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Archive for 2006

Regular Meeting, November 1, 2006


The Wilma Township Board of Supervisors met at the town hall in Duxbury on Wednesday, November 1, 2006 following the public test of the Automark voting machine for the November 7th election. Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Bruce and Donna Filler, Eldon Schmedeke, Joe Vink and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the clerk’s report of the October meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.


Crooked Lake/Eagle Head Roads: Danforth cleared out the culvert on the Crooked Lake Road. Gary has been doing some culvert cleaning on Eagle Head Road as Danforth hasn’t been doing it. Paul will bill Danforth $45 for their half of the work digging out the culvert.

Dollar Lake Road: Eric Vathne contacted Gary and did some slope repair on the deep drop-off at the end of the road.

Heller Road: Joe put down 16 yards of gravel on the culvert. Paul will bill New Dosey for half of the gravel, total $38, plus 1 hour of blading at $100, for a total bill of $138.

Pete Anderson Road: Eldon said the culvert has been torn up at the entrance to the Duxbury Road. This is a county culvert, and Eldon said he will call the county.

Schmedeke Lane: The county has contacted us regarding a possible surveying error on Schmedeke Lane, which may be on Jensen’s land. They sent us a map, and will be in further contact about the problem. Eldon asked for permission to go through township road records and old minutes to see if there is information about the road surveys and markers. Mike moved that Eldon be allowed to go through old town records for this information. Glen seconded.

New Grader: The new grader was delivered for a shipping cost of $1,800. Mark has taken it out and worked with it, grading berms before the freeze-up.

Town Hall Toilet and Door Handles: Joe said he would install the new door handles and Mark said he would build a platform in the outhouse for the new toilet seat. Mark will also put in a new hook for the town hall sign.


Wilma Township Website: Glen demonstrated a mock up of the new website for Wilma on his laptop computer. He will register the name, unless it has been taken. He said the yearly cost for upkeep and posting is about $200, but he may be able to get it for free on a server that contains advertising. Mike moved that the Township pay the $17 to register the domain name and that Glen be authorized to try to find a free server for the site. Gary seconded. Mike said that with the grader expenditure, he is reluctant to spend the taxpayers’ money on an expensive server. Glen said he would see what he could do, and shared ideas he has for the website: featured citizens, like Joe and Bev Vink; Town Board meeting minutes, links to township businesses, outdoor recreation opportunities.

Wilma Township ATV Trails: The county sent a letter asking for a map designating Wilma Township roads that have been designated as open ATV trails. Gary said we have not designated any township roads as open ATV trails. It is illegal to drive on county roads, but Joe said we can’t stop legally licensed drivers from driving 4-wheelers on township roads. Paul will write the county and tell them that we have no designated ATV trails on township roads.

County Township Officers’ Meeting: Glen attended the October 28th meeting representing Wilma Township. He said it was a very informative meeting, with the county commissioners giving reports and the different candidates for state and county offices reporting, plus Sheriff Mark Mansavage. Mansavage said they are advocating a lesser penalty for level 3 speeding offenders that will not be on a driver’s permanent record. Instead of $180, the fine would be $60 or $70. Currently no-pays lead to a long process of bench warrants and tracking down the offenders, and deputies are often reluctant to write citations because of this. Mark LeBrun said that the Markville Road/Duxbury Road paving should be completed in 2008. The Markville Road is now paved from Markville to Grace’s Lake Road. The county will need to hire 14-17 new people for the new jail. The big meth problem now is in trafficking and selling meth, not manufacture.


East Central Energy $ 30.24

Couri/Ruppe/MacArthur Lawyers 487.50

MAT Agency (Workers Comp) 560.00

Duxbury Store 9.95

Federated Propane 150.00

Ranger Trucking 1,800.00

1st National Bank (Grader Loan) 2,000.00

The Evergreen 20.25

Joe Vink 112.00

Pine County Courier 39.48

Gary Vink 115.43

Toni Williamson 13.85

Glen Williamson 99.40

Paul Raymond 95.53

Mark Pallow 246.62

Donna Filler 9.23

Patrice Winfield 110.82

Mike McCullen 20.77

TOTAL BILLS: $ 5,921.07


General Fund Receipts 166.94

Disbursements 1,188.88

Balance 18,491.68

Road and Bridge Rec: 724.37

Disb: 18,184.75

Bal: 17,247.79

Fire Bal: 2,205.39

Park Bal: 699.30

Building Bal: 6,330.13

Escrow Rec: 13.51

Bal: 4,849.86

TOTAL ALL FUNDS: $49,824.15

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to transfer $5,800 from savings to checking and to pay all the bills. Glen seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, October 4, 2006


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon Schmedeke, Ken Yager, George Yager, Joe Vink, Mark Pallow, and Toni Williamson.

Paul read the records of the September 6 meeting and the special open Board meeting on September 15. Mike moved to approve both minutes; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Grader: The grader was purchased and the Board adopted a Certificate of Indebtedness to pay for it. It will be picked up today or tomorrow and will be in Little Falls Monday morning to have the wing attached. Ranger Trucking got the bid, for $1800. The first payment on the loan, $2,000, is due October 13. The grader is insured.

Duncan Road Logging: Gary said that someone is logging up off of Duncan Road. He doesn’t know what outfit is doing it, but thinks it may be Gibson Logging. We don’t have any escrow from them, and Gary will continue to check on it.

Eagle Head/Crooked Lake Roads: We haven’t heard from Danforth about their plans to control beavers and dams on this road. Jason Palme had told Gary that they were going to clean out the culvert, but nothing’s been done. Paul will write Jeff Shute about what they want to do.

Dollar Lake Road: Vathnes have widened their drive at the end of the road, and have created a trench on the west side of the township road with at least a five-foot drop. Anyone driving off that road would smash into the bank and this is a liability issue for our town. Mike has already talked with Eric Vathne, and Paul will write them a letter telling them that they need to fill in the trench, 16 feet from the center of the road.

Joe said that the county uses an end slope of 1 to 1. The letter will tell him to talk to Gary to see what needs to be done.

Election Judges: Patrice Winfield and Donna Filler will be the judges for the November election. Patrice asked if we should have four judges; Paul said we can do it with three, and an extra would be a big expense. Paul said this is the first year he has had more trained judges in the pool than he can use.

Cooperative Purchasing Agreement: Gary has the cooperative purchasing agreement from the State to get a better deal for culverts and materials. Gary said the County had said they will pay our dues, and Paul will include a letter to this effect when he sends in the application.

Scanning and Backing up Township Records: Glen said he was concerned about the safety and storage of our town records, and asked if they could all be scanned into a computer for storage. Paul said this was brought up before, but the time and expense involved if we attempted to scan and copy all the records would be prohibitive. All correspondence and meeting minutes are already computerized, but it would be a full-time job to scan every thing else. Our historical road records, and old checks and minutes are stored in the town hall, and Paul is storing most of his records in a secure building separate from his home, and all computerized records are backed up on a separate hard drive periodically.

Snowplowing Fees: Paul will post and publish the snowplowing fees for the 2006-7 season, $50 for drives, $75 for drives over 700 feet. Glen said he would pay $150 for both his drives. Gary said homeowners will need to trim trees that overhang their drives so the new grader isn’t scratched or damaged. Glen moved that Mark Pallow be appointed principal grader operator for the 2006-7 season, provided he is trained on our new grader. Mark said he has taken grader operator classes, and will be trained as he grades the roads. Mike seconded.

Kenny Peterson Road: Gravel was deposited and the cabin owners have spread it out on the first part of the road and at the culvert.

Heller Road: Gary said we need a couple of loads of gravel on the Heller Road. Joe said he could haul it.

Todd Elliot Bill: Todd made a $16 error on his bill for the Duncan Road; Paul will write him.

Township Web Site: Glen said it would be good if the town had a website with meetings and announcements and notices and all the outdoor recreation opportunities in our town. He will work up one and bring it on his laptop. He said the initial creation of the site would be under $200, and the domain would cost only about $20 per year after that.

Grace’s Lake Drainage: Mike asked if the DNR contacted the town before they drained Grace’s Lake and lowered the level several feet. They wanted to create a marsh lake to grow wild rice for ducks, but the result will be a freezing of the lake and killing the fish.

Bills :

Hopkins Gravel $ 2,900.00

Mark Pallow 779.24

Joe Vink 117.21

First National Bank (Grader Loan) 2,000.00

U.S. Treasury 350.98

MAITT Insurance (grader premium) 214.00

Jim Hess (Electronic Transfer for grader) 12,045.00

ECEnergy 33.45

Paul Raymond 69.26

Paul Raymond 253.12

Marjorie Schmedeke 101.58

Glenford Williamson 146.63

Antoinette Williamson 18.47

Mike McCullen 62.33

Gary Vink 138.53

Patrice Winfield 143.83

Total 7,328.63

Including Transfer 19,373.63

Treasurer’s Report:

Road and Bridge Fund

Receipts 65.00

Disbursements 846.63

Balance 34, 708.17

General Fund

Receipts 1,174.26

Disbursements 711.27

Balance 19,513.62

Fire Fund

Bal: 2,205.39

Park Fund

Bal: 699.30

Building Fund

Bal 6,330.13


Receipts: 500.00

Balance: 4,836.35

Total All Funds $ 68,292.96

Glen moved to pay all the bills, and to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $7,500 from savings to checking. Mike seconded. Mike moved to adjourn. Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, September 6, 2006


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:30 p.m. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Bruce and Donna Filler, Joe Vink, Ken Yager, Eldon and Marg Schmedeke, Glen Williamson, Jr., and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the record of the August meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Park Falls Hardwoods: They paid another $500 into the Escrow Account, and asked that they be notified of any future damage that they will be charged for so they can inspect it and possibly repair it. They have also asked for a receipt for the $500 we used out of their escrow monies.

Grader: The new cutting blades and nuts and bolts were ordered from Ziegler.

Duncan Road: The work is complete. Hopkins was able to do the work for $1,400.

Kenny Peterson Road: Hopkins has put in a bid for $1,500 to repair that road with a new culvert and ten loads of pit-run gravel. The cabin owners on that road will come up with a cat to help with the work.

Heller Road: Joe said the culvert on the Heller Road needs about two loads of class five on either side of the culvert. He can’t grade it the way it is. Gary said he did tell Gary Fornengo during the joint road inspection that a beaver was plugging the culverts and that Fornengo agreed that Gary should remove it. Gary said it might be time to review our joint road agreement with New Dosey and possibly change it to one like Arna’s, where each town will do necessary gravel and repairs on the Heller Road on alternate years. Joe said New Dosey is forgetting all the favors we have done them, and they are contesting different charges. Gary moved that the Supervisors review the road agreement we have with New Dosey. Mike seconded.

New Grader: Joe and Mark Pallow have done research on a replacement grader, and have found a John Deere hydraulic 6-wheel drive grader in Protection, Kansas, for an asking price of $60,000. A wing and blade would add another $6–8,000, and delivery would cost around $2,000, for a total estimated cost of $75,000. Mark compared this with 6-8 other graders, and he also called the John Deere dealer, who said this was a good deal. Glen moved that Joe and Mark be authorized to make a trip to Protection, Kansas, to check out the grader, and that they be reimbursed for gas, motel and travel expenses, and that they be authorized to negotiate for the purchase of the grader if they decide that it is a good investment, and that the Board be authorized to borrow up to $65,000 for this purchase. Mike seconded.

Donna said she feels that the board should investigate different graders before deciding on this one. Mike said that the grader committee has investigated 6-8 different graders and have not found any better ones. Mike asked that it be put on record that discussions and disagreements are acceptable at town meetings but that swearing and bad language are not.

Eldon said that we need to be sure that the grader fits into the shed. Mark asked that the town consider buying a power-washer so he can keep the grader clean.

NIMS TRAINING: Mike said that it is his understanding that all elected officials, township officers, county officers and state officers are mandated to take the National Incident Management Training to coordinate responses to emergencies and disasters. Art Woodford from New Dosey is training the Fire Department and has the training materials and CD’s. Mike moved that Glen Williamson be authorized and paid to attend the training tomorrow night. Mike and Gary are attending as volunteer fire fighters, and Glen will go as a township official. Paul said that no one has notified us that other township officers are required to take it; he had the training at the prison.

Notices: Eldon said that on published and posted notices that the town hall should be designated the Wilma Town Hall, not the Duxbury Town Hall.

Bills were presented:

Joe Vink $ 481.12

Mike McCullen 51.94

Glenford Williamson 67.51

The Evergreen 6.75

East Central Energy 36.98

Pine Co. Courier 15.04

Ziegler CAT 296.85

Paul Raymond 222.73

Gary Vink 122.36

Patrice Winfield 152,38

Donna Filler 62.68

Marg Schmedeke 41.56

Total all bills $ 1,557.90

Gary moved to pay all bills and to transfer $1,550 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Treasurer’s Report:

We received the June settlement from the county for $20,940.27.

General Fund Receipts 6,694.49

Disbursements 2,517.95

Balance 19,050.63

Road and Bridge Rec: 11,362.48

Disb: 3,520.60

Bal: 35,534.80

Fire Rec: 2,287.39

Bal: 2,205.39

Park Rec: 22.24

Bal: 699.30

Building Rec: 668.47

Bal: 6,330.13

Escrow Bal: 4,336.35

Total All Funds: $ 68,111.60

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s report. Mike seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk, 9/6/09

Regular Meeting, August 2, 2006


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glen Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke, Bruce and Donna Filler, Ken Yager, Ed Carlin, Terrance Kosculiniak, Joe Thomas, Paul Booth, Joe Vink and Toni Williamson.

Paul read record of the July meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.


Randy Schultz Culvert: Randy put in the culvert as requested on the South Crooked Lake Road.

New Dosey Invoice: Ed Carlin said the joint town line road agreement they have with Wilma states that New Dosey is responsible for controlling and removing beavers on the Heller Road. Gary said that at the joint road inspection, he was under the impression that New Dosey’s board agreed to have Wilma clean out the culverts and to remove the beaver, which he did. He knows the landowner and had permission to go on his land. Ed said that their board did not agree to this, only to the cleaning out of culverts. Gary moved to remove the $15 charge for removing the beaver; Mike seconded. The revised bill is for $65. Ed said they had no problem with the other work, and said that either board should contact the other when they do periodic road inspections to notify the other board of work needing to be done, to keep communication open and clear. Gary said Wilma put one 12-yard load of gravel on the Heller Road and worked on the culvert.

Propane Pre-buy: Mike moved that Wilma order 1,000 gallons of propane for 2007 from Federated Propane at their prebuy offer board. Gary seconded. Cost: $1,655.08.


Crooked Lake Road: Danforth has found a child able to crawl into the culvert on the S. Duncan Road to clean it out, so Gary doesn’t have to. Gary talked with Jason about the bent culvert; Gary felt it was better to turn it around, but got no response from Danforth, so we put a load of gravel on top of the culvert. 48 yards of class 5 gravel applied to road and culvert.

Heller Road: 12 yards of class 5 gravel was hauled on the Heller Road and a new culvert was put in 100 yards west of the Co. road. We will bill New Dosey $339.65 for half of the cost of the culvert installation and gravel.

Eagle Head Road: 72 yards of class 5 gravel applied on the north end and on the culvert ¼ mile north of the highway

Vink Road: 132 yards of class 5 gravel applied.

Kenny Peterson Rd: 12 yards of class 5 applied.

McCullen Rd: 48 yards of class 5 applied.

Little Tamarack Lake Rd: 48 yards class 5 applied. Gary said Park Falls Hardwoods is logging on the state land off the road and we need to ask them for another escrow deposit since we have used up their earlier one. Glen asked what happens if damage exceeds the escrow; Gary said we bill for the balance. Address: Lynn Erickson, PARK FALLS HARDWOODS, 305 N. 5th Ave., PO Box 386, Park Falls, WI 54552, 715/762-5600.

Fust Rd: 36 yards of gravel applied.

Duncan Road: The board inspected the road. Gary had a contractor inspect the road and he said doing a full 66′ right of way would be very costly. Doing 16 ½ feet from the center for the second mile would be more affordable, since we do not get gas tax for this portion. We are only legally liable to maintain the part of the Duncan Road that we have maintained for the past 6 years and claim on our road reports. Mike moved that we proceed with the work on building up the North Duncan Road second mile with a 16 ½’ width from the center on each side, and that we authorize a contractor (either Hopkins or Todd Elliot, whoever is more reasonable and/or is available) to do up to 20 hours of work, plus or minus 10%. Glen seconded. Gary clarified his statement at the July meeting that the Duncan Road buildup was not done last year partly due to the grader breakdown; he was concerned that if we needed to replace the grader, our whole road and bridge budget could be expended, not that the grader would be needed to do the buildup.

ASSESSMENTS: Bob Brewster sent a response to our request for information on how many properties he actually assesses in a given year, and for copies of his reports to the county on properties assessed.

Tank Rental: Gary moved that we sign a new contract with Town and Country Oil for the rental of their fuel oil tank. Mike seconded.

New Voting System: Paul has posted a notice of our new voting machine and offering voters a chance to see it and how it works before the election. A list of potential election judges will be sent to the Auditor: Paul Raymond, Patrice Winfield, Donna Filler, Marg Schmedeke, Glen and Toni Williamson. All will need to attend the judge training in Askov or Hinckley September 6 and 7.

Subdivision Application: We got the application for a subdivision from James Laumer, for Becky Niedzielski’s sale. Mike moved to approve the subdivision; Glen seconded.

Board of Appeal/Equalization Certification: Glen attended the short course in Grand Rapids and is now certified for Boards of Review, along with Gary.

Kenny Peterson Road Buildup: Terry Koscielniak and Joe Thomas have a cabin up the Kenny Peterson Road. We have claimed ½ mile for this road for years, but have only maintained the first part to the Kenny Peterson place. Terry said they have owned there for 26 years and have never asked for road work, but a beaver dam blew out and washed out the road, and now they can barely get in with 4-wheelers. The culverts have lifted out of the road, one of them completely out. Gary read the Mn. State lawbook on the 25-year rule; if no work is done on a road for 25 years it can be abandoned. Mike said he does not want Wilma to vacate or abandon any township roads, because then landowners can gate off the roads and forbid access to state land to other citizens. Mike moved that the board meet to inspect the road on Monday, August 14, at noon to see what it will take to improve the road. Glen seconded. Paul will post this.


Bills: Danforth Township $ 944.95

Federated Coop 1,655.08

ECE 30.74

Todd Elliot Excavating 2,333.25

Glen Williamson 277.70

Gary Vink 258.58

Gary Vink 108.50

Mike McCullen 45.94

Paul Raymond 297.51

Patrice Winfield 86.30

Total Bills: $ 6,038.55

Gary moved to pay all bills and to transfer $6,000 from savings to checking. Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report:

General Fund Receipts 218.68

Disbursements 1,273.73

Balance: 14,874.09

Road and Bridge Disb: 944.95

Bal: 27,692.92

Fire Fund Bal: 18.00

Park Fund Bal: 671.86

Building Disb: 32.00

Bal: 5,661.66

Escrow Rec: 13.47

Bal: 4,336.35

Total All Funds: 53,209.88

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Glen seconded.

Tamarack Pine Drive: Joe said there is a frost boil on Tamarack Pine Drive and it needs gravel. Mike moved to put two loads of gravel on the road. Gary seconded.

Grader Cutting Blade: Joe said we need a new 14′ cutting blade on the grader. Mike moved that Joe be authorized to purchase a cutting blade for the grader, and to get the blade he feels is needed. Glen seconded.

Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, June 7, 2006


Deputy Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Duxbury Town Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisor Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mike Ferlic, Ken Yager, George Yager, Paul M. and Deonna (Dede) Booth, Glen Williamson, Bruce and Donna Filler, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke.

Paul read the record of the May Board Meeting. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

Bank Resolution, First National Bank: Gary moved that First National Bank be our bank of deposit and checking; and that Treasurer Patrice Winfield be authorized to open accounts, to endorse checks to our Town, and to sign checks for Wilma Township; and that clerk Paul Raymond’s signature also be required on Township checks; and that the Chairman of the Board’s and (in the Chairman’s absence) the Deputy Chairman’s (currently Gary Vink) signature also be required on Township checks; and that all three Supervisor’s signatures be needed to borrow money and to incur debts in the name of Wilma Township. Mike seconded this resolution, and it passed. Patrice will bring the signed resolution to the bank.

Shared Road Agreements: Gary asked Paul for copies of all the shared-road maintenance agreements Wilma has with neighboring townships Arna, New Dosey, and Danforth. Gary asked if we have started using the escrow funds for maintenance of Mona Drive; we have used $100 so far since 2003.

Duxbury Store 3.2 License: Mike moved that the license for 3.2 beer for the Duxbury Store be approved by the Town Board. Gary seconded. Paul and Gary signed it as Clerk and Deputy Chairman.

Rebecca Niedzielski Resignation: Mike moved that the Board accept the resignation of Becky as Chairman and Supervisor. Gary seconded. Mike asked that Paul draft a letter of appreciation to Becky for all she has done for our township as Chairman these past years. Paul said he has already written a personal appreciation and will write one from the Board. Gary moved that Glen Williamson be appointed to serve as Supervisor for the remainder of Becky’s term, until the March, 2007 election. Mike seconded. Glen took the oath of office and assumed his seat up front. There was some discussion of whether Becky was elected Chairman and the replacement should also be Chairman. Becky was elected Supervisor and the Board appoints officers, not the voters. Mike moved that Gary be appointed Chairman. Glen seconded. Gary moved that Mike be appointed Deputy Chairman; Glen seconded.

Outhouse/Town Hall Maintenance: Mike will be picking up the parts for the outhouse and the lever handles for the Town Hall this week.

Supervisors’ Training for Boards of Review: The Township Association Summer Short Course will be offering a certification course for Supervisors for local Board of Appeal and Equalization certification. There are also training sessions for CTAS for Clerks and Treasurers, and other Supervisor and Clerk/Treasurer sessions. Short courses will be Monday, July 10 in St. Cloud, Thursday, July 27 in Bemidji, or Friday, July 28 in Grand Rapids. The tuition is $35 for pre-registration by June 30 for St. Cloud or by July 14 for the later dates. On-site registration is $45. Mike moved that any Town Board member who can attend, should. Gary seconded. The Board decided to let everyone register and pay on their own, and be reimbursed, and if possible register early to get the discount.

Road Report: The Board met with Danforth Supervisor Jason Palme when they did our road inspection. We have not received any word from Danforth about what was discussed as shared road maintenance for Eagle Head/Crooked Lake Roads. Two culverts on these roads are plugged, and we need permission to blow them out; Danforth had said they want to do beaver abatement but they are not doing it. Paul will contact Jeff Shute on these issues. We have not heard from New Dosey on the agreements on work on the Heller Road for this season. Gary met with them.

Culvert Prices: Gary asked Paul to look up what we paid for culverts several years ago. The Board said that any shared culverts would need to be billed at current prices.

Grader Operator: Mike moved that Mark Pallow, Joe Vink, Bruce Filler, David Seilaff, Paul Booth all be approved as Wilma grader operators. Bruce Filler and Paul Booth will need to be trained on our grader, and the supervisors will arrange training. All will need a valid Minnesota driver’s license.

Road Inspection: Results of the May 15 Road Inspection:

Eagle Head Road: Regular maintenance. Need 6 or more loads of gravel on a bad spot where the culvert is.

Crooked Lake Rd.: Second to last culvert is bent. Danforth needs to agree on replacing it or turning it around, if this can be done. May be logger damage. We still have Potlatch’s escrow payment. Randy Schultz’s driveway needs a culvert. We have sent several letters to him, and need to send another.

Pete Anderson/Langstrom Roads: Arna has made the following assessments for these roads: Pete Anderson: 1 culvert @ $600; 25 loads gravel @ $120 ea. = $3,000; 2 loads pit-run for the extension @ $120 = $240; Langstrom: 2 loads pit-run for extension @ $120 = $240. Total approx. cost = $4,080, Wilma’s half = $2,040. Completing the extention of Pete Anderson Road to the end could need up to 50 loads of pit-run gravel, which is not included in this estimate. The Townships have agreed to two loads per year on the end of each of the roads until they are legal length.

Fust Road: 3-5 loads gravel and regular maintenance.

South Duncan Rd: 3-5 loads of pit-run in low spots. No homes.

N. Duncan Rd: Regular maintenance. 5-6 loads of pit-run to extend and improve the road past the first mile.

Mink Farm Road: Regular maintenance.

Little Tamarack Lake Rd: 4 loads of class-5 gravel on the curves around the lake east of the landing. Regular maintenance.

Mayfield Rd: Regular maintenance. This road gets torn up by 4 wheelers and loggers.

Lost River Rd: We need a final signed road agreement and payment of the escrow account before we do work on this road.

River Cabin Rd: Regular maintenance.

Mona Drive: Regular maintenance.

Kenny Peterson Road: Needs one load by Kenny’s driveway.

Vink Road: The sign has been vandalized again. Gary made a motion that the town do nothing and leave the sign as it is. No second. Mike moved that we paint and repair the sign ourselves, and not have the county do it. Gary seconded. Paul has paint and will paint it if Gary can get it down. We can use reflective tape for the letters. The road needs 10-13 loads of gravel on bad spots.

Dollar Lake Rd.: Regular maintenance.

Tamarack Pine Drive: Regular maintenance.

McCullen Drive: 2-3 loads; regular maintenance.

Heller Road: Need a 15″ culvert at the beginning and gravel to fill it in. New Dosey agreed to this.

Plat Book: Mike moved that Paul purchase a new Plat Book for our town. Gary seconded.

Junkyard Ordinance: The Board met in a special meeting on May 24th and drafted a letter in opposition to this ordinance which was sent to Pine Co. Coordinator John Steiben, Commissioner Roger Nelson, Zoning Administrator Bob Pulford, and to the Pine County Courier. The letter was published. Eldon said he had an idea to help eliminate junk cars from the county: pay property owners $25 per car to take them away and dispose of them. He asked when the next meeting on the ordinance will be held. We did not have this information yet.

Bills and Treasurer’s Report:

Joe Vink $ 84.04

Mark Pallow 192.05

E. Central Electric 30.77

Mike McCullen 154.75

Gary Vink 408.63

Paul Raymond 192.10

Patrice Winfield 109.71

Total Bills: $ 1,172.08

General Fund Disbursements: $ 2,796.80

Bal: 15,402.52

Road and Bridge Disb: 365.70

Bal: 29,187.59

Fire Bal: 18.00

Park Bal: 671.86

Building Bal: 5,721.36

Escrow Bal: 4,322.88

Total All Funds: $ 55,324.21

Glen moved to pay all bills, to transfer $1,100 from savings to checking, and to approve the Treasurer’s report. Mike seconded.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk