Regular Meeting, December 5, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Glenford Williamson and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon Schmedeke and Scott Quady.

Paul read the record of the November meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Dollar Lake Road Entrance: The Pine County Highway Dept. told Paul that the county would likely do the work to widen the entrance to Dollar Lake Road next spring. Mark LeBrun said that if the township gets a permit to widen the entrance that the county would pay for it.

Pete Anderson Road Culvert: Mike checked the culvert that Dennis Slomka put in on the Pete Anderson Road after Melvin Elliot complained about it. Mike says the culvert is installed very poorly; it’s crooked and a foot above the bottom of the ditch. Gary said that if it were deeper it would get plugged up with debris, and that it is deeper than the old culvert; the ditch is 4′ deep and the culvert is 3′. Gary said that Slomka has put in many culverts and knows what he is doing. Mike said the ditch will be full of water even if it drains with the culvert so high.

Gary said he went to Eldon Schmedeke to apologize for misstating the size of the culvert that used to be at his driveway entrance on Pete Anderson Road. Eldon said he wanted a 32′ culvert so that he could get a truck into his land. Gary said that a longer culvert would have required more ditching and clearing, and that he intended to cover the culvert, but that Eldon covered it with gravel before we could get to it. Gary said that if it doesn’t drain this spring, that we will redo the culvert.

Property Taxes: Mike said everyone’s taxes are going up astronomically, and that the township grader levy is a big bite, and that the township needs to watch our finances and budget to control these tax increases.

Duncan Road Survey: The county surveyor copied all of our original town road records and wrote a report on the Duncan Road survey indicating that the original survey was correct and would stand. Eldon said that he feels that no one on the town board is concerned that Schmedeke Lane is being moved 60′ from where it is supposed to be, and that if it were Eagle Head Road the board would be more concerned. Eldon said that the surveyor is wrong; he had Schmedeke Lane as a 12 foot cartway, when it is a full width township road. The entrance culvert is 32′ wide. He is afraid they intend to replace it with a 12′ cartway. Gary said that the county maintains that the original surveys are correct and that this does not affect other landowners, but that the county does intend to re-survey Duncan Road this spring, and if things change, we will deal with it then. Gary said there is no point in continuing the discussion until this survey is complete. Glen said he wanted to express his gratitude to Eldon for all the work and research he has done on the surveys and for devoting so much time to this issue. Mike said that even back in 1911 and 1917 the surveyors did not agree and that this has been an issue for years. Gary said we need to let it rest until the new survey is done.

Grace’s Lake Sisterman Easement: Lisa Sisterman said that they are ready to move ahead with getting the easement rights from the DNR for their place on Grace’s Lake. They will get all the applications and forms from the DNR and send them to the Town Board, who has to make the easement application. Gary said we have no intention of making this a township road, and we will wait until the Sistermans forward all the documents and information.

NEW BUSINESS: Garbage Board Meetings: Mike asked that he be appointed the township representative for Wilma Township at the garbage board meetings. He attended the last one for Gary and said that his questions prevented the board from wasting money. The board intended to pay thousands of dollars of taxes on their new truck, but Mike told them to check and see if they are tax exempt; he believes they are as a non-profit agency. Mike said all the other township representatives signed off on the tax, but him. Gary moved that Mike be appointed Wilma Township Representative on the garbage board. Glen seconded.

Snowplowing: Mike said that we’re having all these grader problems and breakdowns because we are spending so much time plowing roads with no residents. He does not believe that these roads need to be plowed at every snowfall to keep them maintained; we could be doing more harm than good, and we are certainly putting wear and tear on the grader. Glen said we could put a moratorium on plowing roads without residents and see how people react. Glen said he would prefer that we not have a motion on record saying we will not snowplow roads without permanent residents, but that Gary be empowered to decide at each snowfall what roads would be plowed. Mike said that he wants it on the record, and he moved that Wilma Township not snowplow township roads that do not have permanent residents on them except for a pull-off space of about 20′ – 30′ for people to pull in off of the county road to park. Glen seconded the motion. Gary abstained. Motion passed.

Grader Tires: Gary said we need two new tires for the grader for the front where it articulates. We got a quote from Glen’s Tire in Mora for $309 apiece, which Gary said is a good deal for 16-ply tires. Mike said this should include the mounting. Eldon asked if the supervisors have checked with the county to get in on the cooperative purchasing venture; we may get a better deal. Gary thanked Eldon for the suggestion and said he would contact them.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Glen Williamson $ 24.26

Paul Raymond 70.76

Mark Pallow 480.22

Patrice Winfield 112.66

Mike McCullen 70.41

Hopkins Sand and Gravel 176.00

FNBN 2,000.00

Glen’s Tire 101.77

Dennis Slomka 325.00

ECE 28.22

Town & Country Oil 962.15

Total Bills 4,351.43

Glen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the bills, and to transfer $4,300 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Rangeline Road Billing: Gary asked Paul to bill neighboring townships for snowplowing:

Danforth Township: Plowing Eagle Head and Crooked Lake Roads, 12/4 and 12/5/07, 3 hours, Danforth’s half: $225.00.

Mona Drive: $150, to be taken from the Escrow Account.

Arna Township: Gary hasn’t figured out this bill yet.

New Dosey Township: Snowplowing Heller Drive, 12/4 and 12/5/07: $75 (New Dosey’s half).

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. Patrice brought homemade chocolate cream and cherry pies for everyone to share after the meeting.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, November 7, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Ronald McCullen and Eldon Schmedeke.

Paul read the record of the October meeting. Mike moved to approve and Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Pete Anderson Road Culvert/Eldon Driveway: Eldon said that he had been willing to pay half for the culvert into his land if the town put in a full 32′ 18″ diameter culvert, but without him being notified, a 20′ culvert 12″ diameter was put in. He said it was not buried deep enough and left 6″ of water on his land, and it wasn’t completely covered so he had to take his own gravel and cover it; he said Slomka did a very poor job; the culvert isn’t in the center of the road. Gary said the 20′ culvert replaced a 16′ culvert, and that he couldn’t call Eldon to notify him when the work was being done because he does not have Eldon’s phone number.

TOWN LINE ROAD WORK: Gary asked Paul to bill Arna $150 for the installation of the culvert in Pete Anderson Road; $136 for the culvert; $15 for 8 yards of class 5 gravel at $3.75/yard; hauling and loading $55; 2 hours of labor, $30; (all of this is ½ of the total cost, total $386.50. We will also bill New Dosey $75, their half for blading and clearing berms off of the Heller Road on 10/25 for the winter. Also Danforth $225, their half for 3 hours of blading Eagle Head and Crooked Lake Roads on 10/25. We will deduct $225 from Potlatch’s escrow account for repairs on this road.

JENSEN’S SNOWPLOWING: Bob Jensen went to the County Attorney who told him the township had to plow every private drive, not just full-time residents. Paul called the township attorney, who said there is nothing in the statute which authorizes towns to plow private drives that requires that they plow every drive, but that if it goes to court the court would want us to have a compelling reason for restricting plowing to year-around residents. Mike said we do have a compelling reason. Year-round residents need to be plowed first, after township roads, because they have school and jobs and medical needs to be able to get out. If we plowed everyone, the residents wouldn’t get plowed out on time, or the grader would have to backtrack and it would take a great deal of added time and expense. The Jensen drive is very difficult to plow; it is steep and full of rocks, and possibly wouldn’t qualify even it were a year-round residence.

HAVA Grant/Secretary of State: Gary got a call from the Secretary of State’s office regarding our application for a grant to build a handicapped-accessible ramp for the town hall. They told him that the grant limit is $6,000 since they had so many applications, and that they may have some more questions about our application; for one thing, having a sidewalk to the outhouse may not come under their guidelines. They didn’t think we could complete it by winter, but we have until next August to finish the work.

Town Website: Glen got it renewed for three years for $44, less than expected.

Fire Hall Tornado Damage: Ron said that the fire department is discovering that there was much more damage from the 1998 tornado than we thought; the whole fire hall slid from the force of the wind, knocking it out of alignment and distorting the door frames. He asked it it were too late to make an insurance claim; Mike said the time limit has long passed.

NEW BUSINESS: County Township Officers Meeting: Glen, Patrice and Paul all attended the County Township Officers’ Meeting. There was a lot of valuable information, and all county supervisors were there, plus the Sheriff Mansavage and Mark LeBrun and Dale Powers and our state district representatives. One reason property taxes are so high and increasing is the county’s $32 million dollar budget, with many mandates and a decrease in govt. aid. Their goal was to cut all non-mandated expenses, but the budget still went up 7 ½%. The County deals with 9 different bargaining units for their 240 employees, and fringe benefits and health insurance are controversial issues.

The Sheriff said meth is still a problem, and robberies are up and are more destructive and more damaging and more things being taken. Only 9% are ever solved. Only 3 – 4 officers cover the entire county on any given night, and overtime is way over budget.

Dale Powers said the Wetland Conservation Act is an unfunded mandate and there is no local control. He feels there is no common sense regarding wetlands. On the Junkyard Ordinance, they had 7 public meetings and two workshops and two public hearings to get feedback from the county citizens. One objection is anonymous complaints. The Planning Commision sent their final version to the County Commissioners, but the ordinance is not done and can be changed, even after it is adopted.

Patrice said they recommend that townships have a list of township citizens and addresses and phone numbers in case of a public emergency or evacuation, so we can notify local people.

Heller Road: Mike said someone graded that road with a tractor.

Dollar Lake Road: Eric Vathne went to the County Highway Department regarding a widening of the entrance to Dollar Lake Road. The County said the township can apply for a permit to do the work. Paul can call Mark LeBrun and ask about this permit and who pays for the work. Mike said if we do the work, then every logger will want us to widen township road entrances to get their trucks in.

Snowplowing: We got payments from Bob Jensen (see above), Eldon Schmedeke, Patrice Winfield, Paul Raymond, Mike McCullen, Glen Williamson, and Ron McCullen.

Bills and Treasurer’s Report:

Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).


FNBNS $ 2,000.00

ECE 31.13

Pine Co. Courier 45.12

The Evergreen 11.25

MATIT 499.00

Land and Cabins (culverts) 429.00

Ron McCullen (townhall chairs) 100.00

Mike McCullen 34.63

Mark Pallow 185.34

Paul Raymond 134.17

Gary Vink 137.37

Glen Williamson 159.79

Patrice Winfield 172.96

Total Bills $ 3,967.46

Glen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all bills, and to transfer $4,000 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Mike moved that the County-wide Mutual Aid be allowed to use the town hall for a meeting on November 15. Glen seconded. Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Regular Meeting, October 3, 2007

Wilma Town Board Meeting October 3, 2007

Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Wilma Town Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Margorie Schmedeke, Eric Vathne, and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the September meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Pete Anderson Road Culvert: Mike said we need to put in the culvert in our service year, so we don’t have to pay a lot more next year if Arna puts it in. Gary got quotes from Land and Cabins for culvert prices. Arna hasn’t yet marked the culvert location. There is an old steel culvert on the side of the road at the possible location. We may need a full 18″ culvert. Marg said that the town put in a couple of plastic culverts back when George Anderson was on the board, but these have deteriorated and been torn out. Eldon said he would pay half of the cost of a culvert leading to his land that was torn out by the grader, if the town puts in a full-size 18″ culvert at the county rates. Eldon had a report from Judy Soderstrom on the cooperative purchasing agreements the state offers to counties and townships; if the county pays the $1500 rate, the townships can be included in the agreement. When Paul contacted them, they said we had to pay $500, but he will call the county to see if they paid the $1,500, so we can participate in it. Gary will contact Slamka to put the culvert in the Pete Anderson Road. Gary got the tax-exempt number so we don’t have to pay taxes on the culverts.

Dollar Lake Road Work: Eric Vathne said that the Dollar Lake road needs some class 5 gravel as it is very slippery. Eric asked if the township would widen the approach to the road so he can get a semi-truck in easier. Mike said this is in the county’s right-of-way and we can’t touch it; Eric will need to contact the county highway department. Eric asked if the township would widen Dollar Lake Road. He hopes to build on the road and trucks will need to haul trusses in, and they can’t make it in the way the road is now. Mike said our road budget for this year and next year is set, and we may not have the funds for a project this large. Eric asked if he could do the work himself. Paul will call the township attorneys and ask if there are liability issues with private citizens working on township roads. The project would involve tree removal, ditching and gravel. Gary said he would look into what is involved in the project; we didn’t put down gravel earlier because it was too dry, and then it was too wet, and in the window during September Hopkins Gravel was tied up and couldn’t haul gravel for us. Gary said we don’t allow private citizens to grade our roads because they scrape off the crown and the roads can’t drain.

Mike asked Eric about the deep ditch he put in at the end of the road. He asked Eric to fill it in or at least to put reflectors and barricades so people won’t drive into the ditch. The ditch is now full of water, but Eric said he could take dirt from his moat and fill in the ditch.

WILMA TOWNSHIP 100th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Glen said that because we didn’t have Duxbury Days this year, that some private citizens are organizing a 100th Birthday Celebration for October 20 at the Duxbury Store Bar. They are asking citizens to contribute food for the party. Glen moved that the town board donate $100 to the celebration for a cake and some refreshments. Mike seconded. Paul will contact the township attorneys to make sure that it is legal for the town to contribute.

Glen said he will post information or a link about the party on the township website. He sent stories about Wilma’s history and 100th anniversary to all the area newspapers.

Road Signs on Duxbury Road: Mark LeBrun said that the county will put up road signs on the Duxbury Road designating the town “Duxbury” and that there is a fire hall/station here.

Carlson Timber Crooked Lake Road Repair: Carlson’s graded the road without our permission and graded off the crown and flattened the road. Now more trucks are using the road. Mike said Paul needs to write to Carlsons and tell them they cannot grade our road and destroy the crown. Gary said that someone also dozed off the South Duncan Road and tore off the crown, and he believes it was T & T Logging. Paul also need to write to T & T and tell them they cannot grade or work on our township roads, and to tell them to pay the $500 escrow deposit. Gary said they tore up boulders from the county side of the road and dumped them on the private property side, where they can damage our grader. So far, T & T hasn’t started logging on that road.

Danforth Bill for Eagle Head Rd.: Gary asked Paul to bill Danforth township $75 for their half of one hour of blading the Eagle Head Road on 9/21/07.

NEW BUSINESS: Town Website: Our domain name is up for renewal. Glen moved that we pay for 3 years at $27; Mike seconded.

Tri-township Disposal District: Mike attended the annual meeting as a citizen, and he asked that the garbage district pay board members, so townships don’t have to. They offered to reimburse townships for them to pay board members at $50 per meeting. They will send the reimbursements at the end of the year, $350. Gary will continue to bill the town.

Grader Use and Road Work Policy: The grader was taken out and was used to do some ditch work and got stuck, and had to be hauled out with the tanker. The tanker hit the fire hall garage door and did about $380 of damage to it. Mike said the fire department feels that the township should pay for half of the repair costs as it was a township use, and he moved that the town pay half. Glen seconded.

This brought up the issue of road work authorization. Presently Gary checks the roads, often with Mark Pallow, and determines what needs to be done and calls out the grader. Mark is the primary operator and Joe Vink is the backup. Glen moved that it be put in writing on the record that all road work needs to be authorized by the Town Board or the board member in charge of road work, Gary, and that any unauthorized work will not be reimbursed and the operator will be liable for any damages. Mike seconded.

Mike asked if we may be grading the roads too much. In the past they were graded once or twice a year, and now it seems that it’s twice a month. Glen said that if we let the roads get as bad as they used to, it will cost a lot more to bring them back up. Mark does not go out without Gary’s approval. Glen moved that Mike and Glen be second in command in road decisions and that if an emergency comes up that Gary be able to contact Glen or Mike without violating the open meeting law. Mike seconded.

Zoning and Planning: Mike got a copy of New Dosey’s Zoning Ordinance. They felt that Markville’s is too complicated and big.

Snowplowing: Snowplowing fees are due. At the annual meeting it was voted that fees be paid by November 1st. Mike moved that we grant an extra week so that people can bring their payment to the November 7th Town Board meeting. Paul will post and publish the notice.

Treasurer’s Report: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached).

Bills were presented:

ECE $ 31.89

Mark Pallow 44.32

US Treasury 452.18

Joe Vink 27.00

Mike McCullen 27.70

FNBN 2,000.00

Paul Raymond 101.57

Gary Vink 143.14

Glen Williamson 27.70

Patrice Winfield 101.02

Total all bills: $ 2,956.52

Gary moved to approve the treasurer’s report, pay all the bills and to transfer $2,900 from savings to checking. Glen seconded. Passed.

Glen moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, September 5, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Joe Vink, Mark Pallow, David Swanson, Ronald McCullen, Ken Yager and Eldon Schmedeke and Bob Brewster, Township Assessor.

Paul read the record of the August meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Carlson Timber Escrow Deposit: Carlson’s paid another $500 deposit for their work on the Crooked Lake Road. They had earlier paid two other $500 escrow deposits, in 2000 and 2004 for work on the Vink and Mayfield Roads. We used the first one for the Vink Road, and Carlson’s asked for documentation for how the second one was used. Gary said Carlsons bladed all the new gravel off of the Mayfield Road, which needed to be replaced. Gary will contact Carlsons and find out when they will be done on the Crooked Lake Road and tell them that we intend to blade and restore the road. Mike said many, many Carlson trucks are going up and down the road, and have degraded it badly. Carlsons asked for the opportunity to do any needed repairs; Gary is concerned that they don’t have the proper equipment and could further damage it. Joe said we can give them the chance to haul gravel for the repair.

FEMA Flood Damage Payments: FEMA sent a check for $71 and have closed out the account.

HAVA Improvement Grants: The government is offering grants to towns and cities to make their voting places compliant with the HAVA. The MN Secretary of State said that we cannot get retroactive funding for our outhouse, but we can apply for funds to build a wheelchair ramp at the 20:1 ratio for the Town Hall, with a sidewalk slab to reach the handicapped parking and the outhouse. Mark will give Paul an estimate so he can apply for the funds. The deadline is September 12.

Grader Rate: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey for 1 hour of grading on August 30, their half $50. Mike asked if we’re getting a fair rate for our grader, considering how much it cost us. Glen moved that Mark and Gary investigate our actual costs for grading town line roads, and what other towns charge, and to bring the information to the next meeting. Mike said we should increase it now, but Glen said we may undercharge ourselves. Glen amended his motion to increase our grader rate to $150 per hour now, pending the investigation, when a rate will be set. Mike seconded.

Pete Anderson Road Culvert: Gary asked Arna township to mark the culvert they feel should be replaced, which they have not done yet. Gary asked Eldon to also mark the culvert into his land that needs to be replaced. Eldon said that the county has marked the culvert at the entrance to the road, that it is their responsibility to replace.

Town hall Chairs: Mike asked Ron if he heard anything from Tanks Tavern about the chairs that they have for sale. The board had moved to purchase them, and they were supposed to deliver them. Ron said Pat has been doing the calling, and Mike asked Ron to have her call them and have them delivered.

NEW BUSINESS: Fire hall Sign: Ron said other towns have road signs indicating that there is a fire hall so that vehicles will slow down, and asked if we can investigate also getting signs on the Duxbury Road saying that there is a fire station here and to slowdown. Ron also asked if we can get a sign marking Duxbury so people know there is a town here. Paul will contact the highway department about the signs. Mike said we also need to tell them to cut the trees in the right-of-way in front of the town hall.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Dept. name: Eldon asked why the name of the fire department is Duxbury and not Wilma. He said some taxpayers do not want Duxbury on the name but Wilma, since they pay taxes to Wilma and he feels Duxbury refers to the store. Mike said that when the fire department was organized, there were legal reasons to not call it Wilma for liability to the township, since it is an independent volunteer fire department, and not a Wilma Township organization. Ron said that the insurance would be higher if it were a township fire department, and there would be a lot of legal liability. Even Arna and New Dosey use the name Duxbury.

Bob Brewster on Township Assessments: Bob took the floor to explain how he does assessments and what properties are assessed in any given year. He does a five year rotation for most parcels, so each property is assessed every five years, per Minnesota Dept. of Revenue statutes and Pine County Assessor’s Office requirements. Many parcels are assessed more frequently, e.g., new construction, subdivisions, personal property, and changes in classification. Gary said he believes the supervisors are required by statute to notify Bob of any new construction. Ron asked if they find new construction by flyovers, but Bob said no, he relies on reports and his personal observations, since we do not issue building permits. Glen said he wants us to adopt some kind of building permit, but not a zoning ordinance as strict as Arna’s. Bob said technically, a building permit means that the township has adopted the Universal Building Code, which Arna has not. Glen asked if we could ask for site or construction permits without adopting the code. Bob said we can use MN Statute 366 or 462. Arna adopted 462 as it gives more power over junkyards and subdivisions. MS 366 has a list of what is allowed to be regulated. Bob said there has to be enabling legislation for any ordinance that is adopted. Bob said we need both a planning commission and a board of appeals, and the same people cannot serve on both. All are appointed by the Town Board, and in Arna the Board of Appeals is the Town Board.

Glen moved that Wilma Township renew the contract with Bob Brewster to do our assessments in 2008. Mike seconded.

County Junkyard Ordinance: Bob asked for time to explain the new proposed County junkyard ordinance. He said Arna and New Dosey are sending a petition to the County asking that toxic wastes be regulated under the ordinance, which now they are not. Bob Pulford had assured Arna that toxic wastes and hazardous materials would be covered, but now Dale Powers who replaced Bob says that they are not covered. Arna feels betrayed as they did not include hazardous materials in their zoning ordinance based on Pulford’s promise, and it is costly to amend and change the ordinance. There is a hearing on October 4 at East Central High School. Mike moved that Wilma Township join with New Dosey and Arna and support and sign the petition to include hazardous and toxic materials under the new County Junkyard Ordinance. Gary seconded. Eldon said he does not like the provision where people can squeal on their neighbors anonymously and get people in trouble without identifying themselves. He believes there are too many people snooping on each other.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Patrice presented the Treasurer’s report (attached)


Mike McCullen $ 27.70

ECE 32.62

FNBNS 2,000.00

Paul Raymond 115.44

Gary Vink 157.00

Joe Vink 244.73

Patrice Winfield 96.97

Glen Williamson 27.70

Total Bills $ 2,702.16

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to pay all bills and to transfer $2,700 from savings to checking. Glen seconded. Glen moved to adjourn; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Regular Meeting, August 1, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon Schmedeke, Ken Yager and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the July meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Arna Range Line Road Work Proposal: An Arna Supervisor met with Gary to survey Pete Anderson and Langstrom Roads to reach an agreement on what needs to be done. They agreed that a 12″ culvert is needed, but Wilma can put it in for much less than Arna’s proposal. They also agreed that the roads don’t need two loads of gravel on the end of each road, but only one load. Any trees that needed cutting have already been cut by Gary. Eldon said that our grader tore up the culvert going into his property on the Pete Anderson Road, and needs to be replaced. Paul will call the Materials Management Division to see if we can purchase culverts under the cooperative purchasing agreement. We are covered under the county’s $500 fee.

Heller Road Work: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey Township for work done on the Heller Road on July 5: New Dosey’s half, 3/4 hour, $75.00.

Carlson Timber Escrow Deposit: Gary asked Paul to send a letter to Carlson’s Timber Products asking for another $500 escrow deposit for work being done on Crooked Lake Road.

Propane Pre-buy: Glen moved that the town purchase 1,000 gallons of propane at Federated’s offered pre-buy rate of $1.79 per gallon. Mike said that the fire department will kick in some for this.

FEMA Flood Damage Payments: Paul didn’t get contact with FEMA regarding their request for documentation for repairs done after the 2001 flood. Paul has the records and will write to Harold Christensen with copies of the invoice by Les Royer for $5,225 of repairs to township roads; our estimate to FEMA was for $4,720, and they paid $4,318 in 2003. We may get more funds once we give them the documentation.

Garbage Board: Glen asked how Gary got on the Garbage Board. Gary said board members have to be township officers, and he was appointed when he first got on the board. He has asked for several years that members be paid by the board, and not by their townships. Gary said the board has a surplus and plans to purchase a new garbage truck. There is a chance the state would take any surplus funds. There have been discussions about some of the surpluses going to the fire department or to a new transmitter tower for radios. Mike moved that the board go on record that they support having the garbage board pay members and that whoever goes to the annual garbage meeting let them know; Glen seconded.

Chairs for Town Hall: Mike got a call from Tanks Bar in Cloverdale asking if the township is interested in purchasing their used chairs. They are the same as our town hall chairs, and we need more. Mike moved that the town purchase up to 30 chairs for the offered price of $5 each. Glen seconded. They will deliver the chairs.

Township Law Book: The town gets one copy of the Minnesota Township Law Book whenever a new edition is published. Gary thinks he may have the most recent edition. Paul will bring in our older copies, and Glen moved that the township purchase two more copies so all the supervisors have copies. Paul will order them. Mike seconded.

Duncan Road: Ken Yager said that the new owner of the old Meyers property asked him when the township will be putting gravel in the hole in the second mile of the road. Gary said we will be putting at least two loads of pit run gravel in that area.


FNBNS (grader loan) $ 2,000.00

The Evergreen 4.50

ECE 37.39

Michael McCullen 62.33

Patrice Winfield 123.23

Paul Raymond 143.70

Gary Vink 663.77

Joseph Vink 295.94

Glenford Williamson 62.85

Federated Coop 1,799.00

Total Bills 5,192.71

Treasurer’s Report: Patrice presented the Treasurer’s Report and the Chart of Accounts. Mike moved to approve her report, and to pay all bills, and to transfer 5,200 from savings to checking. Gary seconded.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting. Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, July 11, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Frank and Bonnie Rehberger, Randy Michel, Mark and Lisa Sisterman, Joe Vink, Eldon Schmedeke, and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the June meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: FEMA Flood funds: Gary got a letter from Harold Christenson, claiming to be the fourth request, asking for invoices proving that we used the FEMA funds in 2001 to pay for our road repairs. Gary asked Paul to find the invoices and to verify that we did get the FEMA funds, and to contact Christenson and forward the material to him. Gary thinks the earlier requests may have been going to Bob Skorczewski.

Pine Co. Commissioners’ Meeting/Schmedeke Lane: Glen attended the meeting. The Board decided to move and rebuild Schmedeke Lane, including Shmedeke’s private cartway, 60 feet to the east at the County’s expense. They had two surveyors check the road and they said the road is 60-100 feet off from where it should be on the original surveyor’s section line. They will return the current road to forest land. Glen asked for Eldon’s feedback. Eldon said he was disappointed that the Town Board did not fight harder, as he believes they would have if it had been the west Range Line that was in dispute, and that he still believes that his survey is the correct one. The Board’s original specifications for Schmedeke Lane were that it would be placed on the section line, so the Board is not liable for it being wrong. Because Bruce Greenly’s home site will be affected, the County will fill in a building site for him. The Commissioners made it clear that only three properties are affected by this: Schmedeke’s, Jensen’s, and Greenly’s. This does not affect any other property lines or surveys. Eldon asked if they are going to build a full-fledged, full-platted 66′ road. Mike said the new Schmedeke Lane will be exactly as good as the existing one. The County paid $27,000 to do the survey. On June 21st, the Board met with Greg Bernu and the County Forester and explained to Eldon what they planned to do.

Little Tamarack Lake Road Sign: Glen got a note from Kari Holter saying that the road sign for their road is gone. Gary said it looks like the whole post is gone. The Tamarack River Road cross-sign is also gone, if there was one. Paul will write the highway department. Gary wants us to ask East Central if they know anything about it; it looks like the County replaced the stop sign. East Central paid the $500 escrow fee and repaired the road after our letter.

Laptop Flash Drive: Glen purchased the flash drive to back up files for $19.95 plus tax.

Arna Township Pete Anderson Road Proposal: Arna sent a proposal for work they want to do on the Range Line Roads totaling $1,280, with our half $640. Mike said to reply that 2007 is Wilma’s year for road work, and to ask that one of their board meet with Gary to do a road inspection and to agree on any needed work. They want to replace the plastic culvert up by Squib Creek that has collapsed.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Dept. Donation: We got a check for $250 from the fire department to help defray the cost of the new outhouse.

NEW BUSINESS: Minor Subdivision: Randy Michel presented a request for a minor subdivision of his property to be able to sell two ½ acres to Frank and Bonnie Rehberger. Because the County thinks we have a zoning ordinance, they asked for our approval. Mike moved that the Board accept the County’s decision to approve the subdivision and to notify Pine County Zoning. Glen seconded.

Grace’s Lake Easement: Mark and Lisa Sisterman petitioned the Board to grant them an easement into the Barry Parrish property they are purchasing on Grace’s Lake (the old Grace place). They do have access from the DNR through the State Trust Land, but this access does not allow them to build any permanent structures on the land, or to live there. Glen moved that the Board grant the Sisterman petition and to allow them an easement into their land, and that we notify the DNR of this. Mike seconded. Joe said he can help the Sistermans remove an old trailer from the place that they do not want.

Contract for Township Assessments for 2008: Bob Brewster sent a contract for the Board to sign, to assess our 280 parcels at $5.50 per parcel, or $1,540. Mike asked Paul to write to Bob and ask why we are billed for all our parcels when he only inspects a portion of them, and to ask how many actual inspections he believes he will complete in our township in 2008. Mike moved that the contract decision be tabled until the next meeting. Glen seconded. Mike will ask other township officials how they are assessed.

Junkyard Ordinance: There will be an informational meeting at New Dosey Town Hall on Tuesday, July 17, for the county to present the new proposed junkyard ordinance. Gary urged Eldon to attend and to raise the same objections that he did so well at the earlier hearings. Eldon thanked Gary and said he would try.

Duxbury Days: Glen said that even if we don’t have Duxbury Days, that someone should at least write an article for the Pine County Courier about our 100th anniversary and a little history of Wilma Township and the Town of Duxbury.

Road Grader: Mike said that Joe has been out grading with our new grader and says it is a dream to drive. The supervisors are looking into selling our old graders.


First National Bank $ 2,000.00

U.S. Treasury (2nd Quarter) 608.86

ECE 36.23

Mark Pallow 495.00

Paul Raymond 83.11

Glen Williamson 112.03

Federated Coop (tank rental) 11.85

Pine Co. Assessor 240.00

Pine Co. Courier 13.16

Patrice Winfield 166.23

Total all bills: $ 3,765.77

Patrice presented the Treasurer’s Report (attached). We received the June settlement, including the levy for the new grader: $31,870. Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to transfer $3,700 from savings to checking. Glen seconded. There was a discussion on whether we need to continue to use the claim forms as Patrice can print out a master claim sheet with CTAS. The board said they like being able to see the claims, and it saves time to have them ready before the meeting.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, June 6, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Bob Jensen, Barbara Jensen, Mark Pallow, Jim and Carol Laumer, Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke, and 2 citizens.

Paul read the minutes of the May meeting. Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

Marjorie Schmedeke questioned the expenditure for the township attorney. Paul explained it was for legal work and calls regarding the grader levy for 2007.

Road Report: Gary said that the culvert on the Mayfield road was rotted out and was a road hazard and needed to be replaced. He said that East Central Electric did ditching work on the Little Tamarack Lake road without notifying the township as required. Gary said they have already punched out a trench and have created some rough spots. When they trenched the Vink Road, they allowed Gary to mark the culverts before they started work, but no notice was given this time. Mike asked Paul to write ECE and remind them of our notice requirement and that we are holding them liable for any damages on this road, and if they don’t repair and restore the road, we will and bill them. Mike also asked Paul to ask ECE for the same $500 escrow deposit we require from logging companies. Eldon Schmedeke said he believes there is a culvert on Little Tamarack Lake Road, and they may have cut it. We will remind ECE of the requirement to notify us of any trenching they do on township roads.

Township Laptop Computer: Glen purchased the Everex Stepnote for $498 plus $28.98 for a three-year extended warranty. The total, with tax, was $559.25. Patrice has learned the CTAS program. Glen said it is vital that we backup the data, and that a flash drive would be enough. Mike moved that Glen be authorized to purchase a flash drive. Gary seconded.

Schmedeke Lane: There was a County Commissioners’ meeting in Sandstone where Eldon was allowed to make a passionate defense of his survey and placing of Schmedeke lane. The Commissioners have not made a decision on what survey they will accept and what the future of Schmedeke Lane will be. Barbara Jensen said that she would not contest the road or ask for damages if the road could be renamed after her husband and called Tiny Lane. Eldon rejected this option. Barbara said they were not notified at the time the Township recorded Schmedeke Lane as a township road. Eldon took the floor to show the Board his survey and said that at the time the road was built the Jensens agreed to the survey and in fact helped measure it.

Barbara Jensen took the floor to say that her memories are different from Eldon’s. She said that she is not at war with anyone. She said that the County Attorney said that the original surveys are binding, even if they are not accurate. They cannot be changed except by Federal action. No later survey can move the section monument, even if it is wrong. Fust Lane is on the correct monument which was found by several different surveyors. Fust Lane and the South Duncan Road both had monuments, but none has been found for Schmedeke Lane or the North Duncan Road. Barb said that the road obstruction stakes in Schmedeke Lane are dangerous and they are in the part that is a township road, and that she would like the road to be renamed Tiny Lane in memory of her husband.

Jim and Carol Laumer who own land next to Becky Niedzielski’s old place said that she discovered that their survey was wrong, and that Bob Pulford said that he had to make a deal with Becky or he could lose part of his land. He thought the fences and walls on the west of his land were the property line. He used a GPS to measure the roads and said that they all lined up, but that Pulford said that they had re-surveyed it. Jim asked the county to give up 60 feet of their land, but that they refused.

Barb said that citizens and landowners need to be notified when there are survey controversies or issues.

Eldon said that as far as changing the road name, he pays over $12,000 annually in property taxes and that he values having his name on a road.

Mike said that none of this is in the Town Board’s hands, and that no action can be taken until we hear what the Commissioners’ decision will be. Mike asked that Eldon remove the stakes that are in the township road. Barb asked if the Schmedeke Lane road sign could be removed until the issue is resolved, but Mike said the signs are necessary for 911 and fire calls.

NEW BUSINESS: Duxbury Days: Patrice said that she has too many personal and family responsibilities to chair the Duxbury Days celebration, and that she is not the right person to organize and run the event.


Joe Vink $ 137.61

Mark Pallow 181.01

ECE 35.70

Town and Country Oil 815.93

MAT Agency 2,380.00

Federated Coop 8.88

Mark Pallow (outhouse materials) 1,226.71

Dennis Shlamka (holding tank) 2,200.00

Paul Raymond 87.73

Gary Vink 187.00

Mike McCullen 96.96

Glen Williamson (incl. Computer) 734.37

Patrice Winfield 278.85

First National Bank 2,000.00

Total Bills 10,370.00

Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Receipts 103.70

Disbursements 1,040.19

Balance 7,262.07

Road and Bridge Rec: 125.00

Disb: 5,177.60

Bal: 5,542.40

Fire Bal: 321.14

Park Bal: 719.53

Building Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow: Rec: 15.17

Bal: 4,880.04

TOTAL ALL FUNDS: $ 25,516.08

Patrice said that with the CTAS program that she can print out the treasurer’s reports and distribute them to the Board. Mike moved to approve the report and to transfer $10,400 from savings to checking; Gary seconded. Glen moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, May 2, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, and Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mark Pallow and four citizens.

Paul read the record of the April meeting; Glen moved to approve; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Laptop Computer: There was a discussion on what brand of computer would be best. Mike moved that Patrice or Glen be authorized to purchase a laptop PC computer for the CTAS program and to spend up to $600, with an extended warranty. Glen seconded.

Outhouse: Mike said getting a handicapped-accessible porta potty would be almost impossible. There was a discussion on the type and location of an outdoor handicapped-accessible outhouse. Mike moved that Mark Pallow be hired as a contractor to build an 8 x 8′ outhouse including a holding tank, to be completed by May 24, 2007. Mark will contact Denny Slamka for the tank, up to $3,500. Gary seconded.

Grader: Ken Yager questioned why the grader was used to tow Wisconsin Truss’s truck out of the mud; he understood that the grader was not to be used for such purposes as it could damage the grader. He also said that Joe Vink has no right to take the grader as he is not on the board. Mike said that the grader is not used for digging trenches, but that town graders have been used in the past to pull out a school bus and a fire truck. Mike said the board has an operational fee for special uses of the grader and that Wisconsin Truss is paying $150 for the tow. Glen said he understood Ken”s concern but asked how harmful pulling this truck would be on the grader. Mark said he did not think this was harmful to the grader. Paul said he was told by Bob Skorzseske when he was Board Chairman that he could not hire the grader to grade new gravel on his drive. Gary said this is not board policy, but at short courses they have advised against any private use of the grader, including snowplowing. Paul will call the township attorneys and ask about the legality of private uses of the grader.

Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting: Glen said the meeting was very informative, especially on restrictions on wetlands; e.g. if there are cattails in a road right-of-way, the board would have to go to the Soil and Water Conservation District for permission to build up or ditch the road, and if they approved the board would have to go to the DNR.

Grader/Road Report: The oil is changed but the grader got a flat tire and we had to borrow a tire from Danforth Township. Someone dragged Eagle Head Road and dug up a lot of rocks and degraded the surface. They think they”re doing a good thing but they destroy the integrity of the road and separate the clay from the binder. Mike said McCullen Drive had to be dragged after Mark graded it. Joe got a trapper who took 13 beavers out of the Eagle Head Road culvert at no charge. The culvert still needed to be cleaned out. The road inspection will be Tuesday, May 22, at 11 a.m. Paul will post the open meeting. Mike said the grader operator should go along with the inspection, but he is concerned about spending money.

Website Advertising: Glen said he would like to sell advertising or links to ads or websites on the township website in order to pay for the site. Paul will also ask the township attorneys if this is legal, and if the town is allowed to profit from advertising.

Pancake Breakfast: Gary moved that the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department be allowed to use the town hall on Sunday, May 27, for the pancake breakfast.

Census: Gary got letters from the United States Census Bureau asking for financial data on the town and its employees. Paul has the info and will fill out the forms.

Grader Training Course: Mark and Gary attended the training in Hutchinson. Mark has decided not to be so aggressive on ditches but to take a little at a time. Gary left the meeting temporarily to get figures for road work done on town line roads. He gave the figures to Paul, to bill Danforth $235 for grading and labor and New Dosey $150 for grading and labor.

Bills for May:

East Central Energy $ 31.13

Pine Co. Courier 13.16

The Evergreen 5.00

First Natl. Bank 4,000.00

Mike McCullen 76.18

Couri/Ruppe/MacArthur Attorneys 270.00

Joe Vink 404.12

Mark Pallow 533.37

Paul Raymond 160.49

Glen Williamson 108.57

Gary Vink 345.16

Patrice Winfield 270.00

Total All Bills $ 6,217.79

Treasurer”s Report:

General Fund Disbursements 1,634.96

Balance 8,198.51

Road and Bridge Receipts 265.00

Disb: 1,529.00

Bal: 8,567.60

Fire Fund Balance 321.14

Park Fund Bal: 719.53

Building Fund Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow Fund Bal: 4,864.87

Gas Tax Fund Start: 3,779.40

Partial Distrib: 1,752.00

Bal: 2,027.40

Total all Funds: 31,490.00

Glen moved to approve the treasurer”s report and to pay all the bills and to transfer $6,200 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Duxbury Days: Glen asked Donna Filler if she would be willing to work with Patrice on Duxbury Days. She said she would think about it.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Board of Review, April 11, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 11 a.m. at the Wilma Town Hall. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Clerk Paul Raymond, County Assessor Lonna Meier, Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster.

Bob explained that there are four categories of land-classification: 1. high land; 2. limited access land; 3. no access land; and 4. waste/swamp. Mike asked if timber could be classified as agricultural if trees are used for harvesting or maple sugar, especially if the state mandates an increase in ethanol non-oil fuels. Lonna said the categories are not dependent on trees or lack of them.

The values are determined by sales from October 1 to September 30 in the townships and county. Wilma had two residential sales and two seasonal/farm sales. Prices haven’t gone down so much, but sales have. The residential/seasonal sales combined ratios were raised from 90.3% to 93.5% adjusted ratio, and farm sales ratios went from 84.5% to 99%. State law mandates our valuation to be from 90 to 105% of market value. High ground is $1,550 per acre; tillable pasture is $1,550; fair land $1,400; no access, $1,000; swamp/wetland, $650. Site-amenity adjustment for the first acre of 5 acres is $18,500. The county assessor makes estimates of the number of feet of river frontage. The first acre on a gravel road is valued at $13,500; on pavement $16,500. Amenities affect the value, like a well, electricity, sewer, etc.

First up was Alden Shute, Parcel 32.0133.000. He asked about the commercial classification of his land because of the gravel pit. Alden said the pit is finished and covered, and he is no longer mining gravel. Alden said he had talked with Assessor Mike Sheehy and thought it was already adjusted. Lonna said only 2.5 acres is assessed as gravel pit; 78 1/2 as agricultural/homestead. 16 Acres is classified tillable; 36 1/2 high ground, and 20 acres swamp. Alden said he is not digging or crushing gravel and it’s been reseeded. There is no more the board can rule on this; the assessor will remove the 2.5 acres commercial gravel classification.

Second up, Carl Kratzke, Parcel 32.0126.001, S. Duncan Road, Section 14. He asked how his land is classified, and what percentage was swamp. 216 acres is high ground; 20 acres swamp. He said beavers are damming it up and turning it into a big swamp. Bob said he would increase waste acres to 50 from 20. Lonna said this classification means that no trees can grow year around. Bob said he’d walk the land with Kratzke next year.

Next, Paul Yager, Parcel 32.0196.000: Bob said he would talk with the county assessor to see if it could be adjusted from100% value to 90% value. He is across the road from the lake and doesn’t get all the benefits of lake property. The first acre had been valued at $45,000, and it was adjusted by half, to $22,500, adding only $5,000 for the lake view. Bob said any land within 1000 feet of a lake is considered shoreland. Paul said it’s either shoreland or it’s not; he doesn’t understand how it can be in the middle.

Next up, Patrice Winfield, Parcel32.0138.002: Patrice wanted to know why her value went up from $205,300 to $263,800 when she hasn’t done anything. They list $43,000 in improvements, but she hasn’t done any improvements. Lonna said it was last assessed in 2001, and each parcel is inspected every 5 years. All improvements since 2001 were considered. Patrice said the Roberts had inspected it since the house was built. Bob said most of the increase was in the house; the land only went up $4,000. Patrice said she estimates her home is 90% done, but the ceiling is only ½ done. Lonna called the county and said last year it was only assessed as 79% complete. Bob said they could take 7 acres from high land due to limited access, $150 per acre times 6-7 acres. Bob said he would stop at Patrice’s after the meeting.

Next, Kathy Olson, Parcel 32.5034.000, Little Tamarack Lake Hills on Little Tamarack Lake. She said taxes are going up alarmingly while her enjoyment is going down. It is valued at $71,300 front foot, up $1,400 this year, and $9,500 in the three year evaluation cycle. There was a 2/3 reduction on the front feet due to the road. She said a utility line runs through the property, and they cut and spray under the line. People tear up and down the road and jet skis and powerful boats use the lake. Joe Vink told her to call the DNR as they have enforcement of the lake and shoreline and wakes can erode the shore. Lonna said that with lake lots they assess it by the first foot, not the first acre. Kathy’s is $140 per foot for 579 feet, and a 2/3 reduction because of the geography of the lot. Even though she doesn’t plan to build, it has to be treated as buildable.

Next, Paul Raymond, Parcel32.0138.001. His north 5 acres on the other section went up from $12, 400 to $38,700. Bob said this was done at the county, as they thought it had been undervalued at 25% value all these years. He asked if this five acres could be sold. Paul said there is no access and it could not be separated or sold. The county won’t allow him to merge it into his 40 acres as it is in a different section. Bob said it should be reverted to the earlier value as it is no access and not a separate parcel.

The assessors had two letters: William Peno, Parcels 32.0015 and 32.0016.000: He said the assessment on his half section is too high. Lonna said they have sales to show that it’s fairly valued. Neighboring properties have sold high. He has 160 acres total, half valued as swamp. 70 acres no access across the creek. Peno could get a letter from the DNR showing their evaluation of the land as sustainable forest to give him timber class, but it would not change the value. Mike said he sees no basis to lower the value, as Peno’s neighbor sold 80 acres for $235,000, about $1,500 per acre.

Steve and Tina Barrett, Parcel 32.0020.000: 80 acres, valued at $148,200. They have no sewer or water, and it would be reduced 25%, but Bob assessed the road as not plowed and no winter access, although it is plowed, so this would increase the value by the same amount, so it would be a wash. 20 acres swamp; 37 acres high ground, 20 acres no access, and one acre road.


Alden Shute: Mike moved: Remove from commercial status, returned to agricultural/pasture. Glen seconded.

Carl Kratzke: Glen moved: 30 acres be reassessed to low ground. Gary seconded. Bob will survey the land.

Paul Yager: No action; no change.

Patrice Winfield: Glen moved that Bob Brewster survey her place and forward his recommendations to the board. No action at this point.

Kathy Olson: Mike moved that the board make no change as her parcel is buildable. Gary seconded. Mike recommended that she contact the DNR about enforcing the shoreline integrity.

Paul Raymond: Glen moved that the 5 acres be returned to its previous assessment as it was classified wrong, from $38,700 to $13,300. Mike seconded.

William Peno: Glen moved no action, and to recommend to Peno that he contact the DNR and the county assessor about a sustainable forest classification. Mike seconded.

Steve Barrett: His valuation is a wash. The building site decreases but the road access increases the value by the same amount. Mike moved no action; Glen seconded.

Mike moved to adjourn; Gary seconded; meeting adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Board of Supervisors, April 4, 2007

April 4, 2007

Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting or order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Glenford Williamson, Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Joe Vink, Headly Williamson, Mark Pallow , and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the March meeting; Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Grader: Mark got hydraulic oil and a filter for the grader; the cost was close to $1,200.

Copier: Glen got a copier for the township and a printer cartridge. It will be kept at the treasurer’s home.

Towing: Wisconsin Truss delivered a 6-ton load of trusses to a home by Tamarack Lake before the road restrictions were lifted and got stuck in the mud. Joe had to tow them out with the grader. Paul will bill them for the towing, 1.5 hours = $150.00.

Arna Townline Road Reconciliation: Gary has reviewed Arna Township’s bill for work on the Pete Anderson and Langstrom Roads, and approved payment, $1,692.00.

Danforth Townline Road Payment: Danforth Township paid us for work we did on the Eagle Head and Crooked Lake Roads, and sent a bill for $120 for some culvert work they did. Gary did some more work on the road on the culverts and Paul will bill them for $45, plus ask them to put a screen on the culvert by Jason Palme’s place, ¾ mile down Crooked Lake Road. The culvert is plugged and Gary doesn’t know if it’s frozen or beaver-plugged. Mike said to wait until the thaw to take action.

NEW BUSINESS: Township Laptop Computer: Patrice said she learned at the Short Course that the clerk and treasurer have to use CTAS for the town books, and she doesn’t have a PC. Glen said Walmart has a C-M Step Note laptop computer for less than $500, with a Chinese processor, that should have more than enough power for CTAS. It will work with our printer. He said it would be better to get a new StepNote than a used IBM. We can get an extended warranty for a little more. Mike asked Patrice to investigate the StepNote and the cost of an extended warranty. Patrice asked for permission to buy a couple of file folder totes for her records. Mike moved that Patrice be authorized to buy what she needs; Gary seconded. Mike said misc. supplies don’t require a motion.

General Fund: Mike moved that the Board adopt a resolution that all interest on our savings account be deposited into the General Fund. Glen seconded. Mike moved that all PILT funds be deposited into the General Fund. Gary seconded. Mike moved that all Gas Tax revenues be designated to pay for the grader. Glen seconded. Mike then moved to recind the previous motion and made a new motion that all Gas Tax revenues be deposited in the Road and Bridge Fund for the upkeep of township roads. Glen seconded.

New Outhouse: Mark said that he estimates that an 8 x 8 ‘ outhouse will cost around $900 for labor and materials. Mike said he would like to investigate the cost of a handicapped-accessible porta-potty. Mark said he would check prices on holding tanks; he believes it would be about $3,000 installed. The fire department would like to have something in by the pancake breakfast, if possible.

In a related issue, Glen said he would like to see if we could make the town hall more attractive and available for more public events. As 2007 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Town of Wilma, Glen moved that Patrice be designated entertainment coordinator for the Duxbury Days celebration August 4th. Mike seconded and Patrice accepted.

Published Meeting Minutes: Donna Filler showed the board a copy of the public record of the meeting of the Pine County Commissioners, and said that no private citizen who attended the meetings was identified unless they spoke during the meeting. There was a discussion, and the clerk agreed to not publish any private citizen names in the minutes on the town website, unless they spoke during the meeting.

Payroll Deductions: Patrice said that at the short course we were told that separate checks had to be written for taxable and non-taxable payments, unless the Board passed a resolution otherwise. Mike moved that the board adopt a resolution that both taxable and non-taxable payments may be included on the same check. Glen seconded.

Bills for April:

Mike McCullen $ 41.56

Donna Filler 35.00

Mark Pallow 1,163.49

NAPA Auto Parts 59.96

Danforth Township 60.00

Town of Arna 1,692.00

Pine Co. Courier 20.68

East Central Energy 34.91

MN Benefit Association 165.00

U S Treasury 341.64

Paul Raymond 367.17

Mark Pallow 22.16

Joe Vink 89.46

Gary Vink 250.49

Patrice Winfield 336.17

Glen Williamson 236.27

Total Bills: $ 4,915.96

Glen moved to pay all the bills and to transfer $5,000 from savings to checking. Mike seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report:

General Fund Disb./Transfer $ 10,425.62

Balance 9,833.47

Road and Bridge Rec./Transfer 10.245.00

Disbursements 2,822.61

Balance 9,831.60

Fire Disb: 3,500.00

Bal: 321.14

Park Bal: 719.53

Building Disb: 26.08

Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow Fund Bal: 4,864.87

TOTAL ALL FUNDS $ 32,361.56

Glen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Mike seconded.

The Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting is Saturday, April 7th.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk