers, and if they are willing to pay the premiums, they can sign up.  We can get the details at the Short Course.

CTAS Accounting System: Glen and Patrice will meet at Paul’s house at 1 p.m. Friday to install the CTAS Accounting Program on his computer so that both the Clerk and Treasurer can do all the town books on computer, and eliminate the old accounting ledgers.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice presented the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Bills were presented:

Patrice Winfield (expenses)                                  $                             7.27

ECE                                                                                                                49.36

Pine County Courier                                                                              30.08

Little Falls Machine                                                                             317.93

Michael McCullen                                                                                       24.24

Paul Raymond                                                                                  96.97

Mark Pallow                                                                                             132.08

Patrice Winfield                                                                                      242.41

Glenford Williamson, Sr.                                                                      33.47

Gary Vink                                                                                                   54.26

TOTAL ALL BILLS      $                                                                      988.97

Glen moved to pay all the bills, to approve the Treasurer’s report, and to transfer $1,000 from savings to checking.   Mike seconded.   Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk